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Crawford Hall - MRILC Dean of students, FIUF, California
"Dedication Personified"




Crawford Hall and Miss Jones


Carol Gurney - Animal Communicator, Agoura Hills , CA

"It is quite wonderful to see people who have gone through my program doing so well for themselves and making such a difference in the world.  So, I am so grateful that I could play a role in adding to your success.  You have already made such a big difference in the lives of so many people and so many animals and you have such a big mission in this lifetime, Anna, and it is so lovely to watch you embrace it and apply it.  You are so very bright, a quick study, and so many people will be wanting "direction" from you, as you already know.   I applaud you for all of who you are, your profound awareness, your unique style of learning and communicating, and your integrity.  All that being said, I am honored that you chose me to study with.  I know the certificate is not what you are after, but there are not many people who have made it through my program as you can see by the handful of people who made it to level 4.    Congratulations, Anna!


Lisa DeeLisa Dee - Founder of Vista Caballo Ranch, Dove Creek, CO

My experience in working with animal communicators has been to ring them up, tell them what the situation was, have them speak with the animal and have the situation resolved. It’s always been wonderful.

So it was with delight that I asked Anna if she would work with my animals always looking forward to working with someone who holds this talent.  What happened was quite the surprise. It was beyond anything I could have imagined or expected.

Anna Twinney took me through an entirely new experience of communicating with some of my animals. It took me a few days to write this, as I have needed this time to be able to process the experience so I could articulate it.

I feel what was so different for me was having Anna allow the animal to communicate first. To show me the world we live in-from their perspective. How myopic I have been. And what a great expanded perspective this has brought to me.

So now when I look around me I see the world from a much deeper, richer place than ever before, where I do indeed live with and in Nature, co-habitating with many other species who are just as knowledgeable, if not more so, than we are. I understand my animals so much more now-and fell even deeper in love with them. How wonderful is that? To be able to love my animals even more? For it was as Anna was taking me through their experiences of our world that I learned so much more about them. I got to see more of them. I learned more about them, how they think and feel.  Some validated what I knew which brought me a deep sense of peace. Some was totally unexpected which enriched my relationship with them. I feel like I have been given new eyes now when I look at them. And my heart has expanded into what I see now. And I love that.

To hear another’s viewpoint is always of value to me. It is how I learn. And grow. And connect. What words can adequately describe my gratitude for this? I have none right now. But I will tell you the word that does appear: humbleness.

I was humbled by this experience. And for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you Anna.

Love, Lisa


Monty Roberts, Flag Is Up Farms, California
"You are the best at what you do!"

"From My Hands to Yours"; I owe Crawford Hall and Anna Twinney a great debt of gratitude. As a team, they work hard to teach the principles of Join-up to the students who come from all over the world to study at my International Learning Center. Without their capable assistance, I could not travel to demonstrate my work, which enables we to teach thousands of those who have the desire to learn but who cannot come to California.


Neda DeMayo, Founder of RTF, California
“I can only say that as an educator she serves the public well in any country. Her skills will benefit the community and future generations of horsemen and women. Having a talent such as this in a high profile school will provide a strong foundation for all students to have better successes and job opportunities”




Neda DeMayo – Founder of RTF


Pat Roberts - Flag Is Up Farms, California
"There are only a dozen or so people who have earned the title of Instructor in Monty Roberts' concepts and Anna is the first to become a Head Instructor, which displays dedication and ability."


Richard Shrake, Clinician, Oregon
“You are the best. Always ride good horses.”








Richard Shrake – Founder of Resistance Free Training


Susan Drake – Grand Prix Rider – CA
“I have had the privilege of seeing Anna Twinney teach in a seminar and work horses. She has a gift that needs to be shared with the other horse people and trainers in our country. Her expertise and gentle and clear ways step our methods up to the future well being of these beings. There are as many techniques in the horse world as there are trainers. Anna’s approach will enhance all and challenge none. Her gift of timing can only be taught by the few that have “it” and must be seen and experienced by the many horse people that do not.”


John Keeping – Retired Police Officer & current Training Officer for the San Bernardino CountySherriff’s Dept, Hesperia Station Citizen Equestrian Patrol Unit – CA
Extract:…“Anna was the lead instructor of our clinic and was supervising and instructing an international group of student instructors. Students from both courses were from Europe, North America and South America. She demonstrated an extremely high level of knowledge and person skills in horse training. She also demonstrated that she had the ability to pass on information to every student in a manner which made the material understandable and applicable. Her timing with the students and instructors in training showed an ability to be sensitive to the student’s needs and personality and was always done in a positive manner that left everyone with a positive outlook and increased confidence……

…..She also possesses a tremendous amount of natural ability and learned skills in the training of horses and has had the opportunity to travel the world interacting with riders and trainers of every discipline in theequestrian world……one has to only attend a horse related event such as Equine Affair to see that there are literally thousands of people in search of qualified instructors such as Anna from whom they can take lessons and receive information. In summary Anna has outstanding skills and abilities as well as some of the highest training references. She has a very marketable talent and the ability to capitalize on those talents. I fully intend to work more with her and know that my relationship with her, personally and professionally will be of a great benefit.


John Rudnick – Equine Experience – California
“Anna Twinney’s unique and highly successful techniques have garnered her a devoted following with many people clamoring to see and learn from her. The Reach Out program; conceived by and taught by Ms Twinney has captured theattention of the horse enthusiast because of its individuality and sensitivity. It is a program unlike any I’ve seen. Her participation in my event ensures our place in the new generation of horse events.”

John Rudnick – Creator of the Central Coast Equine Experience


Rosemary Ganser – VMD – New York
“Thank you for taking the time to teach us and learn so much from you. I find the information so helpful on a daily basis.”


Maryann Digerness – Owner Mammoth Mountain FM Associates – CA
“My background includes ministry to the emotionally wounded through the use of horses. I provide program and environment in Montana where I live for emotionally wounded people to experience peace and calmness when in contact with horses. As part of this program I have been searching for non-violent horse training methods since 2000 and have been unable to find anyone suitable in the State of Montana. My search took me to the MRILC in Solvang, where I first met Anna, who is the highest qualified individual in her field. I found her to be very approachable and noticed that she is concerned with not only the horses but people as well. Many famous clinicians are known for their ability to train horses and yet lack people skills. Anna has a quality that comes naturally to read and communicate with people whilst matching them with their horse counterparts. She treats people of all levels with equal respect and patience. I was especially impressed at how unique Anna’s sensitivity and intuition was when assessing the complex issues with the emotionally wounded.”


Jack Vance, Trainer’ Kentucky
"For the two years’ I lived in Buellton, California. I watched you work with untrained young, impressionable horses. First Hand’ I have witnessed your knowledge, competence and unconditional kindness invite the horse to Join’ You. The patience and confidence you offer older ill-trained horses during Remedial’ Training, expresses unpretentious concern on your part for the horses’ well-being. You’ are truly Horse in the Heart’ your teachings in the "Language of Equus" should be shared".


