March 2011

Reiki Weekend, Colorado, March 2011“The Reiki II class with Anna was profoundly grounding, moving and energizing. Im left with an inner peace and non-stop smile! The group healing was very profound and validating in sharing our awarenesses and perceptions. Thank you!” - Arlyn LaBair, Golden, CO

“The class was great; to experience Reiki and have validation that I could perform Reiki was incredible. Thank you!” - Cherie Shanks, Golden, CO

“Anna has a wonderful manner in her teaching. This is the third class I've taken with her. If you are interested in energy healing and Reiki in particular, and if you are an animal lover, you will find a like-minded person and friend in Anna. It's also delightful to listen to her English accent.”

  - Cindy Capen, Golden, CO

“I had not realized how tense and worried I had gotten. The weekend allowed me to relax and regain mobility that I had lost. I have also noticed a change in my sleeping. I awoke each night still remembering my dreams. Something else I had been missing.” - Elaine Ackerly, Golden, CO

“This weekend was filled with love and knowledge. Anna is genuine in her commitment and passion to help you be the best person you can be.” - Lori Littrell, Golden, CO

“The Reiki I & II course was one of the more profound life experiences I have had. Coming into this weekend I didn’t know much about Reiki or the practice. I left with a great understanding and deep respect for energetic healing. Anna’s patient, comfortable instruction made everyone feel warmly welcome”.

  - Stacie Karle, Golden, CO

“The energy enhancement to the Masters is incredibly powerful and makes me tremendously grateful to you and the spirit world for giving me the blessing. I will do my best to walk with integrity!”

   - Susan Solomon - Golden, CO



December 2010

Reiki Weekend, Colorado, Dec 2010

I've wanted to take this class for a long time, but never had the time. I wasn’t sure what to expect but after the first day I felt as though Id been given the most amazing gift. I felt grounded, happy, cleansed. The second day was special as now I feel I can give the gift back and help others. I feel one with the earth again. - Diane Brandon, Golden, CO

I entered the Reiki classes thinking I will learn “little bit energy healing” which will fit my current new direction in life. I had no idea how powerful Reiki could be. What a life-changing weekend. Thank you, Anna!  - Seija Tillanen, Golden, CO

A new found awareness to my self-improvement came in an unexpected way. I found it is truly about letting go of energy blocks and ego and being open to receiving universal energy – without owning it, controlling it. Being grateful to the Universe for that energy. It is that Universal energy that heals not me.

    - Carol Miyagishima, Golden, CO

I obtained my Reiki I through another Master. This attunement was good as I was able to peel a new onion layer back in a comfortable setting. There was a good group and everyone was very open. The healing circle was great as everyone was able to share their experiences and aid in verifying the distance energies. - Kim Knutsen, Golden, CO

Attending the Reiki I & II workshop with Anna Twinney has been one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. Not only did I learn the hand placements and the Reiki techniques, I also felt so taken care of and cared for by Anna. I highly recommend this course with Anna. Thank you!

    - Linda Watch, Golden, CO

I have trained in Healing Touch and found the Reiki has brought a well-rounded approach and “feel” to my energy healing/medicine experience and knowledge. Whether just starting a journey or adding to your current training, Reiki I & II is a great addition. - Susan Turner, Golden, CO

This weekend gave me so much spiritually. It gave me confidence. Reiki was so much more than I expected. I can use it every day. Thank you Anna! -Tracey Robinson, Golden, CO


APRIL 2010

Reiki Weekend, Equine Voices, Apr 2010Alice Turnispeed – Rio Rico, AZ – Apr 2010
“What an experience. I knew very little about Reiki, but wanted to learn something to help the horses heal. What I received was much more. Each session resulted in more self-confidence and affirmation. I am anxious to continue the journey.”

Angela Wilson – Amado, AZ – Apr 2010
“It is very apparent that Anna knows her stuff when it comes to Reiki. She is an excellent guide with plenty of information and feedback along the way. This has been a great class and I look forward to healing my loved ones with the experience I gained.”

Kira Freed – Tucson, AZ – Apr 2010
“I learned many useful ways to allow healing energy to move through me and on to someone who is open to receiving it. I enjoyed learning to have more faith that whatever is happening is the right thing. As a result, I feel more confidence in my ability to “get out of the way” and let it happen. Thank you, Anna!”

Linda Ellinor – Tubac, AZ – Apr 2010
“I loved day one, Reiki I and the hands on. Reiki II was valuable, but not as validating. Great instruction. I can imagine using Reiki healing in my wellness center in Tubac.

Mo Grace – Tucson, AZ – Apr 2010
“Dear Anna,
I am finding Reiki as a very heightened awareness of what is going on inside of me. I’m also very happy to be able to send healing in a non invasive manner to another being. Thank you for being here for me and others.” MO

Doro Hucker – Germany – Apr 2010
“This was an amazing journey to myself.”


