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The Gurney Institute

The Gurney Institute – California:
Carol Gurney is one of the world's leading teachers and respected pioneers in the field of animal communication and author of The Language of Animals, a first of its kind teaching guide. Carol founded the HeartTalk Program® as a simple, down-to-earth, and approachable method of making the necessary connections with animals on all levels and I am honored to be a graduate of the extensive training program.  Drawing from more than 20 years of experience, Carol offers animal lovers what they've always longed for.the ability to know that this skill is available to us all. Her program is centered on the basic principle that the human/animal spiritual connection is a powerful one.

Healing Touch for Animals

Carol Komitor's Healing Touch for Animals:

The Komitor Healing Method, Inc. / Healing Touch for Animals® Program is a highly effective energy medicine program leading to certification. There are four levels of both Canine and Equine Workshops, each level offering more advanced assessment and healing techniques. Using basic science, HTA teaches the physiological reaction provided by the HTA Technique application.

Jeanne Lambrecht

Jeanne Lambrecht - Illinois:

Lifelong equestrian Jeanne Lambrecht is a therapist and peak performance coach who works with riders in all disciplines and at all levels, addressing the mental roadblocks that keep them from achieving their full potential and enjoying the time spent with their equine partners.  Her focus is to help riders overcome the mental roadblocks that suppress not only their development of skill but also their happiness and enjoyment of the time spent with their horses.

Reach Out to Horses - Denmark

Reach Out to Horses – Denmark:

Check out the Danish Reach Out to Horses Website created by our dear friend Regina Flittner.


Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure & Massage – Colorado:

Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acu-pressure and Massage offers rewarding and challenging educational programs suitable for everyone. 

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute – Colorado:

Founded in 1990, TgAAI has served the human and animal community by creating animal acupressure manuals, meridian charts, videos and a 330 hour equine and small animal acupressure training program. With constantly expanding programs and products they increase everyone’s knowledge of acupressure and other forms of energetic medicine. Their intent is to provide the best learning tools and training programs to give animal guardians, trainers, and healthcare practitioners access to this powerful healing modality. TgAAI is an approved program of the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Department of Occupational Schools.

Touched By A Horse

Melisa Pearce & Touched by a Horse: - Melisa is a nationally known and influential horsewoman who incorporates her background as a psychotherapist and her talents as an intuitive, to assist participants in an emotional healing process through interactions with horses. Through her partnering with a horse, she awakens the awareness of the person's behavior and energy. Melisa presents these healing opportunities via retreats and one-on-one sessions at her facility, Lil Bit North Ranch.  She also offers the Touched by a Horse Certification Program which enrolls students across the nation who desire to use her method in their own career with horses.

Cindy Rackley

Cindy Rackley – Washington:
Cindy Rackley is an Intuitive/Conscious Channel, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master/Teacher and Healer. Her work incorporates many forms of Energy Medicine, Kinesiology and Vibrational Medicine.

Geary Whiting Equine Massage School

Geary Whiting - Equine Massage School - CA:

Dr. of Holistic Studies and co founder of The Ancient Healing Arts Association has created a unique five day education program. His program not only covers massage, but horse and rider issues, its informative, educational, and a lot of fun.

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