ROTH Trainer's Demonstration Event

A Day of Trust-Based Horsemanship with Anna and Our Certified ROTH Trainers
October 28, 2023
Location: Whispering Feather Farm
Mill Spring, North Carolina

Join us for a day of trust-based horsemanship and training as ROTH founder, Anna Twinney, and graduates of the Reach Out to Horses Trainers Program demonstrate the effective, powerful, and groundbreaking methodologies that Anna herself has developed, used, and taught around the world to thousands of horses (and humans).

On Saturday, October 29th, they will show you how to create a true partnership with your horse through collaborative horsemanship. You will discover the difference between collaborative and dominance based training and how to apply it to your horses and your training.

The day is jam-packed with training tips and information, and you will even have a chance to speak with them, ask questions, and get the guidance you need to take these lessons home with you.

Meet Our Trainers
We have a small but eclectic group of folks who can't wait to share their insights into the horses, true horsemanship, and the communication between horse and human.

They are all coming together for this special event, having completed an extraordinary journey; we are excited to see them fly, as they spread their wings, and begin their careers as Reach Out to Horses' Trainers. 

They will introduce you to the true possibilities in your training, in your relationship with your horse, and in your life.

And best of all you get to spend the entire day with Reach Out to Horses for only $20!

No It's Not a Typo, it is still Only $20 Dollars!

A full day of horsemanship for only $20 when you preregister and a mere $25 at the door.  We promise you won't get this much groundbreaking information for so little anywhere!  And if that wasn't enough, 100% of the proceeds from the entire day go to the inspiring new non-profit, The Way of the Equine Warrior and the incredible work they are doing there to bring the message, training, and knowledge around the world of real partnership and trust-based training.

It's a win, win, win for everybody!

Join Anna, our Trainers, and the horses on Saturday, October 29th, at Whispering Feather Farm in Mill Spring, NC, and see how these inspiring individuals have turned their dreams into reality and discover a unique and effective approach to horsemanship.  Heck, you might even be inspired to embark on your own journey to a whole new life with your equine companions.

Register now and discover what is truly possible for you and your horse.

ROTH Trainer's Demonstration Event
Date, Time: October 28th, 2023, 10am - 4pm,
Location: Whispering Feather Farm, Mill Spring, NC

Only $20 Pre-Purchased Online by 10/27/23 / $25 after and at the door


Level 2 - Train the Trainer (By Invitation Only)

ROTH certified Trainers pre-requisites and full completion
of the 3-part training program is required.
Each individual week is open to all (Please enquire)!

Prerequisites:  Completion of Level 1 - ROTH Holistic Horsemanship Certification Course

Photos courtesy of Lori Faith Merritt and Equine Voice Sanctuary, AZ

We are so excited to announce this new Three Part addition to our courses.  Many of you have expressed interest in becoming a certified trainer/instructor.  Look no further; this is the path to place you on the map!  Level 2 is designed for those studying equine behavior, individuals working in the field or who want to become professional equine trainers, coaches or experienced private horse trainers. 

With a high-percentage of your time spent handling and training horses you will learn and practice valuable tools to expand your knowledge and overall experience in the Natural Horsemanship industry.  You will have the opportunity to develop, using the methods and philosophies of Reach Out to Horses, under the direct tutelage of Anna Twinney herself.

During the course you will apply the ROTH techniques to:

  • starting young horses under saddle,
  • gentling untouched weanlings
  • focusing and solving challenging situations
  • and obviously much, much more.

Level 2 is the heart of the ROTH instructor program and designed to be completed in a minimum of one year.  In addition, completing the three part course is your springboard to being accepted into Level 3 the ROTH instructor’s apprenticeship program.  

Train the Trainer will immediately follow Level 1 - ROTH Holistic Horsemanship Certification Course exams whenever possible. This gives you the opportunity to remain at our designated learning center and continue to immerse yourself in these methods!

Interested in Just One Week?  For all those wanting to learn just a portion of this course you are welcome to join individual weeks!  Previous completion of a 3-5 day ROTH clinic is required to attend individual weeks.  Students are recommended to purchase a ROTH DVD series prior to their attendance.