Reiki Weekend, Yorkshire, March 2010Hazel Dickinson - Yorks, England, March 2010
“I have found this experience to be emotionally very fulfilling. It has allowed me to start to just “be”. I feel very confident to go out with the knowledge you have given me and take it out into the World. Thank you for all of it Anna, its really been amazing.”

Jill Horn - Yorks, England, March 2010
“I really enjoyed the day especially the symbols and the atmosphere was fantastic within the group.”

Karen Moon - Yorks, England, March 2010
“A most enjoyable day; fabulous location. The course was so well delivered. The content flowed naturally and the room was filled with a lovely, positive energy. A big thank you to everyone involved.”

Claire Preddy - Yorks, England, March 2010
“A good decision! I feel I have come through a door I left my old self behind…..I have been given a gift to help heal our broken World and that’s just brilliant!”

Karen Reed - Yorks, England, March 2010
“The Reiki Master attunement has opened up another level for me with my relationships with my animals and family or anyone else who may need more love and light in their World."

Jo Richardson - Yorks, England, March 2010
“We have reflected, debated, laughed and cried and certainly learnt more about who we are and who we have the potential to become – just need to keep hold of that vision and faith. Thank you so much for reopening my mind. XX”

Jean Romero - Yorks, England, March 2010
“Thanks Anna, I'm so pleased I decided to do the Reiki Master course. It's been a joy to share in the experience of the group and for so many animals to join us.”

Kimberley Vanderheyden - Yorks, England, March 2010
“Reiki has been a part of my life, some days more than others. This weekend has been very special to me, it is a life changing experience, even more than Reiki I & II. Even helping you giving the attunements was not only a honor but gives you a special feeling. I'm breathing Reiki now, it’s not a part anymore of my life, it's my life. Feeling the connection with one and another, seeing, feeling them change makes me feel blessed and grateful!

I can't express my thank you, gratefulness or I don’t know how to describe it that I'm a Master! Thanks! To the Universe and Anna who has done so much for me.


Reiki Weekend, Golden, February 2010Amy Rowland – Golden, CO Feb 2010
“Every step of my Reiki journey has opened the world to me in a new, deeper way. Becoming a Reiki Master today feels as though my journey and my life are one.”

Cindy Tate – Golden, CO Feb 2010
“The harmony and strength that I felt was amazing. Being able to know that future classes are not about me! Thank you.”

Dendria McLaughlin – Golden, CO Feb 2010
“This class helped me to see how yoga, ECS and Reiki can work together. Now I have collected items for my “toolbox” and have not known how to put any of them together other than …horses would be in the paddock. I can see now how the 3 would connect. I still do not know my gifts…I know they are every special and I am sharing them right now. Bless you and thank you!”

Fran Evers – Golden, CO Feb 2010
“Ive vaguely been aware of Reiki for some time. My decision to attend was triggered by Anna’s presentation at JCHC. I have horses and I'm interested in applying this not only to people but also to horses and other animals. Although I've had horses for many years I continue to learn from them and realize how sensitive they are and how their brains work."

The weekend was more than I thought it could be. I really did feel the connection and flow of energy and amazingly I did receive images, impressions and feelings that were confirmed. Amazing the ladies who did my treatment picked up on my L SI Joint. And more amazing there was no twinge in it this morning. Best I've slept overnight in years. Anna was absolutely Great!”

Karen Fox – Golden, CO Feb 2010
“AWESOME weekend. I feel I'm not equipped to teach others! I have fully enjoyed meeting your family – Vin. I feel more connected to Reiki and that I'm a part of something much bigger. Thank you so much!”

Janis Bednar – Golden, CO Feb 2010
“As always Anna ROCKS! Reiki with Anna was a very emotional ride throughout the 2-day session! Her guidance and knowledge was a master session where you will glow with her genuine care given to all her students! She truly has found her calling!”

Sophia Shubert – Golden, CO Feb 2010
“This class has been amazing, opening opportunities and parts of me I never thought possible. Thank you for helping me to find my path! I feel so empowered, confident and ready to bring my new-found abilities into the World to help others. I have felt such love and positive energy in this class. It has really been a life-changing experience. Reiki is different than anything else I've known. It's completely changed the way I think about things. I'm excited to put it into use.”

Susan Williams – Golden, CO Feb 2010
“I left the Reiki I and Reiki II weekend with a feeling of expansiveness and a renewed sense of connection to humanity and also myself. This came at a perfect time and I am grateful and honored to have such beautiful new tools in my toolbox which I am confident will deepen the level of my work. Thank you Anna!”

Suzanne Carter – Golden, CO Feb 2010
“Anna is the real deal. As authentic of a person as I've ever met. This training was awesome. So much synchronicity. I came because of you. I am more inspired because of you and have a wonderful new way of focusing healing energy.”

Margaret M Buchanan, Golden, CO

"Truly a life altering experience – made all the difference by Anna facilitating the shift in being. Thank you for your dedication, compassion and gentleness."

