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      Horse as Teacher


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Horse as Teacher

Based on the Chakra energy system and Anna's International Energy Healing for Horses workshops, this beautiful banner puts all the information you'll need to remember right at your fingertips, when doing energy or other kinds of healing work with your horses.

At a size of 2' x 3' it is the perfect fit for any wall, inside or out. Put it in the barn, classroom, office, tack room, trailer, or anywhere else you need it. And since it is made of tough, flexible, 18oz. vinyl and reinforced with metal grommets, this banner will last for years!

The Banner gives you all the details on the 8 major centers, including:

  • Location
  • Color
  • Intention / Focus
  • Corresponding Healing Essential Oil
  • Corresponding Musical Note
  • Corresponding Frequency
  • Corresponding Gemstone

It also includes a list of the Signs of Imbalances to watch for and the corresponding energy center to focus on for their healing.

This helpful, comprehensive, and attractive banner will be an invaluable addition to any healing space and also makes an amazing gift!


NEW! 11" x 17" Laminated version of the Chakra Banner is Here!

Is 2' x 3' too big for your wall? Maybe you'd like to take your banner with you wherever you go? Or perhaps you would like to view your banner closer up, or on your desk. Well don't worry, we've solved that for you!

Introducing the 11" x 17" laminated desk version. The same information, nothing left out, just more portable and convenient to take with your or put anywhere you'd like!

Also a great tool for long distance healing work.

Only $18.95



Can't decide? We know. It's a tough choice. Both the full size wall banner and the convenient portable desk version have their benefits! Well you don't have to choose. Get them both! When you purchase the Chakra Banner Combo Pack you will get 1 of each at over 20% discount. Yes. You heard that right. You are getting a discount for the convenience of having them both.

Pick one, the other, or both. This invaluable, and beautiful display will be your go to resource for any healing practice.


Price: $59.95 - Full Size Banner
$18.95 - 11"x17" Laminated Version
$62.95 - Combo Pack
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Spook Busting Secrets DVD

Escaping Tradition: Discovering the Next Generation of Horsemanship

What if there was another way...?

Horses are far more intelligent, emotional, observant, and complicated than most people ever imagined.

The majority of training protocols and interaction today though is still based on the traditional premise of dominance. Methods and techniques may vary, some may be kinder, softer, or slower, but the approach is still the same.

If you can figure out what works, apply the training to every horse the same way, then you can train and break any horse. But what if there was another way?

What if instead of a cookie-cutter approach, you had the ability, knowledge, and skill to treat the horses as the individuals they are? What if you could take into account their personality, character, likes, dislikes, learning style, and more? What would happen if you gave every horse a real voice, and listened to what they had to say?

Join International Equine Behaviorist, Clinician, and Horsewoman, and graduates of the Reach Out to Horses program as they embark on a journey of Collaborative Horsemanship™. These ten students, Certified Trainers and Instructors, share incredible, life and paradigm-shifting experiences and how the adoption of this new methodology still impacts them to this day.

Find out what is truly possible when you let go of preconceived notions, open your heart and your mind to the power of compassionate, trust-based training, and allow your horse to be an equal partner. This collection of positive, poignant, and powerful stories will change how you see horses, yourself, and the world.

The time has come to escape the chains of tradition and learn a new way to work, play, and connect with your horse.

The time has come to discover the next generation of horsemanship.


Price: $14.95


Beyond the Barn Book Volume 1

BEYOND THE BARN: Exploring the Next Generation of Horsemanship
, Volume 1

Beyond the Barn is a compilation of lessons, stories and information that captures Anna's more than two decades of experience.

"A virtual treasure trove of horsemanship!"

As the Founder of Reach Out to Horses®, Anna Twinney has developed a whole new approach to the world of horsemanship. This pioneering work has its foundation in collaboration, communication, and compassion. 

Beyond the Barn: Exploring the Next Generation of Horsemanship, Volume 1 is a compilation of lessons and stories that explore over two decades of teaching, training, and sharing.

In this page-turning resource, Anna recounts her individual experiences with horses and their people while in pursuit of genuine horse whispering. Beyond the Barn diverges from structured cookie-cutter systems into true intuitive horsemanship, and demonstrates how letting go of the control and compliance that once ruled will allow you to evolve into gentle communication, collaboration, and ultimately success.

