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This popular, global equestrian portal website promotes equestrian activities, establishments, services, professionals and horse breeds – UK and worldwide. You’ll find a wide range of exciting horse vacation experiences, as well as a constantly updated Equestrian Events Listings section, and Equine Directory. The Equine Tourism initiative is committed to and encourages good horsemanship practice and horse welfare and the team strongly support the use of positive, trust-based methods of horsemanship. Editorial contributors include Monty Roberts, Anna Twinney, Vanessa Bee, Jenny Rolfe and Dawn Westcott. Visit and you’re welcome to join the Equine Tourism page on Facebook.

Horse Conscious

Horse Conscious -

The online resource and home for those horse lovers who think there must be a gentler way to be with horses.  As well as providing a community where people can meet and exchange ideas, is also intended to be a focal point for education in these methods.

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