Cindy Rackley – Animal Communicator and Reiki Master, WA
“Anna has quite a following of loyal students from all over the world that continue to stay connected and return again and again to attend her courses. She exhibits a great deal of integrity and is creating a new way of training/teaching both human and animals. I trust and recommend her above other trainers in her field. She is truly an asset to the horse industry”

Jasper insisting upon the lime-light at RTF, photo by Steve Paige


Sara Kreutzer – Horse trainer, UK
She has inner strength beyond belief, courage bigger than she knows, knowledge that needs spreading, compassion when it's deserved, and a heart that never stops beating and I am proud to be her friend and even more glad that she let me in to be hers - I love you!


Sarah Kreutzer - Learning to Listen

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Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Certification Course

2012 Holistic Horsemanship Certification Course Graduates

The Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course has been the stand out experience of a lifetime. It is an honor to learn and practice exercises in horsemanship through Anna's specific guidance and support. . .the horses and I are forever grateful! The benefits of this program are immeasurable in pure joy, enhanced confidence and a sincere focus on what truly is for the greatest good of the horses.

- Nanette Dieterle, Connecticut

An invaluable two week period on so many levels. It is only during these two weeks that a number of pieces of the jigsaw have fallen into place and I can now understand, appreciate and FEEL what a true connection with horses is like. Horses are also beginning to partner with me willingly and with that trust of all breeds, ages and disciplines. I also now know that I can truly help horses in a variety of situations and this is possible as a result of these two weeks. I have undertaken a number of more advanced training courses, however I now see that I would have benefited much more from them having the foundation courses firmly under my belt. My deepest thanks to Anna, Vin and the ROTH team for really creating an amazing environment to learn, really understand and communicate in the language of equus, enabling me to be the best I can be at any given time setting myself and the horses I work with up for success. Thank you. - Rebecca Hoppe, Nigeria 

The lessons I have learned during the Holistic Horse Foundation Certification Course will be incorporated into every aspect of my relationship with horses. I am unsure of the final destination, but my path is clear. I have chosen to always give the horse a voice, and to strive to have a partnership with the horse. Thank you for sharing your methods! - Cynthia Carrona, Connecticut 

I am thankful that I decided to come back and continue the ROTH path & do the case studies. There are so many blessings that came from these second 2 weeks. It has boosted me to keep going with my horses and challenge myself on my path and step up on my journey.  Thanks forever to you Anna for setting me up for success. xoxo - Mary Robustelli, Connecticut 

I thought Part I was exceptional but these 2 weeks have been extraordinary. I feel like my skill set and understanding of the horses language have grown in leaps and bounds these last two weeks. I feel very confident in my abilities as I move forward to the next phase of my horsemanship. But the most important lesson I learned during the course is that it is never about me. It is always about the horses and what value I bring to them.  - Vincent Mancarella, Colorado

I have had plenty of time to reflect on my experience in CT. and to be as short as I can, I realized that I do have that connection to be the conduit between horse and human and working with Anna solidified that for me. The horses always have given me their O.K. but there were a few words that were spoken often during my time in CT. and are now being spoken by me; those were benefit and value. I also learned more about myself as well as the horses those 2 weeks and how I operate between my knowing and feeling. What I know to be true and what I feel to be right. Anna said to me one time that I am authentic when with the horse and no words need to be spoken. Though there were some external things going on with me personally that last week, I came to know that I can put things aside for those moments and be there fully for the horses that are in the here and now. Brilliant stuff and I am so grateful for Anna as she teaches and shares from her heart!!!  - Kathy King-Raedeke, Ohio



2012 Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course - Part I

Totally awesome 2-weeks, loved and learned every single minute of it, not just about horses but the whole holistic picture and the interconnectedness of the all in terms of energy. Will take away many, many tools that will help me in all areas of my life. Total respect and admiration for Anna.

- Sheila Moore, Auckland New Zealand


Anna Twinney has created and perfected the single most comprehensive horsemanship program I have seen anywhere. She brings to the table amazing skills, talents, gifts, and ultimately- magic - and possess also the unique ability to successfully and honestly impart theses skills to her students. She teaches all aspects of horsemanship - not just techniques - with a high standard of ethics like no other.

I would suggest there is no other human being with a greater connection to animals and their well-being, than Anna Twinney.  - Laura Schumann, Janesville, Ohio


A great 2-weeks with so much new learning and so many new experiences. I still don’t really know what my path is with horses. Perhaps, when I return home it will all unfold. - Jeni Macnab, Perth, Scotland


Fantastic 2-weeks. I have gained confidence in handling different horses. I enjoyed the challenge of getting out of my comfort zone and working with my energy level to gauge the different horses. My instincts were honed in this course. - Heidi Reid, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

I have been wanting to come to this training for a couple of years, now. This course was worth the wait. I have learned so much! - Pam Swicegood,  Queen Creek, Arizona

Life changing experience. 2-weeks of giving and receiving unconditional love to and from the horses. A physical and spiritual challenge to feel the incredible;e energy from Anna and her team as they pushed us towards excellence. Zuma’s Rescue Ranch is ther most beautiful horse rescue that I have ever seen. Jodi, is an amazing woman who has created a safe, healthy and nurturing learning experience for the horses. Each horse I was privileged to work with had its own story.

Anna has an amazing gift. The skill set she passed on to all of us to develope our natural horsemanship will stay with us a lifetime. The entire learning experience is indescribable on so many levels. It goes beyond what I have experienced with other horse training clinicians. She takes the lessons to the next level. Extremely rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to go beyond the more traditional methods of horse training. If you have ever asked yourself, “Is there more to learn?” then you need to discover Anna’s training methods and experience them for yourself.

- Artice Arnold, Elgin, Texas

Wikipedia defines natural horsemanship, colloquially known as horse whispering, as developing a rapport with horses, using communication techniques derived from observation of free-roaming horses, and rejecting abusive training. It then should go on to note, see Anna Twinney and Reach Out To Horses. Anna's passion for horses resonates in every fragment of her being. The two weeks I spent in the Foundation Course was by far a life changing experience. Anna is not just teaching her "style" of
horsemanship, more importantly she is sharing her special "gift" of communicating with horses, building a trust based partnership. These principles are the basics of life. What a better world we can have if
these principle are used in our "human" arena daily. Being able to interact with the horses' at Zuma's was amazing, going from the classroom to hands on with different horses brought my understanding full circle. I would encourage everyone to immerse themselves into the world of Anna Twinney. Thank you Anna for making a profound difference in the animal kingdom, two and four legged.

- Deborah Sherman, Colorado


2009 Foundation Course Graduates

2009 Holistic Horsemanship Certification Course Graduates

I feel honored that I have my certificate.  It was a great experience and I learned to fine tune more on this course.  I know I still have to learn a lot but, thanks to this course, I'm on the right track and motivated and excited to learn more...  The horses are great teachers but without Anna I would not be that far in my learning process.  I have seen some great horsemen but you are one of a kind!!  Your knowledge and patience with horses and people are amazing!   I admire you for that!  Thanks for being such a great teacher and sharing your knowledge with us!


Kimberley Vanderheyden


2009 Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course - Part I

“I have just completed the 2-week Holistic Horse course.  It was absolutely amazing.  I feel that in just 2 weeks I accomplished all my goals and more.  Having the opportunity to work with the Rescue horses and help them in their journey was a true gift.

Anna and her team were very professional and talented.  Every one of them had so much to offer and their energy and talent was unlimited.  Everyone should take this course.”

