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Three Days Away From Your Destiny

In these troubled and turbulent times, it is easy to get caught up in the confusion, the drama and the fear that seems to be running rampant through the world, the media and our own minds. When we are gripped by anxiety, focused on our very survival, it can be hard to remember that the power to create a truly fulfilling life, to affect a positive change on our world, and to live our destiny lies within us; no matter the circumstances on the outside.

The truth is, you are closer to your destiny than you realize. What if you knew you were only three days away from creating a fulfilling, abundant life? What if you were only 3 days from knowing what truly brings joy into your life? What If you were only 3 days from uncovering your life's purpose?

You have the power to create the life of your dreams.

Plenty of wonderful programs exist to teach you the “How's” of changing your life.  Every famous speaker, teacher and development organization has their unique brand, technique and style of helping you “reprogram” your mind for abundance and success.  Unfortunately this is where many of those programs stop. 

Rebecca, Elizabeth, horse and a tarpAnd so, like squirrels preparing for winter, we grab more and more ideas, classes, workshops and "stuff" into our lives, thinking they will bring us happiness. With our newfound skills and toys we try to create material abundance, find our soul mates, dream our impossible dreams, and still, whether we succeed or not (and many times not), there is still that nagging feeling that something isn't right - something is missing.

If you've ever attempted to make a positive change in your life and felt this frustration, the problem isn't you, nor is it necessarily the fault of an "ineffective" program. The problem is much deeper than that and your intuitive hunch is right on the money. Thereis an element missing, a piece of the puzzle yet to be found.

That is where Reach Out to Wisdom begins.

In this extraordinary 3-day workshop we will uncover that missing piece. We will get to the very root of what is missing for you and how to fill that hole once and for all, finally creating the life you've been dreaming about.

This is not just a "get whatever you want in 3-days" seminar.

We will delve deep to discover just what it is that brings true abundance, success, love and joy to your life, what your Soul's Purpose is for this lifetime and how to set that path in motion.

Here's just the tip of the iceberg of what we will explore:

  • what it means to live a truly fulfilling life and how to create it
    (not just quick "get what I want" schemes)
  • what an abundant, joyful life looks like for you
    who and what it is that creates your life
  • is there such a thing as a "wrong" goal or desire?
  • the real "Secret" to the Law of Attraction & debunking the myths surrounding it
  • what your Soul's purpose is for this lifetime.
  • and more...

Elizabeth's work of artAnd the most exciting part…


Our guides on this exciting journey will be our fellow planetary companions, the horses.

Through hands-on exercises with the horses they will help you uncover that missing piece of the puzzle. They will show you what you need to truly create that life you've always dreamed about.

"How can a horse tell me how to live an abundant successful life?"

The relationship between humans and horses has been extensive and continues to grow as our understanding of these intelligent creatures expands. Through their pure and generous nature, they have been utilized as working animals for farmers, fishermen, transportation, cavalry and more. Some have even argued that it was the horse that was the pivotal element helping civilizations to expand their influence and abundance around the entire world.

Only recently though have we discovered their natural ability to reflect people's emotional states, thoughts and intentions, and how pivotal that can be in helping mental & physical health in people throughout the world.

Because of this unique ability, horses have become
tremendous educators for personal growth & learning.

Horses have extraordinary abilities to teach us many lessons including who you really are in the world. What may take a counselor hours, days, weeks, maybe even months or years to discover, a horse intuitively sees in mere moments.

Horses are far more perceptive than most people realize. They have an innate sense of understanding people's characters and personalities and an ability to sense the unspoken. They know your intentions and agenda sometimes even before you do. You can lie to a therapist. You can lie to a friend. You can lie to yourself. But you can't lie to a horse.

Truth be told, your success is not dependent on what you have, what you can do or what you can convince people to believe. It is dependent first and foremost on who you are and how you operate in the world and in your life.

So rather than read about it, or study principles in a classroom setting, this fun, exciting and revealing hands-on course is designed to allow you to immediately experience your life and your success.

Jen, Elizabeth and MerlinIf you are just looking for another method of "spiritual or energetic" manifestation or a superficial "paint job" of your life, then this course is probably not for you.

But if you are looking for a safe and encouraging setting to go deeper than perhaps you ever have before, to bring true abundance and success into your life, to effect genuine, life-affirming change to your entire world, then you simply have to attend the Reach Out to Wisdom 3-day workshop.

Let the horses show you exactly how you operate in the world, where you are getting in your own way, from living the life you were meant to live, and how to get back on the road to Your Fulfilling, Abundant Life.

You are only 3 days from finally completing the puzzle of your life.