“As this was my second attempt to complete the I & II classes, I was so much more ready, willing and able. Through the experience, instincts and intuition that are often clouded and cluttered were awakened and nurtured. The attunements alone were so healing and insightful. Additionally, sharing and absorbing knowledge in the company of such wonderful women under the peaceful snowy backdrop was an amazing way to spend the weekend. Thank you Anna for bringing me some very marvelous new friends.

Suzanne Opp, Golden, CO

And to all the freshly christened Reiki Masters - It was an honor to be among your first clients/beneficiaries in this part of your process. Thank you for your grace, care, and openness. Your presence infinitely enhanced the weekend."


Reiki Weekend, Golden, November 2009Christy Spencer – Golden, CO Nov 09
“The experience for me was very enlightening, a clear message to be true to myself, to trust and listen to my intuition. It was an affirmation that there is so much more in the world and spiritually."

Debra Strini – Golden, CO Nov 09
“For those who seek the jewels along the path – this training is a gift that will resonate. In gratitude.”

Karen Koehler – Golden, CO Nov 09
“What a beautiful journey – traveling from the heights of my spirit to the depths of my soul. Healing and being healed. Speaking my truth, listening to the hearts of others and coming to a place of knowing. My sincere gratitude to the lovely group and to our teacher, dear Anna.”

Maggie Bentz – Golden, CO Nov 09
“Thank you Anna and Mikao Usui what a wonderful experience to be able to feel the energy was moving to me. May I be a healing facilitator of their lineage.”

Nicole Rockett – Golden, CO Nov 09
“There are no limitations all things are possible. Love-live-sing “PLAY”!!! Remember the sky’s the limit.”

Becky Wacker – Golden, CO Nov 09
“I was to connect to others, not my usual way as I tend to stand off. An eye opening for me and a very positive and pleasant experience.”

Shelley Wallen – Golden, CO Nov 09
“What a beautiful enrichment to my life and those I’ll be blessed to assist in their healing journeys.”

Moyra Collins – Golden, CO Nov 09
“Another learning curve into the world of the unknown – embracing me and all on the course in a deep sense of love, peace and sharing, which will not leave us as we part but continue as we continue on our journeys bringing light and love and healing energies to others in all faiths and traditions.”

Vonnie Nelson – Golden, CO Nov 09
“I was able to relax with little provocation leaving myself open to receiving anything that will come forth. It brought me peace but yet left me knowing I have more work to do with hands-on healing provided me with feeling relaxed yet refreshed.”


Cindy An-Pai Lu – Bitterroot Ranch Experience - June 09

“What a privilege to share time with a master in so many areas that is willing to share all of her secrets.  I entered this class with a great deal of experience in the healing arts and am humbled by how much I learned from Anna, a truly enlightened horsewoman.  The horses in my care will be truly grateful, as am I. Anna’s knowledge and caring are far too vast to squeeze into a week.  I cant wait to learn more!”

Kimberley Vanderheyden – Bitterroot Ranch Experience - June 09

“First of all I would say “thank you”!  Thanks for the wonderful experience.  I opened up a lot and learned a lot about myself and the universe and the horses.  You are a fantastic teacher!  Except for the head up…hahaha….  It is a magical place and I find it an honor to be here and experience all of this.  Looking forward to learn more.  Thank you.

Leslie Savage – Bitterroot Ranch Experience – June 09

What an intense, informative, insightful and incredible week in an idyllic setting.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with horses and Reiki so unselfishly and passionately.  You and the horses have taught me to use my energy in such a positively powerful way.  Thank you for not only giving me the “what to do”, but just as importantly the “why” behind it.  It is a week I will not forget.”

Vici Seykora Abney – Bitterroot Ranch Experience – June 09

“Anna – I am truly grateful to have been a part of this week’s class.  Learning Reiki has given me words, procedures and the history of something that I have intuitively believed in my entire life.  As you might have guessed, I am much more comfortable with animals than people.  Ive always believed and taught (maybe preached) in handling, raising and teaching horses with kindness and gentleness.  This week you’ve shown me many ways to expand and improve my belief system.  My only regret are the  broken bones which disallowed me the opportunity to work with the younger, greener, horses.

I feel that the knowledge of Reiki is a huge responsibility.  BUT it is one that I readily accept because of the healing it can bring, especially with the horses and the dogs that I meet along my path.

Thank you Anna, for the patience, teachings and energy that you have given to all of us this week.

I hope to someday take your animal communication class.  Until then, may our work with horses always be for their best. Much appreciation and admiration.




Reiki - Colorado, Mar 2009Jennifer Audette, CO – Mar 09

“I felt as though my connection to others; the Universe is validated; stronger than ever before.  I was unsure as to what the course would be like.  I feel satisfied; energized; ready to continue on with Reiki.”

Lucas Kane Maliszewski, CO – Mar 09
“Love it.  The spirit of the passion within the house and others made this experience feel as it was so relaxed.  I’ve connected with four “strangers” now friends, faster than I’ve made connections with old friends.”