Debra Thomas, CO

“Anna Twinney's Reach Out to Horses, Natural Horsemanship is a profound opportunity to deepen in the knowledge and wisdom of all things horse, as well as life lessons for yourself. Anna, and her team of instructors made sure that all of us experienced a "win" in all the challenges we faced. I learned that when we treat horses, and for that matter, all living things, with respect and dignity, it will change the way you see the world. I'm grateful to CHR and their staff for giving us a place, a campus, for our work. I hope to continue to be involved with them for the benefit of the horses.  I am deeply grateful for the time I spent with this group and our teachers, both two legged and four legged.

Anna, Brax, Rob and Helen, thank you so much for your patience with me. I am truly so very grateful and hope to work with you again.”

Grace Gabrielli, CO

“Every time I have worked with Anna over the years it is a life changing experience  This program was so extensive, challenging, and intensive there is no doubt it has changed my views, confidence and understanding of the trust based two way communication with horses!  I have learned so much about myself, humans and horses it is hard to imagine not taking this course.  I am walking away a better, humbled, thoughtful, open hearted person than when I walked in two weeks ago.  I can’t wait to go out and practice this knowledge.

Thanks so much to Helen, Brack and Rob Too!”

Jen Hustis, NE

“There is no way to do this work without having lots of patience with yourself and the horse.  I like working on my own with the horse but I would never learn or get better if I didn’t go through these courses.

My aim is to help and not hinder the horse…in a way that is gentle yet clear and strong.

Reach Out to Horses Introductory Holistic Horse Course is the perfect course for anyone wanting to truly understand the language of the horse.

Many thanks to the trainers, Rob, Helen and Brack who made this course top notch. And especially Anna whose incredible understanding and impeccable insight of the horses and the people shines a light on our World.”

Rebecca Zepp, CO

“This course is for anyone with a love of horses who is willing to learn the language of Equus, apply themselves openly and whole heartedly and to work day after day to listen and to improve.  The reward is knowing more – much more – about yourself and the horses who give so freely.  Anna is a wonderful teacher.”

Sue Beggs, CO

I must say that this course is far most the best one I ever did.  I have been following courses a little bit everywhere in the world, to learn as much as I can about the language of the horse and training in a non violent way.  It is the first time that it all became clear for me!  The course is very well build and for people on all levels, even if you would think you know a lot already or having already a lot of experience, this course always teaches you something.  Not only about the language and the training but also about yourself!  It is a life changing experience!  I would recommend it to everybody!

It is well build, it is not a private course  but you get your personal attention and development which is great and exceptional for these courses!

And Anna is a great teacher that teaches every person on his learning level and horse experience.  There is not one thing that I would say I missed in the course! 

Thank you Anna for this great experience and you motivated and opened my eyes to a new world!

I will definitely follow some more courses !!

What a great and learn full experience !
Kimberley Vanderheyden

“The Natural Horsemanship Clinic is the most comprehensive training I have ever had.  Not only for the handling and communicating with the horses, but also addressing our personal emotions that block our own progress in life.  Anna is a brilliant teacher that puts you in the perfect environment to achieve success.  Thank you for giving me the encouragement to achieve the confidence I knew was in me.  In gratitude.

PS: This class was a bargain for all the one-on-one received!”

Terri McCleary


2007 Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course - Part I

Thank you for being so inspiring.  Amazing how you can read a horse.  I hope that some day I can be just half as good.  Fantastic energy experiences you are really an eye-opener!

Love, Annette - Denmark

Thanks for letting me realize Im in the right job and now I have go so much more I can learn to perfect.  You are a brilliant teacher, anyone getting me to sit in a class room for so long and want to be there – must be great!  Keep on going, you will change people and horse’ lives.

Love, Helen – France

My dearest Anna – thank you so much for a wonderful 2 weeks.  I learned so much and you are so wonderful to assist me on my path.

Hugs & love, Kim – Colorado

I'm so excited about this new venture in my life and your guidance is helping me to reach my dreams!  Your warmth, knowledge, teaching abilities and encouragement are a true inspiration.  Thank you for being my mentor.

Looking forward to Colorado!  Michaele, Wyoming

Dearest Anna, thank you so much for doing the things you do.  If it was not for your choices in life, we would not have this opportunity to learn these things.  You are so full of life and happy.  And that helps all of us learning.  Never had so patient teachers, and I know that I can be asking a lotJ.  So thanks for answering all my questions.  Love you,

Tine – Denmark

Well Anna, although hard graft, ultimately its been well worth attending your course.  It has provided great pointers for my journey with horses.  You love your subject and you teach it well.  Its been a pleasure.  All best wishes and good fortune for the future. 

Steve, UK

Now is the time for me to get serious about my future.  The example you set is of the finest quality.  I will never forget your profound effect on people and horses.

Love and light, Judy – Wisconsin

What an inspiration you are to us all!  Your humor and humility is unending.  Your love and light has gone straight to my heart.  I will think back to my time here when at times I feel negative.  You are so generous with your teaching and your passion is awesome.  Horses and people should feel lucky to know you!


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Reach Out to Wisdom

Wyoming, August 2012

Reach Out to Wisdom, August 2012Having participated in many self-development seminars in my thirty year career, I can unequivocally state that this is one of the best and most insightful I have ever had the pleasure to attend.

The “Reach Out to Wisdom” course converges insights from Vin and Anna with the lessons taught by horses to deliver an exceptionally profound learning experience.

The unique design of the course allowed me as a student the opportunity to explore more deeply the questions of authenticity, integrity and how to live the life I want to live. Vin led the class through exercises that helped us attune ourselves to the important questions we each needed to ask, and Anna flawlessly assigned us each the horse that would best help us find the answers to our questions. Anna and Vin did a phenomenal job in interpreting the lessons that the horses were delivering.

I would wholeheartedly suggest that if you have the courage to ‘go deep’ in your personal development, sign up for the next class of “Reach Out to Wisdom!”

- Chris Dimock, Wyoming

  Co-Founder of Elation

Not a horse person. . .Came w/ a friend, and now I owe him a Big Thank You! Insights. . .understanding. . .real answers. . .And a Big Thank You to Anna & Vin.

- Bill Simmons, Montana

  Co-Founder of Elation

Dear Vin & Anna,

I am grateful for a wonderful three days. This will and has changed my life. Thank you for your perfect interpretation of the horses and me.  - Beth Bates Chaffie, Ohio

These past 3 days have passed very quickly with all that filled the days. The work and exercises were well planned to build on what went before. Work the with horses was never predictable – the horses suited their behaviors and teaching to the lesson, to the person or team of people and the question posed. Their messages/answers were indispensable, clear & concise. And if the student’s wanted to evade, there was Anna and Vin to interpret and reiterate the teaching.  The horses continue to amaze in their ability to understand and communicate.   - Christine Smith, Ontario

I was very impressed with Vin and Anna’s Reach Out To Wisdom. I leave with a vision for my future that has been lacking for so very long. I have clarity of how I get in my own way & simply more hope.

- Grace Gabrielle, Colorado

Not really knowing what to expect in the course I just knew I needed to be here. I’m so thankful that I came. Anna & Vin make a great team. I am leaving this course with the tools to finally take responsibility for my life and knowing that I can. The course really was enlightening, surprising and funny – Vin kept us laughing on this otherwise serious and sometimes painful journey. Thank you Vin and Anna for always making me feel safe while revealing my true self!  - Dora Rassbach, Texas



Hi Vin and Anna, here is an update on how the course has already had a positive impact on me.