See Your Destiny through the Eye of the Horse

Course Details:
Date: February 9 - 11, 2017
Location: Costa Rica
Time: 10am - 5pm
Cost: $1,197 (Early Bird Pricing Until May 31)
$1,497 after May 31



For more information or to make a reservation contact Vincent at

All levels and experience of horsemanship welcome.  Due to the nature of this workshop the number of available spaces is limited so reserve your spot today!



Reach Out to Wisdom, August 2012Having participated in many self-development seminars in my thirty year career, I can unequivocally state that this is one of the best and most insightful I have ever had the pleasure to attend.

The “Reach Out to Wisdom” course converges insights from Vin and Anna with the lessons taught by horses to deliver an exceptionally profound learning experience.

The unique design of the course allowed me as a student the opportunity to explore more deeply the questions of authenticity, integrity and how to live the life I want to live. Vin led the class through exercises that helped us attune ourselves to the important questions we each needed to ask, and Anna flawlessly assigned us each the horse that would best help us find the answers to our questions. Anna and Vin did a phenomenal job in interpreting the lessons that the horses were delivering.

I would wholeheartedly suggest that if you have the courage to ‘go deep’ in your personal development, sign up for the next class of “Reach Out to Wisdom!”

-Chris Dimock, Wyoming

  Co-Founder of Elation

Not a horse person. . .Came w/ a friend, and now I owe him a Big Thank You! Insights. . .understanding. . .real answers. . .And a Big Thank You to Anna & Vin.

- Bill Simmons, Montana

  Co-Founder of Elation

Dear Vin & Anna,

I am grateful for a wonderful three days. This will and has changed my life. Thank you for your perfect interpretation of the horses and me.  - Beth Bates Chaffie, Ohio

These past 3 days have passed very quickly with all that filled the days. The work and exercises were well planned to build on what went before. Work the with horses was never predictable – the horses suited their behaviors and teaching to the lesson, to the person or team of people and the question posed. Their messages/answers were indispensable, clear & concise. And if the student’s wanted to evade, there was Anna and Vin to interpret and reiterate the teaching.  The horses continue to amaze in their ability to understand and communicate.   - Christine Smith, Ontario

I was very impressed with Vin and Anna’s Reach Out To Wisdom. I leave with a vision for my future that has been lacking for so very long. I have clarity of how I get in my own way & simply more hope.

- Grace Gabrielle, Colorado

Not really knowing what to expect in the course I just knew I needed to be here. I’m so thankful that I came. Anna & Vin make a great team. I am leaving this course with the tools to finally take responsibility for my life and knowing that I can. The course really was enlightening, surprising and funny – Vin kept us laughing on this otherwise serious and sometimes painful journey. Thank you Vin and Anna for always making me feel safe while revealing my true self!  - Dora Rassbach, Texas



Hi Vin and Anna, here is an update on how the course has already had a positive impact on me.

Since I have been home, my horses are responding to me differently. I have less fear and it shows. Putting hay in the pasture, I noticed one of my horses limping and not putting weight on his hind hoof. With no lead line, I simply picked up his foot and saw that he had gotten a nail in it. I put his foot down, got a tool to remove it and went back and took it out. No fear of his head being free!! Yippee!

I also have been touching my mustangs Gypsy and Lucy.  I had previously groomed Lucy but after she kicked me, our relationship changed and I was very apprehensive/fearful around her.   She seemed to always tell me NO, when I tried to pet her.   If I insisted, she would tolerate it but always swung her head away. Gypsy would get annoyed when I would touch her face. I would put my hand up while she was eating and she would kind of run into my hand, then put her head up and show that she was not happy about it.

Since the course, I have not only been able to touch Gypsy's face, she allowed me to completely comb out the knots in her mane. I used a pole with stuffed glove on the end of it and was able to touch her all over her back, withers and now down her side and on her shoulder.  I also have been able to completely rub over both eyes (wiping the goo out of them). She no longer shows annoyance and I am SO GRATEFUL.   Lucy is doing much better also-or should I say, I am doing much better with Lucy.   She no longer pulls her face away.   I am able to pet her face, jaws, and neck again.

These are huge changes for me. So, thank you again.

- Dora Rassbach, Texas


Reach Out to Wisdom with Heather Dominick and Energy Rich Coaching, August 2011

As the owner of a highly successful Spiritual Business Coaching Company the experiences I bring to my clients are not only of utmost importance to me, but chosen extremely carefully. It is my high intention that my clients are not only receiving the highest service possible from myself but from any outside facilitators that I partner with to support the growth of my clients and their businesses. It is with this high standard in mind that I chose to partner with Anna Twinney and Vincent Mancarella, of Reach Out to Horses, to bring six of my highest level clients to their Reach Out to Wisdom Course. My intention was that this course and masterful facilitation and techniques of both Anna and Vin - and of course the work with the horses! - would lend a physical and spiritual component of business breakthrough that could not be delivered in truly quite any other way.