Nancy M Specian, CO – Mar 09

“Good introduction to Reiki.  Liked small group and casual atmosphere, and one on one connection.  Thanks so much.”


Sam Marnick – CO – Mar 09

“The course allowed me to connect with people, feelings and consciousness that will help me on my journey.  Can’t wait to use what I have learned – especially with my animals.”


Reiki - Yorkshire EnglandAngela Green – Yorkshire, England - March 09

“A most enlightening weekend.  A roller-coaster of experiences and feelings.  I feel I’ve made a quantum leap on my path of personal discovery and growth and I know now I can really help others.  Anna is a truly inspirational teacher and guide.”



Amanda Oates-Patterson - Yorkshire, England - March 09

“A very enjoyable and informative weekend.  Anna makes learning very interesting and fun.  I will go away with lots to practice and the confidence to do it.  Look forward to the animal course.  Thank you!"


Cressida Kitchin - Yorkshire, England - March 09

“Ive had a lovely weekend, very eye opening as well as relaxing and calming.  Really enjoyed it and very interested to see how it works with the horses tomorrow.  Thank you!  Ive also learn some great ways to meditate (lovely places to go in meditation) and learnt a lot!"


Heather Gibson - Yorkshire, England - March 09

“Different in many ways to my previous Reiki I, but in good ways!  Also much faster and shorter course.  Interesting to see how large group seemed to give everyone confidence, as previously I had been in class of 4 – good atmosphere! Thanx”


Jean Young, Reiki for Horses, UK - Feb 09

"Good day, learned a lot of things today, thanks"

Christine Norton, Reiki for Horses, UK - Feb 09

"Enlightening day - a must for anyone who wants to make a positive difference to the horses around them."

Sharron Russell, Reiki for Horses, UK - Feb 09 - "Great Day! Thanks!"

Karen Reed, Reiki for Horses, UK - Feb 09

"I love coming to LTL. I always learn something but then go away wanting to learn more."

Anne Cann, Reiki for Horses, UK - Feb 09

"A great learning experience to bring you closer to horses"

Cressida Kitchin, Reiki for Horses, UK - Feb 09

"I've had another fab weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. I feel like I've learnt loads and met some lovely people and looking forward to using everything on my own horse and seeing how he reacts!"

Jean Romero, Reiki for Horses, UK - Feb 09

"LTL is a very positive, nurturing space that allows people to learn"

Fhiona Hollins, Reiki for Horses, UK - Feb 09

"Excellent day - great venue."

Alison Vail, Reiki for Horses, UK - Feb 09

"If you get the opportunity to do this - do it"

Reiki Class Golden, CO  November 2008

Lisa Porter, Golden, CO – Nov 08

“It was meant for me to be here. It was a step on my life path.  I need the healing and I want to share the energy with people, animals/wild life, and Mother Earth.  I would like to become a Reiki Master."     -  Thank you, Anna


Alex Eaton, Golden, CO – Nov 08

“I feel as if Ive lived my life unknowingly using Reiki principles.  This weekend has allowed me to have a better attachment to those thoughts, forces and directions.  I look forward to the good I can send out into the world.  Im happy to be here at this time and moment.  Thank you Anna."


Diana Bailey-Tudor, Golden, CO – Nov 08

“I feel like I have been attuned to something I am looking forward to using.  This has been a long awaited experience that I will treasure and grow with.   Thank you for the new frequency.”


Rebecca Zepp – Golden, CO – Nov 08

“The Reiki I & II weekend with Anna came with love, connection and higher awareness.  I saw the importance of bringing effort into loving and therefore healing myself and others.  We learned that through just being present and not trying we can be a channel for healing and connecting to the higher awareness that is always present.  This is what was so important about Reiki I & II class.  Thank you Anna!"

Casey DelConte, Ossining, NY – July 08
“This class was an excellent experience for me and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to others.  Anna is an extremely knowledgeable teacher, and was very responsive to our questions and needs.  The distance healing sessions were also a great experience.  I learned a lot about Reiki this weekend, but I also learned a lot about myself”.

Elizabeth Squire, Ossining, NY – July 08
“Just fabulous!  Getting the Master attunement refined me inwardly, very pleasantly.  It was wonderful.  You have changed my life, Anna!”

Julia Mitchell, Ossining, NY – July 08
“To be surrounded by the light of healing, the attunements were so fantastic.  In the last one when I went to “the book” I asked if I had been a healer before and failed.  The answer was “yes” I was a healer before but this time you are ready and prepared and protected with the Reiki energy – Both days were like a spiritual initiation.  Thank you for the many blessings.”

Laura Holroyd, Ossining, NY – July 08
“Once again another life changing weekend with Anna.  Not only is she able to bring an unparalleled level of focus, support and intuition and education to every session, but she is also able to tailor her class to meet the unique needs of each and every individual participant.  Meeting and interacting with the people she succeeds in bringing together is itself one of the great benefits of participating in Anna’s Reiki workshops.”