Since I have been home, my horses are responding to me differently. I have less fear and it shows. Putting hay in the pasture, I noticed one of my horses limping and not putting weight on his hind hoof. With no lead line, I simply picked up his foot and saw that he had gotten a nail in it. I put his foot down, got a tool to remove it and went back and took it out. No fear of his head being free!! Yippee!

I also have been touching my mustangs Gypsy and Lucy.  I had previously groomed Lucy but after she kicked me, our relationship changed and I was very apprehensive/fearful around her.   She seemed to always tell me NO, when I tried to pet her.   If I insisted, she would tolerate it but always swung her head away. Gypsy would get annoyed when I would touch her face. I would put my hand up while she was eating and she would kind of run into my hand, then put her head up and show that she was not happy about it.

Since the course, I have not only been able to touch Gypsy's face, she allowed me to completely comb out the knots in her mane. I used a pole with stuffed glove on the end of it and was able to touch her all over her back, withers and now down her side and on her shoulder.  I also have been able to completely rub over both eyes (wiping the goo out of them). She no longer shows annoyance and I am SO GRATEFUL.   Lucy is doing much better also-or should I say, I am doing much better with Lucy.   She no longer pulls her face away.   I am able to pet her face, jaws, and neck again.

These are huge changes for me. So, thank you again.

- Dora Rassbach, Texas

Connecticut, August 2011

Reach Out to Wisdom with Heather Dominick and Energy Rich Coaching, August 2011As the owner of a highly successful Spiritual Business Coaching Company the experiences I bring to my clients are not only of utmost importance to me, but chosen extremely carefully. It is my high intention that my clients are not only receiving the highest service possible from myself but from any outside facilitators that I partner with to support the growth of my clients and their businesses. It is with this high standard in mind that I chose to partner with Anna Twinney and Vincent Mancarella, of Reach Out to Horses, to bring six of my highest level clients to their Reach Out to Wisdom Course. My intention was that this course and masterful facilitation and techniques of both Anna and Vin - and of course the work with the horses! - would lend a physical and spiritual component of business breakthrough that could not be delivered in truly quite any other way.

Not only did Anna and Vin meet my standards, expectations and intentions; they far exceeded them.

Anna Twinney is a masterful horsewoman, dynamic teacher, and one of the highest level intuitive group facilitators I have ever had the honor of working with. Her ability to take an art-form such as horsemanship of such complexity and intricacy and be able to deliver to a group of healers, coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs with NO horse experience whatsoever and not only have these entrepreneurs comfortable with horses at the end of three days, but completing tasks that that are of a significant horsemanship level. Most importantly, she also holds the ability to translate the accomplishment of the task to support my clients in authentically experiencing the business and personal breakthroughs they came to the course to receive. In many instances, breakthrough and blocks that some had been unsuccessfully able to shift for years. They are now free and available to achieve their dream success in a way that was never quite available before.

Lending to Anna's mastery is the brilliance of the partnership dynamic between Anna and Vin as well as VIn's own incredible coaching and facilitation skills. Though Vin is not a horseman himself he brings an element of depth observance and sage wisdom that was an integral part in supporting my clients in being able to truly connect the bridge between what was taking place with the horses and how this relates to their business. In more instances than one he was willing to go the full distance with a member of the group gently, yet with clear direction guiding the path to internal discovery, awareness and release of life-long limiting beliefs. Also, his joyful, warm, natural humor brings an inviting and light energy to a journey that otherwise, perhaps, could become very heavy due to the seriousness of the nature of the work with the horses.

It was very clear to me before going into this experience that horses are the mirror for your Soul, but to have that mirror held up for three full days by such masterful teachers is priceless. I know that not myself nor any of my clients will ever be the same again. We are all taking away lessons that will play a key and intricate part for each entrepreneur being able to bring their message to the world and to be generously rewarded for that delivery in the largest of ways.

Obviously, if any of what I have shared so far resonates with you then I highly recommend that you secure your spot in the next Reach Out to Wisdom course right away. These courses fill up quickly and there is absolutely no solid reason to put the clear, solid connection with your destiny on hold.

Energy Rich Coaching with Heather Dominick

Not only am I extremely grateful, but I will be back!

Thank you Anna and Vin!

Heather Dominick, New York, NY

Founder of Energy Rich Coaching




Connecticut, August 2010

Reach Out to Wisdom, Connecticut, August 2010At the end of day one I thought, “This has been one of the best days of my life.” At the end of day two I thought, “This has been one of the best days of my life.” At the end of day three I thought, “This has been one of the best days of my life, and I can’t believe the weekend went so fast!” The Vin and Anna team, along with the horses, created a magical learning experience and I am so grateful. THANK YOU.

- Dawn Lesinski, CT

Thank you for allowing me to find the authentic me and to feel how that feels – magical!

 - Rebecca Hoppe - United Kingdom

Taking three days out of my regular routine to stop and reflect and refocus would not have been possible had not Anna &Vin given me the opportunity. Once enrolled & begun, their guidance, clarity, vision, & exceptional teaching styles & language reintroduced me to what is truly important and honorable about being alive. The possibilities are all ours; to be reminded that to be of service is foremost was refreshing. Thank you.

 - Elizabeth Marvin, VT

Working with Vin and Anna and the amazing horses and animals at Ray of Light Farm has opened new energy and understanding. I decided to come to this workshop as soon as I saw it offered and having little understanding of what to expect, the three days were beyond any reality I had embraced. Thank you.

 - Lynn Lewis, NY

The Reach Out to Wisdom course was a wonderful three day course to participate in. Vin & Anna created a safe environment to let your guard down and be able to take a deep look within yourself. What I was able to learn about myself was eye opening and very inspiring.

 - Jessica Guerrera, CT

Life changing 3 days. The magic started 3 months before the class began that is how powerful the teachers, Vin, Anna & the Horses & their love & awareness & giving is. Beautiful & Inspiring. I cannot wait to meet again.......Thank you from my whole Heart.

 - Jennifer Cullen, DE

Upon arrival I immediately felt excited about the three day journey I was about to begin. I have been to other clinics, seminars but not one like this. It was truly unique and I felt comfortable to explore & self reflect and get instant feedback from the horses.

 - Shelly Montanaro - CT

I am once again amazed with your teachings and how they continue to transform my life at home, work, & at the barn. It is an honor to work with true professionals such as yourselves who truly care about us all and come to us from a place of love & not ego. Blessings to you always.

 - Mary Robustelli - CT


Colorado, July 2010Reach Out to Wisdom, Colorado, July 2010

"Reach Out to Wisdom is a profoundly safe environment in which to be held while you grow and learn. A life-changing experience!"   - Dana Stuart Bullock, New York, NY

"I arrived a skeptic and left having experienced the greatest life changing event of my life. Vin, Anna, and the horses brought the feelings I lost so many years ago and now feel confident enough and brave enough to get back - Thank you."

- Gary Preston, United Kingdom

"I Loved the way the 3 days were guided and the closeness and feeling of safety that developed with everyone that I felt. The horses were awesome too, such great guides."