Jam-packed with dozens of stories, Beyond the Barn includes groundbreaking insights into subjects such as:

  • Building a Bond Through Communication
  • Personal Programs vs. A Cookie-Cutter Approach
  • Spook-Busting Secrets
  • Being a True Leader with Your Horse
  • Understanding Herd Dynamics and Why it Matters
  • The Secret Subtleties of Equine Communication

This collection, encapsulating Anna’s extraordinary journey, will captivate horse lovers of all ages, skill levels, and disciplines in each inspirational and informative story.

Join the movement, create a truly transformational partnership with your horse, and witness, firsthand, the evolution toward the next generation of horsemanship.  
The time has come to explore the next generation of horsemanship.


Price: $15.95


Beyond the Barn Book - Volume 2

BEYOND THE BARN: Exploring the Next Generation of Horsemanship
, Volume 2

Beyond the Barn: Exploring the Next Generation of Horsemanship, Volume 2 continues the exploration of the unique and effective training methodologies of Anna Twinney, the Founder of Reach Out to Horses.

Escaping traditional horsemanship, Anna followed the call of the horse and, once recognized as one of the premiere equine professionals in her field, sought to create a gentler counter-approach to dominance-based natural horsemanship.


Observing the whispers of the wild horses and mustangs, Anna discovered a silent and almost secret language, so subtle it could only be seen by those who were willing to open their hearts and minds to listen. Through this life’s work Anna forged a new way of interacting, working and partnering with our equine companions.

Beyond the Barn diverges from structured, linear systems of training into genuine, intuitive, collaborative horsemanship, and demonstrates how this individualized approach creates success for horse and human. This pioneering work promises to challenge beliefs and bring forward a more evolved natural horsemanship methodology, exploring topics such as:

  • Learning to listen to the silent and subtle language of horses
  • Healing through hearing the whisper
  • Taking your training, handling and riding to a whole new level
  • Finding true Feel through innovation 
  • Igniting and increasing your intuition and connection to your horse 

Take a walk with Anna through this paradigm-shifting collection of stories. Through communication, connection and collaboration each lesson will change your understanding of horses forever.

Price: $14.95


Photo by Lauren Munger

Insights into Holistic Horsemanship
Instant Download Audio Program

Success in horsemanship is learning how to interpret
and "speak" the horse's natural language.

You have probably heard the phrase "Holistic Horsemanship" before. But did you ever stop to think about what it really means? Well at Reach Out to Horses, Holistic Horsemanship goes way beyond learning a few techniques or trying to force the same step-by-step method on every horse you meet. 

It's a mindset. It is the very way you interact and communicate, not just in training, but in every moment you spend with your horse. It is the desire to build a trust-based partnership with the horse, and fluency not only in their language, but an intimate understanding of their psychology, biology, herd dynamics, and much more.

Reach Out To Horses is a one-of-a-kind holistic horsemanship program which combines proven natural horsemanship, animal communication, and the use of energy for both training and healing the horse. The foundation of the program begins with an understanding of not only the techniques of natural horsemanship, but becoming fluent in the Language of Equus.

And now you will have the opportunity to uncover the insights that have not only made Anna and the Reach Out Program so successful but you will also learn from 5 other masters in the world of holistic horsemanship. In this downloadable audio program you will enter the world of the horse, a world few horsemen and women truly know.