Ruth Saada, Ossining, NY – July 08
“Still so much to learn, to see, so many ways to grow.  The Reiki Master weekend adds another dimension to understanding energy and healing.  Anna is an awesome mentor on this wonderful journey.”

Bitterroot Healing HorsesAshley Holden, Bitterroot Ranch, WY – June 08
“Anna’s course may be entitled “Healing Horses at the Bitterroot Ranch” but the theme of my personal journey has been healing myself so that I can tune into my own gifts, reach out and share them with horses and humans.  Anna’s encouragement, knowledge and down-to-earth approach left me feeling confident and empowered.  She is truly an inspirational horsewoman with the bonus of having a fantastic sense of humor!  This is a sacred place with special people and it was the best gift I ever could have given myself.

Thank you!”

Brooke Baxter, Bitterroot Ranch, WY – June 08
“The power of Reiki has shifted the path of my life and cleared the way for me to run after my dreams.  It is with me everyday, everywhere I go, silently, powerfully guiding my footfalls.  It has bolstered my strength, lightened my spirit and cleared my mind.  It is both a tool and a way of life.”

Joanna Samson, Bitterroot Ranch, WY – June 08
“There have been times throughout my life when a door opens amidst the earthly distractions of people, work and play to deepen awareness of soul and spirit.  This time you opened the door for me and the insight and confidence you have given me into and about my own intuition has changed me on a cellular level.  When the door closes again, as it always does, Ill surely participate in m life in a different way and maybe Ill begin to open the door myself and with the spirit rather than waiting for spirit to summon me to pay attention.

It is a scientific and metaphysical fact that one cannot obtain enlightenment when the head is up the ass”.

Laverna Alby, Bitterroot Ranch, WY – June 08
“This week at Bitterroot has been amazing!  The place, the horses, the learning, Anna and the clinic participants came together in synergy to wrap their clinic in a moment of time that will always be a part of my life.  The Reiki practice continues to expand my heart. 

Anna, thank you for bringing your knowledge, wisdom, compassion and your guidance to us – in other words, thank you for bringing you.”

Mary Robustelli, Bitterroot Ranch, WY – June 08
“Taking the healing horses and Reiki I & II clinics with Anna was the best thing I could do for myself at this time on my path in life.  I feel more complete and ready to blend my gifts together to help others and their animal companions to live together in more peace and harmony. 

Thanks Anna!  I look forward to attending more clinics with you”

Melanie Van Buskirk, Bitterroot Ranch, WY – June 08
“When I witnessed more than two people see similar visions during several different distance healing sessions, I was convinced of the power of Reiki.  I will study and practice more Reiki techniques when I get home.  I also saw how much a horse liked it – she fell asleep she got so relaxed!”

Sue Beggs, Bitterroot Ranch, WY – June 08
“This experience confirmed my belief that as sentient beings we are all interconnected.  Brought together by our love for horses, Bitterroot, the universal energy of Reiki, and Anna’s boundless leadership, we will remain, together with the horses who welcomed us, connected forever."

Kerry Carlson – Golden, CO – Feb 08
“It is just amazing.  Anna – you are the best teacher.  I am very grateful for all that you are teaching me.  I expected this to be wonderful and it feels so much bigger than that.  Also I was frustrated that I couldn’t do long distance – I have so many people close to me now that really need it.

Very powerful – thanks. Love, Kerry

Karin Boedecker – Golden, CO – Feb 08
“what a wonderful weekend!  Anna, you are such a wealth of information and a great facilitator.  Im looking forward to further workshops and seminars.  You have so much to teach and I have so much to learn.  Thank you!

Meg Armstrong – Golden, CO – Feb 08
“My Reiki training has been an inspirational awakening on my journey.  I look forward to continuing my life’s education enhanced by the Reiki energy.  Thank you Anna!”

Nancy Black, Golden, CO – Feb 08
“I now feel as though I can make a difference in the world, and I look forward to sharing Reiki healing with the animals (and their human caregivers) that I care for so often.  I am definitely an enlightened individual!”

Lindsey J Maas – CO – Jan 08
“Wonderful self awareness experience.  Feel this will help me feel more balanced and harmonious with my environment and physical self.”

Jenny St Claire – CO – Jan 08
“I had a wonderful experience this weekend. I found it a lovely addition to add to my toolkit. Anna has a way with words that always moves me and I enjoyed hearing her stories. I am excited to explore all the areas where I can use Reiki. Thank you!”

Kim Speek – CO – Jan 08
“I found the weekend to fully integrate energy work and Reiki.  The process built a lot of confidence in me to be able to go out and practice this healing work.  I loved all the side talk and discussions about horses.  Thanks!”

Rebecca DeCoster – CO – Jan 08
“I felt I was able to get more in touch with my senses & intuition.  The individual sessions seemed somewhat easier for me because the person I was focusing on was right in front of me….I suppose it seems more abstract and harder to focus if I don’t necessarily know who it is I’m working on.  But the best part is just the confidence built from the groups response and my own experience of the sessions.  Now Im just looking forward to practicing and meeting with others that do Reiki and work with them.  Thank you, Anna!  I look forward to seeing you again.”