Not only did Anna and Vin meet my standards, expectations and intentions; they far exceeded them.

Anna Twinney is a masterful horsewoman, dynamic teacher, and one of the highest level intuitive group facilitators I have ever had the honor of working with. Her ability to take an art-form such as horsemanship of such complexity and intricacy and be able to deliver to a group of healers, coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs with NO horse experience whatsoever and not only have these entrepreneurs comfortable with horses at the end of three days, but completing tasks that that are of a significant horsemanship level. Most importantly, she also holds the ability to translate the accomplishment of the task to support my clients in authentically experiencing the business and personal breakthroughs they came to the course to receive. In many instances, breakthrough and blocks that some had been unsuccessfully able to shift for years. They are now free and available to achieve their dream success in a way that was never quite available before.

Lending to Anna's mastery is the brilliance of the partnership dynamic between Anna and Vin as well as VIn's own incredible coaching and facilitation skills. Though Vin is not a horseman himself he brings an element of depth observance and sage wisdom that was an integral part in supporting my clients in being able to truly connect the bridge between what was taking place with the horses and how this relates to their business. In more instances than one he was willing to go the full distance with a member of the group gently, yet with clear direction guiding the path to internal discovery, awareness and release of life-long limiting beliefs. Also, his joyful, warm, natural humor brings an inviting and light energy to a journey that otherwise, perhaps, could become very heavy due to the seriousness of the nature of the work with the horses.

It was very clear to me before going into this experience that horses are the mirror for your Soul, but to have that mirror held up for three full days by such masterful teachers is priceless. I know that not myself nor any of my clients will ever be the same again. We are all taking away lessons that will play a key and intricate part for each entrepreneur being able to bring their message to the world and to be generously rewarded for that delivery in the largest of ways.

Obviously, if any of what I have shared so far resonates with you then I highly recommend that you secure your spot in the next Reach Out to Wisdom course right away. These courses fill up quickly and there is absolutely no solid reason to put the clear, solid connection with your destiny on hold.

Energy Rich Coaching with Heather Dominick


Not only am I extremely grateful, but I will be back!

Thank you Anna and Vin!

Heather Dominick, New York, NY

Founder of Energy Rich Coaching


See More Testimonials...


Reach Out to LeadershipLeadership Group

The most unique leadership course you will ever take!

We don’t use those words lightly.  When you experience this innovative approach to leadership, communication, teamwork and success we are sure you will agree that this course is on the cutting edge of management and today’s radically changing business world.


There is a lot of talk these days about ethical and sustainable business.  “Green”, “sustainable”, “ethical”, “global community”, “giving back” - all great buzzwords and phrases flying around the world of business.  Although people may disagree about what sustainable and ethical mean, what is clear is that businesses are quickly moving in a new direction.  Throughout the world, people are beginning to create teams, communities, and organizations that truly exist to make the entire world a better place.  Maybe for the first time in human history we are mobilizing in a sincere attempt to change the model of “business as usual” to a model of “business having a positive effect on the planet.”   

What does it mean to be a sustainable and ethical organization?

The old model of business is pretty simple.  You create a hierarchal structured organization and everyone does whatever it takes within their job descriptions to feed the bottom line.  And just what is that bottom line?  Profit.  Company policies, employee benefits, customer service, and the like, all designed to ensure the money keeps rolling in.  And although always welcomed, elements like an earth friendly company, a valuable, useful or healthy product, and happy, passionate employees, just to name a few, really don’t matter.  These unintended side-effects are expendable if it means adding to the Bottom Line. 

To us the definition of sustainable and ethical is very simple.  It means that your organization’s main focus is to bring value to the community while making a profit.  It means that your organization is Customer-friendly, Employee-friendly, Organization-friendly, Community-friendly, and Earth-friendly; all while being Profit-friendly.  After all, at the end of day if you aren’t making money, you don’t have a business to be sustained.  

Tom Holding Halter

How do we create a sustainable and ethical team?

But creating or transitioning your organization to a sustainable and ethical model can be overwhelming and difficult and no matter how sincere a desire you have to see that change occur, desire is not enough.  You need a strategy and the tools to make that dream a reality.  And that’s where we come in. 