Part One:
19-Day Program: 9am-5pm each day
Additional study is required for equine projects

Week 1: The Comprehensive Week of Foal Gentling – It is an art to bring up any young uneducated being in the world today.  During this week you will be given the opportunity to learn how to balance love with respect and kindness and to develop the boundaries that are needed.   By understanding herd dynamics and hierarchy you will discover the value of creating the most natural environment possible for your foal.  You will also see the often negative effects of anthropomorphizing equine behavior.
Goals for students are to learn:

  • Differences between foal handling and training young/mature horses
  • Principles behind imprint training
  • How to improve feel & timing
  • Reading the intricacies & the tries
  • Creating a successful training day
  • When & how to wean correctly
  • Setting a safe environment
  • Understand associative thinking
  • The pressure/release system
  • Balance between firm/fair & listening
  • Advance & retreat vs. roping/bullying
  • Channeling instinctive behavior patterns
  • To understand the foals processing/learning style

Our goals for our foals:

  • Create confident and comfortable young horses
  • Encourage individual personalities
  • Create an environment for them to want to learn     
  • Educate them on accepting touch, grooming, haltering, leading, picking up feet, trailering, blanketing, and more…
  • Build a solid, trust-based foundation
  • Achieve acceptance and respect
  • Understand how to “come off” pressure

Click Here for More Information and to Register

Starting the Young Horse ClinicColt Starting 101: Starting the Young Horse Clinic –  The starting process (aka breaking) under saddle is one of the most impressionable times of a young horse’s life.  If done correctly you move smoothly into an ever-lasting partnership, if done incorrectly you spend many hours, weeks, months or even years figuring out their history and reassuring them of a non-violent future.   

During this week you will learn and practice gentle communication methods.  These methods are proven with positive results around the Globe in all equine disciplines.  They are highly effective, safe and very efficient for not only young un-started horses but also to reestablish a more cooperative relationship with mature horses as well.Starting the Young Horse Clinic

Goals for students are to learn:

  • Creating a successful program from the ground-up
  • Reading individual horses varying in age, size, breed & background
  • Starting young horses under saddle
  • Demonstrating the starting of remedial horses
  • Methods to start horses in 30 minutes or less!
  • When to use a Round Pen &, more importantly, when not to use a Round Pen
  • How to take the individual horse from the Round Pen to the arena/trail
  • Creating a successful training program for the young horse
  • How to solve your Round Pen issues/overcome challenging situations
  • Bridging the gap from body language to rider!

Colt Starting 101
Prerequisite: Graduate of the ROTH Holistic Horse Foundation Certification Course and/or permission from Anna directly.

Date:  August 6 - 12, 2023

Location:  Varekai Ranch, Bend, OR, U.S.A.

Investment: $1,597 before February 14th, $1925 after
Travel, accommodations & food NOT included
in Clinic Price.




Week 3: Reach Out to the Untouched Horse - Immerse yourself in a 6-day workshop. This is a unique opportunity to observe wild horses in their natural habitat. You will begin to understand non-verbal communication with the natural world, be introduced to herd dynamics and develop a bond through building a trust-based relationship. The young horses being socialized in this clinic have come to the class through various rescue situations. They have shown a natural desire to relate to humans. To make their futures less traumatic for veterinary care, foster homes etc, these young horses will be your teachers.

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Part Two:
40 hours field study
Following completion of part one, you will return home to complete a home study program of approximately 15 case studies (Starting young horses/gentling weanlings/problem solving).  Completion of a 1-hour Video (VHS or DVD formats) is required to be completed along with the case studies, and brought to the Learning Center for presentation.  The time-frame of the field study varies depending on the scheduling of part 3 and is recommended to be around 10-months. 

Cost: Included in Part I.  No additional cost


Part Three:
Photos courtesy of Lori Faith Merritt and Equine Voice Sanctuary, AZ

Week 4: Problem Solving Situations & Trainer's Exams - Each class explores the personal desires and requirements of both horse and handler in order to build an equal partnership achieved by "listening" to one another.  Confidence is creating harmony through an open mind, gaining knowledge and understanding of the way the horse perceives the world.

You will discover some of the most common reasons for your horses’ remedial behaviors.  Through demonstration, discussion, human to human exercises and hands-on work with your horse you will be given the opportunity to create a tool box of methods and concepts to successfully solve behavioral problems.  You will solidify your ability to use methods based on trust and designed to have your horse want to work with you rather than feeling forced to do your bidding.