Over the course of 13 hours of cutting edge instruction you will explore:
Session One: Connection & Communication
In this first session, we'll cover many of the nuances of the Language of Equus, the grammar of which is RICH in the use of body language, and the detection and direction of energy.  Understanding and mastery of THIS ALONE will set your skills above those of the average horse trainer or enthusiast.  It is one of the skills exhibited by legendary Horse Whisperers which makes what they do appear to be magical.
Session Two: Becoming Fluent in the Language of Equus
In this second session, Anna discusses how to use the obstacle course at liberty, in-hand, and even while riding to perfect your use of energy, telepathy, and body language to build not only your confidence, but the horse's as well.  She also covers the use of the obstacle course liberty training to build the trust-based partnership you've always wanted with your horse and how to avoid behavioral issues with trust-building exercises.  As a special bonus, Judy Sinner, a nutritional expert with Dynamite Supplements, joins in on the conversation to share how nutrition plays a key role in holistic horsemanship and training, as well as in the avoidance of behavioral problems.
Session Three: Positive Reinforcement and the Proper Use of Reward
In session three, Anna teaches you how to identify what motivates the horse you're working with and how to use that to bring out the very best in the both of you.  She covers the proper use of food as reward, and under what circumstances you may want to consider using it.  To add a whole new layer to the session, Alan Pogue and Sue DeLaurentis, of Imagine a Horse, experts in equine trick training, join in to present how to teach your horse something which should be fun for both of you, using food and other positive rewards.
Session Four: Solving Behavioral Problems Compassionately
During this session, Anna discusses some very common problem behaviors you may currently be working with, or if you're around horses for any length of time, you WILL be confronted by.  Biting, striking, boxing, trailer loading problems, and evasions while riding, are just a few of the problems covered.  Then renowned horsewoman Leslie Desmond, co-author with Bill Dorrance of "True Horsemanship Through Feel." joins in to present her top tips to overcoming problems in you and
your horse's development as a team.
Session Five:  Equus as Your PERSONAL Self-Help Guru
In this session, we'll cover how important the use of your mind and making a true connection with the horse on not only a mental but spiritual level is to successful "Horse Whispering".  You will see how, in building a trust-based partnership with your horse, you may in fact be looking straight into a mirror, polishing your own rough edges, and in the process, enriching your life and other relationships.  Melisa Pearce, Founder of Touched By a Horse and renowned Equine Gestalt Psychotherapist, joins in to discuss the use of the mind, telepathic communication with the horse, and the use of energy in holistic horsemanship.
Session Six: Holistic Horsemanship From the Ground to the Withers
In our final session, Anna ties everything together to show you how you can apply the principles of holistic horsemanship in the saddle.  Are you aware exactly how sensitive your horse is, and how they can feel your energy, your moods, and your intent while you're on their back?  Do you have an understanding of how the horse can become an extension of your body and mind, and how this connection will improve when you ride using your intuition?  You will find out as Anna sets aside time to answer some of the most common questions about Horse Whispering and Holistic Horsemanship.

When you learn and commit to mastering these principles and skills, you will improve not only your horse's life but the lives of every horse with which you come in contact.

Take your horsemanship to new heights with these groundbreaking experts.

6 Session Instant Audio Download
Duration: 789 Minutes
Price: $57.00 $29.97

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Call of the Horses Book on CD
Call of the Horses - Book on 3 CD's
Take a Journey with Today's Top Equine Professional Women


Horses have been at our side for thousands of years.  Since the dawn of civilization they have literally carried us on their backs into a brighter future.  But only recently have we begun to understand the gifts, the true partnership we have with these majestic beings, and their role as teachers in our lives.

Our equine companions effortlessly lead us down the path toward our own Souls, showing us the way to fulfilling and heart-led lives.  They act as our mirrors, reflecting back to us the courage to carry on in our darkest hour, the authenticity to speak our truth, and our own true nature, to live in the moment, joyously celebrating the miracles that surround us every day.

Take a journey with five of today's top equine professional women as they share their personal journeys and the life-changing experiences they have had with the horses.

The Spirit of the horse continues to answer the call of every heart that cries out for freedom, connection and love.   Let these stories from Horse as Teacher:  The Path to Authenticity with Horses, read by the authors, carry you back to your own True Voice, your own Spirit.  Explore the depth, the meaning and the profound lessons our horses have waiting for us, if we are only willing to listen.

Another Chance - written and read by Anna Twinney

The gift of a second chance and the joy that can be found even in the darkest of moments.

Whispers from a Horse's Heart - written and read by Melisa Pearce

Four key life lessons the horses have taught me.

Teaching the Wisdom of the Horse Ancestors - written and read by Wendy Golding

From the horse's perspective, THOR explores this magical journey of horse/human connection opening to a higher consciousness for both.

The Horses are Calling - written and read by Susan Williams

An artist's inspirational memoir of transformation and commitment as her soul journeyed life's rocky trail while finding its true meaning and artistic expression through the calling of the horse.

Crossing the Silly Bridge - written and read by Lisa Arie (Dee)

The story of crossing the bridge into the unknown and what happened when Lisa dared to take the journey.

Audio CDs (3 discs)

Price: $19.95
*Free Shipping on U.S. Orders only.


Life on Planet Cowgirl

Life on Planet Cowgirl

Life on Planet Cowgirl

Life on Planet Cowgirl

Life on Planet Cowgirl

Spookless CDs
SpookLess Sound Conditioning
Real Sounds for Real Problems

The SpookLess Sound Conditioning CD's offer a series of 6 discipline-specific audio CDs for Sound Conditioning (de-sensitizing) your horse. They are full of intense new recordings, layered into complex audio scenes.

These PATENTED CDs will help you to train your horse not to be distracted or "spooked" by frightening sounds.

