Reach Out to Holistic Horsemanship Comprehensive Training Program

  1. ROTH Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Certification Course
  2. ROTH Train the Trainer
  3. ROTH Instructor Apprenticeship Program

Reach Out to Horses® is excited to announce the launch of the Holistic Horsemanship Comprehensive Training Program.  Whether your goal is to begin a career or you want to develop your skills to become a well-rounded expert in the Equine industry, this program has something for you.  This unique opportunity is not for everyone.  It is for those who truly want to learn how to help horse and human create a real trust-based partnership.  In short, if the horses have called to you, if you have a heart-felt desire to make a difference in the world of the horse then we can help you turn that dream into a reality.

Although this is a comprehensive program, we understand that as quickly as you want to complete the training, you still have a life you need to live (at least we hope you do).  That’s why each segment of the program is designed to allow individuals the chance to study the methods at their leisure, returning to the Center when time and finances allow. 

You can choose to explore the first stages, gaining valuable training and insight into the world and training of the horse, or complete the training and become a certified ROTH Instructor – the choice is yours!

This is your chance to join a team of experts who are lifting the Natural Horsemanship Industry up to the next level with new revolutionary communication principles.

Photos courtesy of: Elena Dorfman in conjunction with Equine Voices Sanctuary

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ROTH Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Certification Course

Prerequisite:  There are no pre-requisites to this course, although it is recommended that you have attended a Reach Out to Horses® clinic and/or seminar prior to attending.  Students are recommended to purchase the Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship™ DVD series prior to their attendance.

About this 200-hour program:
Level 1 of the Program is designed for those people who have a genuine desire to learn gentle trust-based, non-dominant communication methods. It is the perfect starting point for equine enthusiasts, potential horse guardians, instructors, trainers, managers, those working in the equine industry and those seeking to become professional trainers and clinicians.

Introducing a young mustang to new experiences at Return to Freedom

If you are a novice, concerned you don't have the experience needed to succeed, don't fret. As a beginner you have a clean slate, perfect for us to share methods and techniques to start your training off right from the very beginning.

For the more seasoned professional we can increase your awareness, guide your abilities and enhance your current skill set, providing you with the training and experience necessary to really stand out in the equine industry.

Once all requirements are completed, you will be ready to go out into the world, certificate in hand, to spread the philosophies of genuine trust-based horsemanship. Completion of Level 1 gives you the freedom to spread your wings to explore new and additional methods as your heart desires.

Certificates of Completion of the Reach Out to Horses® Holistic Horsemanship
Introductory Course will be given to those completing all

Section One:
12-Day Program: 9am – 5pm supervised training each day (2 hours additional daily study is required for horse psychology project and an alternative therapies presentation)

Extend your knowledge of the language of Equus by attending this 3-part intensive course.  This program is designed to provide you with

Bridling Smokey during a demonstration

insights into the language of the horse from body language to feeling and controlling energy through to inter-species communication.  You will be introduced to another way of communicating and relating to horses and expand your knowledge to encompass everyday aspects of handling. 

Through herd observations and exercises you will learn how to

  • read your horse
  • behave and respond to them
  • gain respect and maintain ground manners
  • help them to overcome natural fears and concerns   
Michelle using de-sensitization techniques during a private clinic in Connecticut

We will examine ways to approach horses and respond to them correctly in their own environment of a stall, paddock or turn-out.  You will experience the impact your eyes have and learn how effective they can be to draw a horse to you, gain their attention, alter their speed or invoke a response.  You will also overcome catching difficulties, as you discover what motivates your horse, whilst creating an environment where they want to be with you, want to lower their head into the halter and later choose to give their defenses up by lifting their feet and even trotting into the trailer through freedom of choice!

As you work with your horse’s mind, you will learn the use of a pressure halter a way in which to introduce them to obstacles and to allow confidence to build for both of you during groundwork.  You will begin to recognize the way horses learn and the benefits this has for your later mount.  Free-schooling through body language and ground-driving techniques will be other areas we touch upon.  This practice will enhance your timing and pressure/release skills while allowing you to learn to trust your instinct – all of which will lead to harmony between you and your four-legged partner.

Join us in North Carolina for an experience of a lifetime!