In addition, this week will be made up of personal presentations, written and practical exams ranging from starting untouched horses to solving remedial issues.

Some of the problem solving issues we address:

  • Gentling the untouched horse
  • Haltering
  • Teaching to tie
  • Leading
  • Catching
  • Loading
  • Crossing water & other obstacles
  • Overcoming head shyness
  • Standing to mount
  • Preparation for the ferrier & vet
  • De-sensitization
  • Pulling back

Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions - An Advanced Course in Trust-Based Horsemanship with International Horsewoman, Clinician, and Equine Behaviorist, Anna Twinney

"Confusion, Frustration and Even Violence Often Begin
Where Knowledge, Creativity, and Wisdom End.

  • Are you struggling to solve a lingering behavioral issue with your horse?
  • Does your horse do the same frustrating thing over and over again, but you can't stop him?
  • Has your horse had a traumatic experience that has stuck with her?
  • Would you like to learn how to solve any training or behavioral issue without dominance, force, or violence?

If you have had the privilege of attending one of Anna’s animal communication classes or horsemanship clinics then you know how life-changing and eye-opening these events can be. We are excited to announce that Anna is returning to Equine Voices, with a very special and unique event.

Often, “behavioral issues” are met with “training”, “discipline”, and even punishment. But just like every being on the planet, horses do not act out without a reason. If you can discover the reason, eliminating the behavior becomes effortless. But to understand why your horses is acting as they are, you must be able to understand and communicate with them.

The horse’s language is so much more than simple body language and physical cues, and over the course of a week, Anna will show you, in real time, with real examples, how you can solve your toughest issues with grace and ease, and deepen your bond with your horse.

Through communication, partnership and trust-based ROTH methodologies, you will uncover who your horse really is, how to work with them as an individual, and learn to "listen" to one another, all while solving any issue your horse (or you) may have.

Problem-solving, confidence, and harmony is created through an open mind, gaining knowledge, finding your creativity and understanding the way your horse perceives the world.

Anna will show you some of the most common reasons for your horse’s remedial behaviors. Through demonstrations, discussions, human-to-human exercises, and hands-on work with the horses, you will be given the opportunity to create a tool box of methods and concepts to successfully solve any behavioral problem you encounter. You will solidify your ability to use methods based in trust and designed to have your horse want to work with you rather than feeling forced to submit to your will.

What issues will Anna cover? Honestly, we don’t know. Why?

Because she will be working with real horses, real issues, in real time. What makes this class so special and so unique is that this is not a pre-planned class in which Anna will tell you how to solve common problems and send you home to figure it out.

You will work with the horses, actually solving behavioral problems, seeing the issues dissolve in front of your eyes.

Once you understand the philosophy, concepts and communication of trust-based training, you will be able to apply all you’ve learned to any situation you encounter.

  • Some possible issues Anna will be addressing:
  • Gentling the untouched horse
  • Haltering
  • Teaching to tie
  • Leading
  • Catching
  • Loading
  • Crossing water & other obstacles
  • Overcoming head shyness
  • Standing to mount
  • Preparation for the ferrier & vet
  • De-sensitization
  • Biting
  • Pulling back
  • Helping the traumatized and rescued horse
  • and lots more!

There is no class, clinic or workshop like this. This is a chance for you to explore Anna’s unique and effective methods.

It will literally change your understanding of the horses, training, behavioral issues, and your entire world.

There are very limited participant spots available and some of those spots will be taken by Anna's advanced Trainer Certification students. So don’t wait to sign up. Reserve your spot now!

Date: June 19th - 25, 2023
Location: A Painted View Ranch, Westcliffe, CO
Investment: $1,597 till February 14th and then $1,925 after



ROTH Trainer's Exams Week
Prerequisite: Completion of A Week of Foal Gentling, Colt Starting 101, Reach Out to the Untouched Horse and Simple Solutions Horsemanship.
Date: October 23th - 29th, 2023
Location: Whispering Feather Farm, Mill Spring, NC
Investment: $2,100

(travel, accommodations & food NOT included)

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The extremely sought after Certificate of Completion of the ROTH Train the Trainers
Program will be awarded to those completing all 3-parts.  This may be the most
rewarding and comprehensive training program you will ever see! 

Join us for an experience of a lifetime!

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