Dr Roni Greifner – Co – Jan 08
“Thank you for helping me to reconnect with my root energy and to open up to be able to receive the light and healing; as well as to send it beyond.  I have been shown patience, honor, grace and wisdom”.

Anne Schrum – CO – Jan 08
“I absolutely loved the classes.  I liked how everything was presented to us.  Your stories are delightful and make the learning process that more exciting for the prospect of what is yet to come.  Thanks for the journey Anna!”

Elizabeth Sharp – CO – Jan 08
“The second attunement provided a time and place to welcome back my higher self and say thank you for her patience, intelligence, wisdom and humor”.

Sharon Soileau – CO – Jan 08
“This weekend was amazing.  I learned and experienced a lot of different things, as well as working with some truly wonderful people.  My most memorable experience was during the Reiki attunement when my spirit guides gave me gifts of strength, balance and harmony.”

Robin Fawcett – CO – Jan 08
A 2-day intensive Reiki clinic could not have been more enlightening.  It was not what I had expected or even anticipated….rather I found the experience more informative and awakening to what healing energy can do and in so many different ways.  The healing powers of Reiki are, to me, a great and special resource – a treasure, indeed.  What made this weekend even more special was the caring and sincere teacher.  Anna’s words always seem to ring true to me.  She is a genuine gift to all who find her and a remarkable woman who spends her life allowing others to feel peace.

Thanks, Anna, for everything!

Donna Collins – AZ – Oct 07
“I came from a world of stress after driving 1,600 miles to make the class.  I left totally relaxed, convinced to follow the path and pass on this amazing energy transformation process of healing and relaxation.”

Diedra Pellegrini – AZ – Oct 07
“I thank you for everything you did for us during the class.  The attunement immediately calmed my mind and strengthened my spirit.  I left the session feeling empowered to do more for me and others.  I also feel a responsibility to use what I’ve learned.”

Delainey Eddy – AZ – Oct 07
“I really enjoyed the class and Im excited to learn more.”

Claudia Folch – AZ – Oct 07
“I didn’t think I would be able to feel anything, but I did!”

Paula Williams – AZ – Oct 07
“This is my second attunement and the class was much more fulfilling than a personal attunement.  I feel ready to move forward with Reiki now.”

Lori Faith Merritt – AZ – Oct 07
“Food for clarification on Reiki – mostly assistance in “labels” clarification.  Food to see authentic energy work in Anna.  Great to be of service to others.”

Jennifer Patton – AZ – Oct 07
“A new beginning for me on my journey called life!  All the pieces have come together.  Anna is a true light being teaching to make a difference in so many lives.  Thank you Anna for being in my life!

Love & Light to you. 

Linda Eddy – AZ – Oct 07
“This class was wonderful!  I am excited about taking it a lot further and apply it to my life.”

Micheline P Powell – CT – Sept 07
“I always felt connected to a greater power & Reiki opened an all new world for me.  The energy was so great it really already changed my life.  Thank You.

Kimberly Perkins – CT – Sept 07
“Amazing.  I feel enlightened with a deep core revelation to the inter-connectedness of all being.  I feel relieve and understanding with a new sense of self and my relation to the universe.  I am grateful and I am delighted.

Sandra Holden, CT – Sept 07
“During Reiki I I experienced deep relaxation when receiving a Reiki Session, but when I was giving one I felt that I wasn’t helping the person receiving – I didn’t feel the energy that others spoke of and questioned my ability.  During the second day at Reiki II, I got a splitting headache mid-day that lasted all day and into the next.  I made it through the 2nd Reiki day went home and was sick for 3 days.  I read the Reiki manual and learned about the process of the body losing its toxin after receiving the attunement and realized this was what was happening.  I was inspired and began treating my family and horses.  The results are undeniable.  Ive “cured” two of my husbands migraines and helped many horses relax deeply.  The de-tox “sign” was the inspiration/affirmation I needed to believe in and begin my Reiki Journey.  Thank you Anna!

Chelsea Rosenberg, CT – Sept 07
“I had a good experience.  I think I need a bit more patience for thisJ

Laura Holroyd – CT – Sept 07
“This session confirmed for me that I have a very high energy level which I need to be mindful of.  The Reiki treatment really helped me get in touch with this strong energy field and will be of tremendous use to me in helping me focus on this both as a resource and a tool.”

Chantal Dominique – CT – Sept 07
“My experience today with an open mind and heart was an increase in energy after receiving Reiki.  My experience in giving it was quite surprising as I was able to feel energy and do something with it to the benefit another.”

Nanette Dieterle – CT – Sept 07
“The subject matter and course content is expansive and informative, yet quite easy to follow.  Everything was taught in such a way as only Anna can convey….

Absolutely wonderful!  Yet another “Life improving” experience!  Thanks so much.

