ROTH Instructor Apprenticeship Program

Photos courtesy of: Lourie Zipf

Upon successful completion of the “Train the Trainers” course selected students may be invited to apply for the ROTH Instructor’s apprenticeship program.  This course brings together all your horsemanship abilities, refining your skills in all areas: communicating with horses through non-verbal methods – body language, energy and inter-species communication.  ROTH Instructors are different from any other instructors you have ever experienced.  Certified Instructors are qualified to teach ROTH clinics and Holistic Horsemanship courses.  Our philosophy is to create ethical business practices with our students and horses in mind.  They are kept simple and tailor-made to suit individuals with their personal circumstances.  We aim to transform not just the horses, but their guardians and the entire environment. 

About this 900 hour program:  During the all-inclusive program we will review your areas of concern, take you out of your comfort zone and conduct self-development exercises to create rapid well-rounded growth.   The program will include presentations, lectures, evaluations, feedback and lessons on how to build a successful business as a Reach Out to Horses Instructor.  In addition we will role-play techniques to handle sensitive situations and further develop your coaching skills and marketing strategies.  Finally, you will run clinics, courses, develop programs, arrange a fund-raising event, assist at a non-profit, review projects & exams and much more.

Part One (200 hours):
Level I is an integration of all previous programs and requires a commitment by the individual to become a professional equine coach with the emphasis on teaching the human.  Over the 4-week period you will be given role-playing and self-development exercises and projects increasing in their complexity to prepare you for a career in running ROTH classes.  By the end of this course you will have organized and run a weekend fund-raising event for an Equine Charity. 


Part Two (200 hours):
Following completion of Level I, you will return home to complete a home study program.  Level II includes 40 hours volunteering your equine services to the non-profit organization of your choice.  This will greatly enhance your skills as a trainer and coach to those that really need it the most.  In addition you will create and run your own personal NH clinics & lectures.



Part Three (500 hours):

For Level III you will return to the ROTH Center where we review the progress made and discuss marketing strategies that will make an immediate impact on your developing business.  We will review your personal knowledge of the ROTH methods and concepts together with your coaching skills to make sure that your best interests and the interests of your students are always addressed.

Your final level and internship consists of a minimum of 8 weeks at the Center during which time you will assist with coaching and learn the final necessary skills to run your own establishment.  ROTH standards are exceedingly high and it’s at this point that you become one of the elite team members to spread the word of gentle communication techniques.  You study closely with Anna personally and upon graduation of your internship you will feel competent, comfortable and excited to return home to launch your own business, manage an existing business and coach horses and their humans to a trust-based partnership.

Accreditation Benefits:

  • Accreditation in the most evolved equine program available
  • License to teach 1, 3 & 5-day ROTH clinics including the ROTH 2-week HHC (exams by Anna Twinney only)
  • NO members, licensing or renewal FEES
  • Untarnished name in the Equine Industry world-wide
  • Strong world-wide ROTH Members support in the healing and animal communication world
  • Equine coaching from our international centers
  • Optional life & business coaching support (additional fee)
  • Continued growth & learning through on-line media support
  • Clinic & class referrals
  • ROTH educational materials at wholesale prices
  • ROTH existing product-line availability to students
  • ROTH’s support database
  • ROTH’s marketing kit
  • ROTH course manuals & material
  • And there’s more…

Photos courtesy of Lori Faith Merritt and Equine Voice Sanctuary, AZ

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