Product Descriptions

Totally Revised Editions Available and Shipping NOW!
The newest offering includes SIX revised Editions, each of which contains the most commonly recognized troublesome sounds, plus tracks that are helpful to specific equine disciplines. The Mounted Horse Patrol Edition requires two discs to accommodate the number of tracks.

Some Background...

The equine term "spook" means:
To startle and cause nervous activity in; To frighten
To become frightened and nervous.

When a horse becomes "spooked", he can injure rider and himself, or simply be of no value as he flees from the perceived danger, whether real or imagined. The urge to flee is a natural defense mechanism, common to prey animals. For domestic horses in a safe environment, the self-defense mechanism is much less important to survival. One of the goals of training is to desensitize them to distracting, but harmless, sounds and visual stimuli. Horses can learn to control their fears. If they experience an unfamiliar, potentially frightening sound, they may react instinctively and then investigate further. If the sound does not harm them, they will remember the experience and be less frightened by the same or similar sound next time .

Spooking stimulus can be visual, aural, or both. Many believe that horses are "linear" thinkers and may have difficulty processing a complex new situation. As a result, if they are in a response-to-fear mode, and are trying to flee the danger, they can be unresponsive to their human partner. Repeated incidences of spooking can actually become habitual, making them very difficult to control and teach. If this behavior is not altered in the first few years, it can become a lifelong liability to their value.

Horses trained for police work and reenactment have high tolerance for specific explosive sounds nearby that are not threats. This is proof that they learn through experience. For general training, although we can't desensitize them to all spooking stimuli, we can teach them what to do when they are afraid. We teach them to stay calm, rely on us for safety, and stay focused on us. Repetitive training exposure increased immunity to distracting spooking noises. Experience shows that horses relate new situations to previously-conditioned sounds.

How to Use

The training concept is that the playback sounds become the “boogie man” and you remain the “alpha”, a source of security and comfort. The unique part of the concept is that you do not have to play both roles. Your role, and that of all the humans around him, is consistent, which is not the case if you make the spooking sounds without the CD. Desensitizing may take many days, weeks, or even longer. It depends on all the specific factors about your horse, his environment and experiences, and your time.

Please understand that this product is not an automatic fix. Your horse may be very frightened at first, and should be restrained and given assurance of protection. We strongly suggest that you start the process a few moments before and while feeding, when your horse is most comfortable with the surroundings and you. The horse will connect the new distraction positively with his "full belly" and your support. Start at a low volume, and study his reactions. Stay close to the horse and remain the source of stability and security, encouraging a reduced fear reaction while he hears the frightening sounds. Repeat or loop the tracks that are most bothersome. As his reaction diminishes over time, increase the playback volume in small increments. Replay all the tracks again at a higher volume, and study his reactions. Repeat this process over again until your horse seems to ignore the sounds. If your playback machine has programming features, select and shuffle the tracks that you choose to focus upon. When playing at highest volume, avoid playing the CD so loud as to be distorted.

What's on the Discs

These patented CDs contain over a thousand all-original recorded sounds made over a period of years. The absolute latest digital recording technology have been utilized, in portable form, to gather the sounds in pristine quality. To intensify and concentrate the training exposure, they have been edited and the sounds layered into relatively short "scenes". Because of the CD's ability to loop and shuffle the tracks, these seemingly "short" tracks can be extended indefinitely, and increased in volume until the horse is virtually immune to them.

Furthermore, using the knowledge of the psychoacoustics of pinnae-related localization (how horses perceive the source of sounds) has resulted in a unique recording and mixing technique. This technique actually simulates the ear and head movements of the frightened horse when responding to moving sound sources, and encodes that sound into the stereo signal.

Extensive digital signal processing was employed in the mastering of these discs to make the utmost of the relatively limited playback fidelity of medium-grade boom boxes.

Exciting New Application!!

Never before has it been so easy to IMPRINT NEWBORN FOALS, desensitizing them to frightening sounds. As soon as the newborn's hooves hit the ground (or even before), you can play our discs at low volume, while soothing and gaining their trust. You can have the full extent of our library of sounds in handy form with instant access, without leaving the comfort of the birthing stall.

When to Use

As mentioned above, we recommend that you start the process after feeding. When the horse shows that he is comfortable with the sounds, begin to include the boom box in your presence while grooming, tacking up, saddling up, and training.

Ultimately, you can play the discs anytime, even when the horse is alone, day or night, at any volume level. Sound conditioning is a repetitive learning process, with long term benefits.

Where to Use

We suggest you play these sounds just about anywhere you can imagine. The only real restriction is that you must be available as a source of comfort and safety until the horse becomes immune to the sounds.