 - Linda Hancock, Firestone, CO

"This leap of faith has rewarded me more than I could have imagined."

 - Sarah Brown, Louisville, KY

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Bitterroot Healing Horses Ranch Retreat

July, 2012

Healing Horses at Bitterroot Ranch - July 2012

"The whole week has literally been a dream come true for me. The deep learning and connection with and from the horses and Anna is life affirming and changing.  Waking up to a beautiful sunrise and going to sleep by the light of the full moon is a wonderful memory.  I am very grateful for the fun and holistic learning.  - Catherine E. Below, Minnesota

This week at the Healing For Horses Clinic with Anna Twinney at the Bitterroot Ranch has far exceeded my expectations.  I have gained a stronger sense of self and a new way of being with horses. Thank you, Anna for sharing your passion! I will forever be grateful.

- Sharon Wisher, Kentucky

To say that Anna’s teachings are profound is a cliche. What is striking is the depth of the information communicated non-verbally. - Jane Joy Sparks, Indiana

My experience at Bitterroot and ROTH with Anna was an amazing journey. Bitterroot was an oasis from my busy life on the East coast. With my background mainly in riding I am now very comfortable using Anna’s safe techniques around horses.  I have the skills and confidence with groundwork I never had before.  The Reiki with Anna and the other students was life shifting, we all experienced surprises and connections through the whole process.  Thank you Anna and Bitterroot!  - Sandra Waters, Massachusetts

My ten days spent at the wonderful Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming were beyond my expectations. Bayard, Mel and their family were gracious hosts and their staff attentive and helpful. Anna Twinney’s week long Reiki for Horses clinic gave me fascinating insights into the language of the horse. Anna is a gifted spiritual teacher and I feel our paths haver crossed for a reason. She has gained a disciple in me.  I extend my gratitude to the beautiful horses and 4 leggeds who call this home. Thank you all for sharing a piece of paradise with me.  - Pilar Bauta, New York


July, 2010

Healing Horses at Bitterroot Ranch - July 2010 "This has been one of the most magical and mystical weeks, filled with so many new and enlightening experiences. The power of energy and healing can be used in so many ways and in countless situations, all to great benefit. I have discovered much about myself and what I feel I am capable of and hope to continue on this path of discovery and I feel great excitement as to where it may lead. Thank you Anna, for opening these doors and allowing the energy to flow!" - Rebecca Hoppe - United Kingdom

"Anna is an exceptional instructor. Her Reiki for Horses course is an excellent opportunity to learn how to use Reiki to better horses lives. This course also teaches the TLC ways a horse needs behavioral modification or guidance to bring out the best of any horse." - Karen Bailey - Lake Stevens, WA


Healing Horses at Bitterroot Ranch - June 2010June, 2010

“I truly enjoyed the course! Anna is very professional and offers beyond expectations, ten fold. I believe that now I will be able to offer change in my animals back home and give them comfort and love. Thank you so much.”

- Chris Kellas – Tennessee

“The workshop was informative. The hands on classes with the horses was very helpful in teaching me techniques to better the relationship between me and my horse.”

- Christi Kellas – Tennessee

“I am so glad and proud to have had this experience and to share it with Will and you all! I have learned to go a step back or behind, to calm down better..., to let it lue and let it be! Anna I would say thank you and thank's all other persons on the ranch. Thank you all so much!!! I have had a great time with you all.”
- Claudia Kersting-Grebe – Germany

“This was pure adventure! So much to learn, Reiki and horses but all so important. I know I have much more to learn/explore. This experience is a meaningful step in my new journey. Thank you all. Love, Jan”
- Janet M. Grether – Bitterroot Ranch

“I've been saying for the last few years that I wanted to find a different/new/better way to be with horses. I've finally found that way with Anna's teaching. Reiki, Language of the horses, and all of the energy work have opened a new door for me. I learned everything I wanted to and more. Thank you Anna!!!"

- Janet K. Prior – Bitterroot Ranch

“Healing Horses at Bitterroot Ranch was as much about me as it was for the horses. The Reiki one attunement showed me the importance of the animals in my life currently working in hand with the horses opened me to realize how the horses are truly mirrors for us and the issues I still need to clear. The most amazing part is that all of us have the ability to heal not just horses but all animals including ourselves. We just need to be open, set the intention and listen. I send you gratitude Anna from imparting with your knowledge and gifts for us all to help heal ourselves and all animals that enter our lives. What a truly amazing gift you have taught me. Thank you.” Jodi, AUS

- Jodie Anne Smith – Australia

“I am very certain I got more that I gave, learned more that expected and on a much deeper level. I found you Anna to be very genuine and firm but fair with your (often? occasionally? :) ) misbehaving or distracted students. The horses in tandem with Reiki was wonderful. I would have liked more practice w/running horses and will practice all I have learned once home. Thank you and Blessings on your journey.” Terra

- Terralea SaintOnge – Bitterroot Ranch

“Hallo Liebe Anna, Du hast eine unglaubliche Professionalitaet und wirklich “Tonnon von Wissen”. Vielen Dank, das Du mir einen Einblick and neue gedanken aufgezeigt hast. Ich wuerde mich freuen Dich wider zu erleben. Herzlichst, Wilfried.

- Wilfried Grebe – Bitterroot Ranch

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Colt Starting 101

Wyoming - August 2012

Colt Starting 101, August 2012

“Colt starting was over the top with success after success for me as well as everyone there. From reading my horse, developing better hands and feel to a perfect connection in the reach out. It was humbling and awesome to witness the journey of mustangs from seeing them in the wild last week and witnessing untouched being gentled and the ones that were started under saddle this week. Three different groups of horses, three different experiences of the life of the mustang and one common goal – to live the best life they can live in a world with humanity.”

- Lauren, Colorado

“Learned a lot from different horses and people and situations” – Yrsa, Sweden

“Learnt much on many levels. Feeling other people, the horses, so we become 3” – Liv, Sweden

“It's been a great journey. It's been 3 years, I've watched the horses blossom. Think outside the box, keep it light and fun.” – Michaele, Wyoming

“So special to see Calliente go off on her own. Enjoyed challenges and being pushed out of my comfort zone. Variety, teamwork and camaraderie to make this all come together. The Mustangs are teaching people and providing to the American public and the world.” - Tricia, Wyoming

“Great to see the progress of how far they can come in 6 days. Reinforcement of what I know and new too.” - Soenke, Germany

“Everyone’s progress. 1st day I could approach Kitkat and walk up to her…today is a great day.”

- Julia, Canada

“I got over a hurdle that 'Ive not got over before. My fear of youngsters. I'm proud of myself”-Megan, UK

“The wild horses are just amazing. Everyone so generous learning all the time” - Helen, France

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Reaching Out to the Untouched Horse

Wyoming - August 2012

Reach Out to the Untouched Horse, August 2012

Wyoming - August 2011

I have met many horses and I have learned many things about them. The ROTH Untouched Horse Clinic opened my eyes to beauty that has stretched beyond the barn, and even from within.
The unique experience of gentling a wild free creature under the expert guidance of Anna gave me the clearest view of what a horse is. The compassionate methods brought the mare I worked with farther than I ever could have imagined. I feel confident in saying her future life with people has been insured to be happy. She jas found the benefits and without force or fear. Instead she has found her curiosity and voice, a gift that some domestic horses never find. She is setup to find her forever home and a joy in it.