Elizabeth Squire – CT – Sept 07
“Fabulous! Life changing and enhancing.  Anna is truly gifted and a true healer.  Facilitation is organized and flowing.  Structure is excellent – works beautifully.

Allison Goldfarb – CT – Sept 07
“I have many thoughts to distill which are most important right now.  However, I can say that this awakened many things in me that have been dormant for a long time and though I am moving carefully through them, I know I am on the right path here and that this weekend and the Reiki are amazing gifts as was the chance to catch up with you.  Ill be back in touch!

Robin Thomson – CT – Sept 07
“This has made me realize that I have some intuition which could be put to use if I would only stop analyzing things too much.  Thank you Anna!

Cathy Languerand, CT - July 07
Dear Anna,

Thank you for the opportunity to share. Here are my thoughts. Doing group Reiki was a unique experience. The ability to combine and draw on others is awesome. Several times during our group work I felt lightning bolts or electricity going through my forearms, very powerful. I felt that some of what we were doing was just meant to be experienced, not directed, and I thank you for your guidance. 

The scanning was also much different, more clear than ever before.

During the horse work came the real practice for me in communication. Finding the best way to serve the horse, finding what the horse needs or will allow. Although this came up with the group work also. It was a very sensitive group, with a lot of powerful energy moving around. Keeping track of everyone's feelings was daunting. Practicing with energy brought many unexpected results. Learning to ask the right questions at the right time is a skill I would like to improve.

After coming home, I found that I was starting back at the beginning but with new understanding and communication. On one level my work has leapt forward and on another level it has slowed down and is regrouping. One good story, I taught Pony Club camp the week following. Two of the girls were new and I had not met them or their horses before. Both were lovely mares but a little uptight. during the course of the week the stiffer of the two, got tired and sore from her stiffness. We did not push her and discussed getting a Lym titer and a massage. During the talk I scanned the mare. When my hand got to the place in her neck that was sore, the pain actually zapped my hand and I jerked my hand away with a start. I got a strange look from the girls and laughed to myself about it all day. I will have to get used to this.

Love, Cathy 

Jacqueline Abbott – CT – July 07
Anna, many thanks for bringing together a group of kindred spirits and opening our minds and hearts to the messages from the souls who love us unconditionally, our animals!

Laverna Alby – June 07 – Bitterroot Ranch, WY
Anna – Words fail me! This week has been a very special week and I know my life is forever changed.  Thank you.

Ruth Saada – June 07 – Bitterroot Ranch, WY
The Reiki workshop I attended opened my eyes, my mind, my heart to a deeper level of communication and I am grateful for the experience.  I know it is the beginning of a new path – one I look forward to taking.  Our Reiki Master, Anna, was exceptionally good at guiding me to embrace the techniques and begin integrating them into my life.

Terri Gillatt – June 07 – Bitterroot Ranch, WY
It works!  The best experience I had was with a mare named Ginger.  As I was working with this mare she showed me not once, but twice, where she wanted my hands.  As a beginner with Reiki, this was great as I had had so many difficulties recognizing energy and I was wondering whether I was doing any good at all.  Anna told me this was a little unusual – the responses from Ginger – and I am most grateful for Ginger reading my beginnings.  This was a great clinic and Anna guided me so well when I lacked some confidence, she boosted my spirits.  Anna’s a great teacher and I am glad to have taken 3 of her courses and look forward to taking more.  She’s awesome!!

Martha Keul – June 07 – Bitterroot Ranch, WY
There was a tremendous amount of information presented and Anna is an excellent teacher.  She masterfully facilitated a very powerful experience for me and learned Reiki and experienced some major growth.  Learning to be in my heart and listen to my intuition, along with “hearing” what the horses were saying while I practiced Reiki on them were wonderful experiences.  This is a powerful way to facilitate healing.

Molly Phalen – June 07 – Bitterroot Ranch, WY
I have gained a lot of insight to my intuitive self.  I received so many gifts from the Ranch, the participants, and especially from Anna – Anna is simply awesome.  What a wonderful person/teacher/communicator.  I would highly recommend the course.  You owe it to yourself and especially to the horses.  I am changed.  I have grown and I am grateful – thank you Anna.

Joanne Miller – June 07 – Bitterroot Ranch, WY
My time in Anna’s Reiki I & II was extraordinary.  The attunements helped me find my true self and to not doubt my intuition.  Reiki will now be part of my being and my work.  I loved working with all the women in the class.  Anna was very gracias in her teaching.  Contouring to everyone’s ability.  I will do it again!

Brooke Baxter – June 07 – Bitterroot Ranch, WY
Reiki is more than just another tool in the natural horsemanship toolbox; it is a window into a new and greater world.  My eyes are brighter now…they see farther and more deeply.  Added to the equine body language, herd dynamics, halterwork, holistic nutrition and animal communication, Reiki rounds out my skills and sensitivities, making my work with horses all the more subtle and effective….and therefore satisfying.