Typical examples of where to use the boom box are shown in the photos below:

Equipment Suggestions

When choosing a portable boom box for Spook Less, better quality equipment will enhance the connection between the recorded sounds and a real future event. At a minimum, the boom box should have 4-inch diameter speakers and use at least 4 cells (size C or D). If the speakers can be separated from the player, spread them out as far as practical. Choose the Bass Boost feature (optional on many units) if you decide that the sound seems more realistic. If you choose to make a permanent installation in one of the indoor areas, a surround system with subwoofer would be ideal. Our stereo CDs contain additional spatial information that will be revealed when played in surround.


These audio compact discs contain recordings that are intentionally modified to increase their impact on the listener. Consequently, they may be frightening to young children, horses, domestic pets, and other animals, especially if played at high volume. A natural response to this auditory stimulation may be a self-preservation urge, which may include actions that are harmful or injurious. The producer, manufacturer and seller of these products, Sersland-Hedden, LLC, its owners or employees, assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the consequences of their use, even if used in accordance with our recommendations.

Technical Details

All of the CD tracks are originally recorded by us, using stereo MS (variable image width) microphone techniques and ultra low noise preamps. 24 bit conversion and storage is accomplished with a unique hand-held digital hard disc recorder. The individual sounds are then edited and mixed in a proprietary 32-bit floating point processor, and mastered with complex dynamic range reduction, so that the end result is consistent and aggressive audio level on the CD.

Disclaimer of Warranty; Limitation of Liability

Individual results from the use of this product may vary due to genetic, environmental, health, management, and facility issues. Therefore, Sersland-Hedden, LLC, producer of Spook Less products, its owners and employees, disclaim any warranties or guaranties, express or implied, as to individual results.

User expressly agrees that use of Spook Less Equine Ear Conditioning CDs is at user's sole risk, and that the user is solely responsible for the way that this information is perceived and utilized. Reach Out to Horses LLC, Sersland-Hedden, LLC, their owners and employees, disclaim any liability for any injuries, damages or losses that might occur due to the use or misuse of these products, the advice contained within, the content of these compact discs, or the content of any information, service, or image provided through and



Show & Driving Edition - $19.95
Life on Planet Cowgirl
Total playing time 75:45
48 tracks, Common Sounds Include:
Aluminum Bleachers, Auction, Branches Snapping & Rocks Falling, Cans Rattling, Car Alarms, City Busses, Construction Tools, Crop Duster Airplane, Dirt Bikes, Driving Show Class, Farrier & Blacksmith, Fireworks, Horse Show Stable Ambience, Horses Galloping, Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes, Quail Flushing, Rattlesnake, Show Organ, Sleigh Bells, Steel Wheel Vehicle, Stone Boat, Tarp & Flag, Trains, Wild Animals, Wild Turkeys Flushing, Whips, Wood Bridge


Show Riding Edition - $19.95
Life on Planet Cowgirl
Total playing time 77:51
36 tracks, Common Sounds Include:
Air Tools & Compressors, Aluminum Bleachers, Auction, Car Alarms, Construction Tools, English Arena Class Ride, Farm Tractors, Fireworks, Horse Show Stable Ambience, Horses, Galloping, Metal Gates, Rodeo & Roping, Show Organ, Tarp & Flag, Trains, Western Arena Class Ride.


Cowboy Mounted Shooting Edition - $19.95
Life on Planet Cowgirl
Total playing time 75:39
31 tracks, Common Sounds Include:
Air Brakes, Aluminum Bleachers, Cannon, Crowd Cheering, Farm Tractors, Farrier & Blacksmith, Firecrackers, Fireworks, Four Wheeler, Gun Shots, Horse Show Stable Sounds, Horses Galloping, Horses on Roads, Metal Gates, Noisy Horse Trailer on Road, Parade Ride, Rodeo & Roping, Sirens, Tarp & Flag, Western Class Arena Ride

Unique CMSA Tracks: Pistol & Rifle Cocking & Dry Fire, Pistol Shots, Rifle Shots, Shootout Event Sounds, Compressor & Filling Balloons, Horses Running Different Level Courses, Dry Fire Rundowns, Level 1 Rundowns, Level 3 Rundowns, Level 5 Rundowns, Rifle Rundowns


$19.95 (Mounted Horse Patrol Edition $24.95)


Should you prefer to not place your order on-line please contact: for an order form or call Anna Twinney on (303) 642-7341. ©2004-2023 Reach Out to Horses® 888-282-0656   
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