    - Elaine Ackerly, Casper, WY

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The Complete Foal Handling Course

Ray of Light Farm, East Haddam, Connecticut - November 2010

Anna Twinney is wonderful! The first day of her class with the foals was a miracle. I feel I witnessed a miracle with these foals (I audited). To see them transform from herd energy to sharing a peek at each of their personalities was uplifting and exciting! I'm hoping to go again Saturday and see their amazing transformations. I know nothing of the horse world and was very happy to be invited in to share the wonderful energies and learn of the language of horses! Brings me much hope and confirms once again to me that there are so many, many ways to heal!!! Thank you God! - Janet Strein, Connecticut

Hi Anna,
    Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for your consideration and allowing our youngest son, Jasper, to participate in the advanced training week this past week at Ray of Light Farm as a spectator.
    You have changed his life through the access that Jasper now has to an entirely new way of horsemanship in general and specifically in working with foals in a way that promotes only a gentle caring approach.
     Based on his accumulation and absorption of what was presented and his powerful assimilation and recall of the experience and expression of his agreement with the practices learned, I can only assume that this will affect him through out his life with people as well as animals.
     His existing intense desire to be around horses, now accompanied by his amazingly expanded knowledge as a result of your program experiences, teachings, methods, other caring participants and expert speakers, has moved him in ways apparent and intrinsically that you will most certainly give witness to in the near future in other courses offered. He has told us that he is most interested in being one of your apprentices and trainers in the future.
    As a family you have moved us in the caring and knowing approach that you extended to him as a qualified and capable person and learner.
    Your expectation in your program in general is that people play full out and take in what is being presented and whether you know it or not, even as a spectator, Jasper followed that directive and played as if he was one of your main private students.  Your seeing and knowing, innately, that this would be a fit for him, us, you and the group was wise and accurate. I do hope that you will bear witness to the knowledge and growth that your compassion and presence has offered him throughout his life.

All the very best, until our next meeting...
     - Bill Paglia - Scheff, Connecticut

    I've been thinking of you, the foals, and all the participants in the course the past couple of days, and especially today, being that it is the last day. I wanted to send my best to you all and the foals. It was an incredible experience to have the honor of witnessing the transformation of those beautiful young foals over the course of only a couple of days. I am so happy to have been able to be there. You are doing such amazing work! Please let everyone know I am there with them in spirit!  I'm looking forward to continuing to learn more, get more involved, and take some more courses with you.

    There is something very special going on between you and the horses. That is obvious.  Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and genuine love of, and for, the horses.

    - Kathy Falge, Connecticut

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White Stallion Animal Communication Dream Ranch Retreat

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Animal Communication Sessions

Wow! Anna!!!

I'm amazed at what I have just read.  The description of the house (and many other details) are incredibly correct!  Thank you very, very much for helping Kuma and me during this difficult process. She is a highly sensitive dog and this mustn't be easy for her.

There are no words to describe how I am feeling now as tears fall down my cheeks. Thank you for making us feel closer.  These two mails that you have sent me about Kuma and Smiif make me feel more in peace. Thank you once more.

Blessings to you too! I will follow your advice.

Sending you a hug from the heart,

Michelle – New Zealand

Kuma prepares for her flight from Argentina to New Zealand.
Smiif shares his message prior to his long travel.


Every time I read your words from my girls, I cry!  Thank you so much for helping me to learn that they really are pretty happy with their lives.  This is so important to me, because they bring so much happiness to my life that I want to reciprocate!  

 Again, what you do for people is truly such a blessing.  Thank you so much for everything.  Tim and I appreciate your wisdom and kindness.  It's really helped us to figure some stuff out with both dogs and horses!

Bless you!

Jenny - CO

Sunny shares her training stories
Punkin's person checks in to her physical & emotional well being.

I am so grateful for your help and encouragement. It is such a nice feeling to know that he is safe and warm once more. He is definitely acting "off" today. He isn't basking in the sun or eating his food yet. His color looks all right though and he is moving around a bit. I think he will perk up once he is kept warm for a few more days. I think another night or two out in this weather would have been the end of him.

I will spread the word about my great experience with working with you and your gift. I still think you deserve some money for your time and expertise.

Andrea Bratt, CA

Sid gains guidance home!

Anna, this is amazing! You got it all. Medically, this is right on (goes along with the vet). Emotionally, you and Lightning have tremendously reassured me. I have to run over there now to do the morning routine but I can’t thank you enough and I will thank her and I will call you this afternoon. And if you do talk to her between then and now, please tell her I won’t separate them. Well...I’ll just go ahead and tell her that myself!!!

Love, Brooke Baxter (NY)

Lightening sheds light onto her life!

Just want to tell you how much I enjoyed our session. I could not wait to get home and ((hug)) my Nakita !! I talked to my husband about it and he was impressed by the things you told me. This was just so cool to do!!!

Thanks again, Lori - PA 


Anna Hello!

Thank You for the incredible session....I just got to it 2 nights ago but was away in New York.  I checked in with the family and alot of things

make more sense (the BLUE collars...) and the yard! I cant tell you what a dramatic change we have seen the last 48 hours.

When can I call you to fill in the blanks....

Sophia, NJ

Spryo tells us why
he runs away from home! 

Surrounded by love, Buttons made her way home.

Buttons escaped from the car during a vet visit when her litter of 6 kittens was only one day old. Needless to say I was rather frantic for her return. After a couple of days of fruitless searching I made contact with Anna through my sister who was familiar with Anna's talents. Anna and I were on the phone for over an hour and I was truly amazed by her insight. She knew Buttons home environment, where she gave birth, the cat she rooms with and the people who care for her. Anna described where Buttons ran from and where she most likely ran to. Unfortunately she also sensed that Buttons was very frightened and would not come to me even if she heard me call. She is not a cat who is comfortable outside her home environment or with strangers. I left food out should Buttons find it and did Anna's prescribed meditations of sending out a white light to protect Buttons and guide her home. I started the meditations on Monday, spoke with Anna on Tuesday evening and Buttons showed up back at home Thursday evening. Yea!

She traveled about 1/2 a mile and had to cross a busy street. She was fine - just a little thin. 2 of her kittens didn't make it but the others are doing well with bottle feeding. They try to nurse on Mom anyways but the best part is Mom keeps them squeaky clean. Buttons was gone for 6 days and her milk dried up. After a few days it started to come back, and at 1 1/2 weeks she's producing at 50-75%.

I am very grateful to Anna for her assistance in guiding Buttons home.  

Heidi Bratt, CA


Hi Anna,
I hope your new year is off to a fun filled, enjoyable start. Just laughing today, because a few months ago when you talked to Loki, he mentioned that my boyfriend would be in Florida longer than expected. Everything you told me has turned out to be true and I wanted to share how impressed I am with you ability to tune in as well as Loki's ability to be so aware of everything that is going on in my life. Sure enough, my boyfriend found out today that he was assigned to fly helicoptors and will indeed be staying right here in Florida for the next year. A huge sense of relief and funny coincidence. I told him months ago that my horse said he would stay, well, now he is a believer too! Your ability to connect with the animals and communicate is truly a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. - Ashley Holden, Florida, 2011

Thank you again for our wonderful session yesterday! That was an amazing experience and I feel even closer the pups now that I've had a chance to communicate with them, through you.