Anna and Reach Out to Horses have teamed up with The International School for Ethical Business to create a true Ethical and Sustainable Leadership training program second to none.  No matter how big or small the change you wish to see in your organization Reach Out to Leadership (ROTL) can help you get there.   Through this fun and engaging hands-on workshop you will understand what true leadership is all about.  Your team will discover how your strengths and weaknesses directly affect the ability (or inability) to lead. 


Using the principles learned over this three day workshop, you will see an immediately impact on your team and begin to create an environment in which everyone’s abilities are utilized, morale is better than ever and productivity is increased “through the roof.”  You will finally discover what’s preventing your organization from the results you’ve been seeking and how to instantly improve it.

We will explore how to:                                                                                                                           

  • create a motivated and highly productive team
  • reduce stress and other destructive elements
  • genuinely improve morale, not just give it “lip service”
  • keep your team focused on priority tasks
  • create a team in which each individual takes full responsibility for their “piece of the pie.”
  • uncover and utilize the full talents of every team member

And much, much more…

And to ensure you get the maximum benefit for you and your team, we will sit down with you ahead of time and customize our program to meet your goals & objectives so you will leave with the exact tools you need to effect massive positive change in your team, workplace and in some cases the entire company. 

Do you know your DNA?

To ensure you get the maximum benefit for you and your team, we will sit down with you to create a Development Needs Analysis (DNA) before the workshop even begins.  This DNA will help us to customize our program for you, ensuring that we will meet your goals & objectives and you will leave with the exact tools you need to effect massive positive change in your team, workplace and in some cases the entire company. 

And did we mention that you get to work with horses!

So what have Horses got to do with Leadership?

Very simply, horses are some of the best teachers of leadership on the planet.  How can that be?  They don’t even speak English or any other language for that matter.  Or do they?  Horses have developed a silent language.  It has evolved over millions of years and goes far beyond body language.  They are also far more perceptive than most people realize.  They have an innate sense of understanding people’s characters and personalities and an ability to sense the unspoken.  They know your intentions and agenda before you even touch them. 

Horses also have a herd hierarchy, they all have roles & responsibilities within the group – just as we humans do.   The leader of the herd leads through confidence & respect, which in turn provides the herd trust in his leadership.  He creates a comfort zone in times of need.  He listens to his herd members and creates a team, allowing for individuals to grow.  In short he is a true leader of the herd.

The relationship between humans and horses has been extensive and continues to grow as our understanding of these intelligent creatures expands.  Through their pure and generous nature, they have been utilized as working animals for farmers, fishermen, transportation, cavalry and more.  Only recently have we discovered that their natural ability to reflect people’s emotional states, thoughts and intentions can be pivotal in helping mental & physical health in people throughout the world.  Horses have become tremendous educators for our personal growth & learning.   This kind of experiential learning has a profound impact and creates lasting results.  Now this opportunity of a lifetime is available to you!  It’s time to learn from nature, time to learn to listen to the horses! 

The horses will teach you how to:         

  • control your energy during frustration & upsetting situations
  • become more assertive
  • create a trust based partnership
  • create a positive & rewarding environment
  • create focus, trust & respect                
  • build a successful relationship
  • read & recognize people’s body language
  • replace force & violence with a gentle & effective approach
  • create true motivation
  • create authentic leadership skills and values

Through holistic horsemanship demonstrations and hands-on exercises you will discover the real importance of genuine communication within a team.  We will highlight the desired character traits for an effective leader and show the value of creating a trust based partnership.  You will be introduced to the silent language of the horse and face the challenge of becoming the leader of the herd.  You will have many opportunities to work with the horses including an exercise in which you and a horse work one-on-one maneuvering through an obstacle course while he remains at liberty (that means free, no ropes no lines, no restraints, NADA!)

Step out of the office, and the classroom and into an adventure in which you will learn not only what truly frustrates, motivates and inspires people but how to effectively lead your team to real, permanent and sustainable success.

Rocky MountainsWelcome to the Rockies

The clinic takes place outside of Denver, Colorado.  Perfect, not only for the course, but you have everything you could possibly need or want to do after or before.  Whether it’s the nightlife of Denver you seek, a hike in one of the many Open Space parks that surround us or a relaxing game of golf, you will be able to do it all.  We have world class shopping, dining, skiing and so much more just a short drive away.  And with over 300 days of sun – that’s more than San Diego! – You probably won’t want to return home. 

For more information on Denver & the surrounding area, click here.

Now that you know you want to come, how do you find out about attending the Reach Out to Leadership Clinic or having your own personalized Company Event?

To find out more information, including dates, pricing and the specific location,
E-mail Us


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