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American Horse Defense

American Horse Defense Fund:

AHSA France

AHSA - France:

The Association of St.Hipployte d'Aquitaine.  This organization exists to rescue and rehabilitate horses, using Natural Horsemanship methods, to enable both horse and human to enjoy a fulfilling and enjoyable relationship. 

The Cloud Foundation

The Cloud Foundation – Colorado:
Dedicated to the preservation of wild horses on the public lands of the United States, and of the famous mustang, Cloud, and his herd in the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana.

Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary

Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary - Connecticut:
E.A.R.S. was established to rescue foals, mares, geldings, and stallions from slaugher and place them into qualified loving adoptions and foster homes.

Equine Voices

Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary - Arizona:
A voice for the many equines that cannot speak for themselves. Education to enlighten the public about the horrors behind the premarin industry and horse slaughter.

Ray of Light Farm

Ray of Light Farm - Connecticut:

Ray of Light Farm, Inc. is a non-profit animal rescue and animal-assisted therapy center committed to helping people make a positive connection with life through our animals.  They aspire to be a "healing presence in a wounded world". Helping animals, helping people - helping them both connect.

Spanish Society for the Protection of Equines

SEPE – Malaga, Spain:
Spanish Society for the Protection of Equines is a non-profit Equine Rescue Organization; assists with the advancement of equine knowledge & care in Spain. 

Spirit of Equus Rescue

Spirit of Equus Rescue - California:

Spirit of Equus Rescue is a project of Institute of the Southwest whose mission is to bring horses in crisis to a herd-based holistic healing environment. Services include adoption, internet based alerts for horses in crisis, equine health related classes/clinics, equine bodywork, gentling/relationship building with traumatized horses.

Zuma's Rescue Ranch

Zuma's Rescue Ranch - Colorado:

Zuma’s Rescue Ranch: Salvation for children, families, and horses. Zuma's serves as advocate and mentor for abused and neglected humans and horses in need, providing them with the trust and love they need to successfully take their next step into the world. Through their multi-faceted approach they support at-risk youth and rescued horses so that they can help one another heal the wounds in their hearts and minds. At the ranch, horses who were destined for slaughter are rescued, rehabilitated, and trained so that they can help children who have been similarly discarded by our failing system.

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