I thought you'd like to hear this:
I didn't get a chance to tell you the difficulty I have had (for years!) when it comes to mealtimes for the dogs. Dixie loves to eat and becomes almost unbearable any time I go to feed them (she growls, barks, jumps up on me, etc). We used to feed Cody first...but with Dixie's insistence of eating first, we've been feeding Dixie first for a few years now. When I went to feed them this morning, I moved Cody's bowl into the same room as the others (we used to feed Cody in a separate room due to Dixie's behavior)
and gave him a scoop of food. I was fully prepared to fend off Dixie and as I looked around to stop her from approaching Cody, I noticed her sitting patiently across the room by her bowl - with a cute smile on her face! I couldn't believe it! That has NEVER happened before! AND, to my amazement, it happened again tonight - exact same scenario!! I am beyond amazed and so grateful to you for facilitating this!

Thank you so much Anna! - Carol Ames, Oklahoma, 2011

Hi Anna,
Some years back you helped me with my beautiful baby Tasha. I know it has been a long time, but I don't know if I ever truly thanked you for all you did for my baby girl. Words cannot express how much admiration & gratitude I have for you. You are truly an amazing & gifted woman. Tasha, the world & I are better off just for knowing you are here. Thank you! - Cari Townsend, Colorado, 2011

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Animal Communication Classes

Testimonial Letter


Testimonial Letter 2




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Natural Horsemanship Clinics & Lessons

"I have worked with many different clinicians and what struck me most about Anna Twinney was her ability to talk her students through any problem they experienced with the horse. Many clinicians take over from their students when a problem arises with a horse, but Anna, an incredible horsewoman, is also an extraordinary teacher. She is able to see the entire situation and articulate the necessary steps to allow her student to resolve the situation. The student is empowered by seeing the experience through, and Anna facilitates it by her exceptional understanding of horses, humans and how they relate to one another. I truly believe she is one of the finest teaching whisperers today. She is tireless, patient and meets each student where he is on his individual journey. Taking a horsemanship, animal communication or Reiki clinic with her will change your life unquestionably. " - Hadley, Bitterroot Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming

Thank you once again for a ground-breaking three-days at HPL. As you know, your energy, knowledge, and love of creatures is much needed in this world. I only hope you understand how much we two-footers appreciate you sharing information in a way that is understandable and attainable. That, in and of itself, is a true skill as well as a blessing from the Universe.

Also – I mentioned that this was a ground-breaking experience in that this knowledge is just scratching the surface of what we need to learn to help HPL horses. I knew that you, and your methodology, were what we needed the moment I first saw you work at CHR and I am a true believer in fate so the timing, as usual, was impeccable. I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.
- Janine Shea, Horse Protection League, Golden, Colorado, 2010



- Lloyd Mower, President of the Horse Protection League, Golden, CO, 2010

Thanks so much for all of your training at the Roth Clinic. Red and Tornado are actually behaving much better. You're the best! - Steve, New York, 2010

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Reiki Attunement Classes

March 2011

Reiki Weekend, Colorado, March 2011“The Reiki II class with Anna was profoundly grounding, moving and energizing. Im left with an inner peace and non-stop smile! The group healing was very profound and validating in sharing our awarenesses and perceptions. Thank you!” - Arlyn LaBair, Golden, CO

“The class was great; to experience Reiki and have validation that I could perform Reiki was incredible. Thank you!” - Cherie Shanks, Golden, CO

“Anna has a wonderful manner in her teaching. This is the third class I've taken with her. If you are interested in energy healing and Reiki in particular, and if you are an animal lover, you will find a like-minded person and friend in Anna. It's also delightful to listen to her English accent.”

  - Cindy Capen, Golden, CO

“I had not realized how tense and worried I had gotten. The weekend allowed me to relax and regain mobility that I had lost. I have also noticed a change in my sleeping. I awoke each night still remembering my dreams. Something else I had been missing.” - Elaine Ackerly, Golden, CO

“This weekend was filled with love and knowledge. Anna is genuine in her commitment and passion to help you be the best person you can be.” - Lori Littrell, Golden, CO

“The Reiki I & II course was one of the more profound life experiences I have had. Coming into this weekend I didn’t know much about Reiki or the practice. I left with a great understanding and deep respect for energetic healing. Anna’s patient, comfortable instruction made everyone feel warmly welcome”.

  - Stacie Karle, Golden, CO

“The energy enhancement to the Masters is incredibly powerful and makes me tremendously grateful to you and the spirit world for giving me the blessing. I will do my best to walk with integrity!”

   - Susan Solomon - Golden, CO


December 2010

Reiki Weekend, Colorado, Dec 2010

I've wanted to take this class for a long time, but never had the time. I wasn’t sure what to expect but after the first day I felt as though Id been given the most amazing gift. I felt grounded, happy, cleansed. The second day was special as now I feel I can give the gift back and help others. I feel one with the earth again. - Diane Brandon, Golden, CO

I entered the Reiki classes thinking I will learn “little bit energy healing” which will fit my current new direction in life. I had no idea how powerful Reiki could be. What a life-changing weekend. Thank you, Anna!  - Seija Tillanen, Golden, CO

A new found awareness to my self-improvement came in an unexpected way. I found it is truly about letting go of energy blocks and ego and being open to receiving universal energy – without owning it, controlling it. Being grateful to the Universe for that energy. It is that Universal energy that heals not me.

    - Carol Miyagishima, Golden, CO

I obtained my Reiki I through another Master. This attunement was good as I was able to peel a new onion layer back in a comfortable setting. There was a good group and everyone was very open. The healing circle was great as everyone was able to share their experiences and aid in verifying the distance energies. - Kim Knutsen, Golden, CO

Attending the Reiki I & II workshop with Anna Twinney has been one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. Not only did I learn the hand placements and the Reiki techniques, I also felt so taken care of and cared for by Anna. I highly recommend this course with Anna. Thank you!

    - Linda Watch, Golden, CO

I have trained in Healing Touch and found the Reiki has brought a well-rounded approach and “feel” to my energy healing/medicine experience and knowledge. Whether just starting a journey or adding to your current training, Reiki I & II is a great addition. - Susan Turner, Golden, CO

This weekend gave me so much spiritually. It gave me confidence. Reiki was so much more than I expected. I can use it every day. Thank you Anna! -Tracey Robinson, Golden, CO


April 2010

Reiki Weekend, Equine Voices, Apr 2010“What an experience. I knew very little about Reiki, but wanted to learn something to help the horses heal. What I received was much more. Each session resulted in more self-confidence and affirmation. I am anxious to continue the journey.” - Alice Turnispeed – Rio Rico, AZ

“It is very apparent that Anna knows her stuff when it comes to Reiki. She is an excellent guide with plenty of information and feedback along the way. This has been a great class and I look forward to healing my loved ones w/ the experience I gained.” - Angela Wilson, Amado, AZ

“I learned many useful ways to allow healing energy to move through me and on to someone who is open to receiving it. I enjoyed learning to have more faith that whatever is happening is the right thing. As a result, I feel more confidence in my ability to “get out of the way” and let it happen. Thank you, Anna!”
- Kira Freed – Tucson, AZ

“I loved day one, Reiki I and the hands on. Reiki II was valuable, but not as validating. Great instruction. I can imagine using Reiki healing in my wellness center in Tubac.
Thanks!!” - Linda Ellinor – Tubac, AZ

“Dear Anna,
I am finding Reiki as a very heightened awareness of what is going on inside of me. I’m also very happy to be able to send healing in a non invasive manner to another being. Thank you for being here for me and others.” MO - Mo Grace – Tucson, AZ

“This was an amazing journey to myself.” - Doro Hucker – Germany


March 2010

Reiki Weekend, Yorkshire, March 2010“I have found this experience to be emotionally very fulfilling. It has allowed me to start to just “be”. I feel very confident to go out with the knowledge you have given me and take it out into the World. Thank you for all of it Anna, its really been amazing.” - Hazel Dickinson - Yorks, U.K.