Reach Out to Horses Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course - Section 1
September 11 - 23rd, 2023
Location: Whispering Feather Farm, Mill Spring, North Carolina

BONUS GIFT! Upon full payment, all Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course participants will receive access to 2 Horsemanship Audio Download Programs, Insights into Holistic Horsemanship and The World of Holistic Horsemanship, FREE! (A $114 value)

Course Investment: $3,297 (Accommodations not included)

Our take advantage of one of our convenient payment plans available for Section 1.
- 2 payments of $1,698, over 2 consecutive months

- 4 payments of $875, over 4 consecutive months 

All courses must be paid in full by the time the course begins regardless of the payment option chosen.
For information please contact Vin at


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Holistic Horsemanship Comprehensive Training Program!

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Reach Out to Holistic Horsemanship Comprehensive 3-part Training Program 2023 Application

Reach Out to Holistic Horsemanship Course Testimonials

Section Two:
(22 hours: 2 hours tutoring and 20 case study hours)

Photos courtesy of: Elena Dorfman in conjunction with Equine Voices Sanctuary

Following completion of part one, students return to their area of origin to complete a home study program of approximately 20 case studies.  A 1-hour DVD/Video is required to be submitted along with the first 10 case studies.  This coursework is followed up by a tutoring session with Anna, by telephone, to evaluate and enable each student to progress.  With the motto: “Perfect practice makes perfect” in mind, this allows students to ask questions and discuss their obstacles before they embark on completing their final 10 case studies.  The time-frame of the field study varies depending on the scheduling of part 3 and is recommended to be around 10-months.  Please schedule an appointment for tutoring sessions in advance through the office.  Check out Anna’s schedule here.

Section Two is optional and by appointment.

Investment: $500 in advance for 2-hour private tutoring session with a certified ROTH instructor. 

Section Three:

Photos courtesy of: Elena Dorfman in conjunction with Equine Voices Sanctuary

12-Day Program: 9am – 5pm each day, additional study required for a practical training presentation)

In this section, you will work with Anna at one of 3 locations: Equine Sanctuary, Rescue or Equestrian Center.  It is Anna’s hope to be able to give back to the community by not only sharing her knowledge but also by gentling horses through kindness, offering them another chance!

It is during this portion of the program that you will review and improve upon the skills you learned in Sections 1 and 2 and learn advanced ROTH methodologies. You will also have the opportunity to gentle a number of horses & refine your skills in all areas.  The horses may vary in age & breed, they may have different environmental backgrounds & history.  It will be your task to discover their needs, replace their fears and concerns with a bright and happy future. 

You will be guided to learn how to:

  • Socialize & approach horses
  • Gentle them to touch
  • Teach them to give to pressure, lead, overcome obstacles & load
  • Overcome catching issues
  • Enhance your “Reaching Out”
  • De-sensitize and accustom them to unusual objects, touch & sound
  • Begin to address problem solving techniques
  • ….and much more

We will review areas of difficulty from Section One and Two, do exercises to develop feel, rhythm and timing and enhance your intuition. Presentations and evaluations of case studies in Part Two will be made, together with a written and practical exam.

BONUS GIFT! When you register for Section 3 you will receive a $100 Gift Certificate good towards any merchandise in our shopping corral!  That's right $100 of free money to buy whatever you'd like, no restrictions, either at our online store or at the course itself. 

Reach Out to Horses Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course Section 3
October 2nd - 14th, 2023
12-Day ROTH Advanced Training and Certification
Location: Whispering Feather Farm, Mill Spring, NC
Course Investment: $3,297 (Accommodations not included)

For course details contact:

If you are one of those special folks who already know that this path is for you, and you want to jump right in with both feet, we want to reward your insight and keen decision-making skills with a special "The Whole Ranch" price. 

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You won't get a better deal anywhere else at any time!

So if the Reach Out to Horses' methods and methodologies speak to you in a way that no other program has done, then this is your opportunity to jump in head first and begin your journey down the road of genuine, trust-based training and partnership with your horses.

Sign Up for the Whole Ranch Package NOW!
Package Investment: $5,297 before February 14th / $6,297 after.

A portion of all proceeds will go to help the horses!

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