In addition, life paradigms have shifted in the time since my Reiki attunements, granting me the freedom, the confidence and the honor of truly following my path.  A path which is newly defined and focused and infused with joy.  Anna has led me to this path but rather than hold my hands too tightly, she has extended her arms to show me that I can do it…..and do it with strength, kindness, acceptance, confidence and love.  Reiki focuses that love and helps me touch the lives of more horses…and people.  This clinic is an ongoing gift I will always be grateful for

Judy Simon – Apr 07 – Laramie, WY
Good health in general. I think that reduction of stress is the secret to good health.

Vicki Burton – Apr 07 – Laramie, WY
Very nice class!  Great environment, very relaxing and informative.  Learning new ideas, techniques and theories is a huge part of my life journey and this was a wonderful addition to my experiences.

James Wear – Apr 07 – Laramie, WY
This attunement (second) was much more useful in clearing out decades of rather negative work with past lives (i.e. Karma).  The hope is, that work is behind, and the future can offer much more positive and productive work.

Silvya Wear – Apr 07 – Laramie, WY
I can see now how Reiki is used for relaxation and can tell some of the sensations i.e. heat, pulsing but do not fully understand how they really work.  I will read more of the Reiki book to see how the body heals itself and try to get a better understanding of Reiki.  You are a very good teacher especially with the skeptics.

Connie Woodruff – Apr 07 – Laramie, WY
Im quite pleased with the results of the Reiki clinic.  I am very interested in experimenting further with this technique, even through I know I only touched briefly on the knowledge you have mastered.

Becky Fetters – Apr 07 – Laramie, WY
I enjoyed the class.  It had a lot of understanding of what we manifest in ourselves through energy.  These were many beliefs I come to realize on my own, but never sought them out on paper.  Its given me some tools to better myself that can only later translate to my family and clients.  Also learning about myself and whats going on in my own body and then working with that to help in everyday life.

Regina Flittner - Denmark - May 06
"I had fun with the weekend and the Reiki Healing. I have learned a lot and also about myself - believe it or not"

Helle Pedersen - Denmark - May 06
"I say thanks for this weekend"

Eva Hansen - Denmark - May 06
"The weekend was a great experience, very powerful wit a lot of results and a lot to work with in the future."

Lotte Marborg - Denmark - May 06
"A very powerful weekend! Amazing what one can do with the mind. Amazing what you can be told from an animal..if you let it. I will have a nice talk with my dog (Sally) when I get home...

Looking forward to Reiki Master",
Love Lotte

Devon Sawyer - Sept 06 - NC

  • Simply Wonderful! Opened me up to the possibility of a more balanced life
  • Enlightening
  • Allowed me to see things about myself that either I didn't want to confront or didn't know
  • Peacefulness
  • Relaxation
  • Helping me to help others through other sources than myself
  • Cant wait to continue my education

Jennifer Hustis - Sept 06 - NC
You are so amazing and a fantastic teacher!  You and Vin have been wonderful guides for me in life.  I believe I can do this!  I have learned to much about myself.

Thank You!

Susan Soloman - Sept 06 - NC
The training was wonderful and Im looking forward to the progress of my journey!  Thanks for your love and respect.  I honor it and you!


Maria Carmen Meyer - Nov 06 - Kerrville , TX
I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Anna has an eye for detail, for what is important while keeping the atmosphere light.  She is direct and succinct, shares her knowledge as well as directs the class to learn from the other students.  It is wonderful to be with Anna because of her honesty; she walks her talk.

Kathy Dickson - Nov 06 - Kerrville , TX
Anna takes the time to personally address the needs of each student.

Braxton Dolce - Nov 06 - Kerrville , TX
Very powerful weekend.  I still feel lost but knowing that the light is there and how to be with it is encouraging.  Thank you.  I am ready for change.

Lisa Driggers - Nov 06 - Kerrville , TX
This has been an incredible weekend, starting with animal communication.  I learned to heed to my natural instincts and to listen to the inner voice to guide me into the direction I am to go.  Thank you for sharing yourself and all of your experience with us.


Kerrylee Foy Carlson - Feb 07 - Littleton , CO
Extremely rewarding.  It was definitely the right thing for me to do.  I learned a lot and this will be something I use- probably daily.  I am very excited and I cant wait to see where this leads me.  I will never again turn away from the things I know I should be doing.

Laura Noe - Feb 07 - Littleton , CO
The power of energy..we have such an amazing ability to tap into ourselves and others through the medium of energy.  I honestly didn't expect to be this moved by what I learned and experienced today - thank you Anna!

Kim Baker - Feb 07 - Littleton , CO
I enjoyed seeing how muscle testing and energy healing tie together.   The feelings associated with doing and receiving Reiki are very cool and exciting.  Really enjoyed going to the next level the next day and learning the distant healing.  Love how everything is coming together and connects.  Thanks for the continuous journey and helping along my path!

Judy Olincy(Reiki Master) - Feb 07 - Littleton , CO
When the course was complete I had a sense of well-being and I felt full of love! ©2004-2014 Reach Out to Horses® 303-642-7341   
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