“I really enjoyed the day especially the symbols and the atmosphere was fantastic within the group.”

- Jill Horn - Yorks, U.K.

“A most enjoyable day; fabulous location. The course was so well delivered. The content flowed naturally and the room was filled with a lovely, positive energy. A big thank you to everyone involved.”

- Karen Moon - Yorks, U.K.

“A good decision! I feel I have come through a door I left my old self behind…..I have been given a gift to help heal our broken World and that’s just brilliant!” - Claire Preddy - Yorks, U.K.

“The Reiki Master attunement has opened up another level for me with my relationships with my animals and family or anyone else who may need more love and light in their World."

- Karen Reed - Yorks, U.K.

“We have reflected, debated, laughed and cried and certainly learnt more about who we are and who we have the potential to become – just need to keep hold of that vision and faith. Thank you so much for reopening my mind. XX” - Jo Richardson - Yorks, U.K.

“Thanks Anna, I'm so pleased I decided to do the Reiki Master course. It's been a joy to share in the experience of the group and for so many animals to join us.” - Jean Romero - Yorks, U.K.

“Reiki has been a part of my life, some days more than others. This weekend has been very special to me, it is a life changing experience, even more than Reiki I & II. Even helping you giving the attunements was not only a honor but gives you a special feeling. I'm breathing Reiki now, it’s not a part anymore of my life, it's my life. Feeling the connection with one and another, seeing, feeling them change makes me feel blessed and grateful!

I can't express my thank you, gratefulness or I don’t know how to describe it that I'm a Master! Thanks! To the Universe and Anna who has done so much for me." - Kimberley Vanderheyden - Yorks, U.K.

Read ALL the Reiki Class Testimonials HERE!

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Monty Roberts' Instructor Students

"Anna Twinney is the most inspirational Instructor that I have ever had. She has the ability to encourage both horses and humans to want to become the best they can be. Her natural ability to teach horses and people is incredible and only surpassed by her ability to love them as well"

“She is a woman of instinct, intuition and exceptional natural ability. Her perspective as a woman brings a refined level of communication both with the horses she trains and the students she teaches. It is an honor to know her and a privilege to work with her.”

Chariti Carman, Utah


"Excellent we go 120%! Anna did a wonderful job, I have a huge respect!"

Linda Weritz, Germany

"Her love and respect for horses & people speaks for itself!"

Michelle Hahn, Argentina

Instructors Course 2001

"Anna is an excellent teacher, who has a style and approach which motivates the student"

Eric Godward, Australia

“Much of my education came from Anna’s consistent commitment and integrity to both the equine students and the human students. Anna’s ability to perceive the needs of the horses and the students simultaneously is a rare gift and I have not met anyone as in tune as she is in this highly specialized teaching method. Anna is the most qualified to travel and share the Monty Roberts methods and concepts, gracing the equine world with her gifted teaching and horsemanship skills.

Melody Squier, Vermont

"Anna is fantastic! Her sensitivity and experience means she has a great ability to read a student, however she remains open and accepting and is the perfect example of creating the right environment to learn, never forcing to learn. She commands great respect as a teacher but manages to combine this with huge empathy and a wonderful sense of humor - basically you couldn't find a better teacher of Monty Roberts methods anywhere in the world!"

"The ability to be true to oneself and accept others, faults and all, is a quality with which Anna combines her sensitivities in reading people and animals with amazing perception"

Sally King, New Zealand


Monty Roberts’ Introductory Course References

“In many years as a student, I have been lucky to learn under some of the best educators in the country, from the UCLA to Darmouth College, but never before had I encountered such an open environment for learning as I did in the courses with Anna. Both classroom and hands-on exercises were designed to encourage open and creative thinking and problem solving skills. Under the guidance of Anna, learning was never static or boring; she has an intuitive ability to read what each student needs and wants and tailors each student’s learning individually. Anna is simply one of the most talented, dedicated and responsible educators I have encountered in my long career as a student.”

Angela Tanner, Idaho

"Anna keeps blowing my mind every time I see her with horses (and without)! I shall be one of the people returning and when I take the exams I shall consider myself an Anna Twinney Introductory Course graduate"

Lars Goransson, Sweden



Lars & Anna together with Counterfeit their racing prospect

“In addition to the skills that she has mastered as Head Instructor at MRILC she added numerous other areas of study that she continued to share with her students. Anna is uniquely qualified for this instruction and there is no one in America that enjoys her level of expertise and proficiency in the field of Natural Horsemanship, with the possible exception of Monty Roberts. However, Anna has expanded her expertise in the field to include the ability to read and evaluate both horses and people – in this area she is completely unique.

Patricia Friend-Douglass, New York
Hard work pays off for Patricia & Black

"Anna has a wealth of knowledge and has the ability to pass it on, which she does so freely. She is really good at summing people up, judging their work, and offering constructive criticism. She is a gem".

Rick Uren, South Africa

“Anna is the only instructor that I feel comfortable with doing training at my facility due to her wealth of knowledge and skill. Anna also exhibits extraordinary professionalism in her training as is able to pair people and horses together that will allow for the greatest gain of knowledge not only for the person but also for the horse.”

Susan Solomon, North Carolina

Susan discovers muscle testing during her trip to NY

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Hello Anna,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your podcasts. Thanks to you I have learned so much more about horsemanship and new ways to approach my horses than I thought possible. It's like being a kid again with this new way of thinking and doing things.

I have been in the Parelli program for 3 years but apart from 3 clinics here in Canada I have been doing it all on my own. During that time I have worked my way to level 4 but I still felt so many holes in the program. Your podcasts and guests have helped fill those holes. I love your guests and you and all that you have to offer.

Thank you so much for your work and bringing so many wonderful horse people to my attention that I otherwise would never have heard of. I live in Ontario, Canada so there is not a lot of natural horsemanship other than Parelli to learn from.

Hopefully we will meet when I get the chance to participate in one of your clinics.

Thanks again,


Diane Brooks, Canada

"I loved the podcast with Dr. Jay!" - Mary Ann Brewer, New Jersey

Hey Anna and Vin and y’all!
Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your podcast! :) Aromatherapy is also where my path started at the age of 12 trying to cure myself of tonsillitis! I love how you guys are bringing such good news and awareness of natural goodness to everyone. - Amy Davidson, Scotland

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