The Garden Restaurant in Denver, CO

ROTH Invites You to a Fantastic Evening of Food, Fun and Foals!
APRIL 11, 2013 - 6:30-9:30pm

We are very excited to announce the 2nd Annual (sort of) Food, Fun and Foals Event, brought to you by the amazing folks at The Garden in Denver.

This unique eatery has created a delicious dining experience that will not only satisfy your palate but indulge your mind as well. This year, instead of just a sit-down dinner, you are invited to an evening of eating and demonstration.

The night begins at 6:30. As you settle in, you will have a chance to review the items from our silent auction and bid on your favorite treasures.

Then, rather than sit down for a single dinner, you will enjoy a wide variety of delicious and satisfying finger foods as you mingle and chat with all the people you know, including Anna, and our special guest, the Founder of Healing Touch for Animals, Carol Komitor!

After you've filled up on a delectable variety of foods and conversation, you will be delighted by not 1 but 2 demonstrations from the expert chefs of The Garden. First you will discover the art of creating a Healthy Green Smoothie. Then, after you've learned how to create a concoction for your health, you will switch gears as they share the secrets of making a heavenly Key Lime Cheesecake.

Food for your Body and your Soul! And you will leave with the recipes for both!

We then will depart at about 9:30, silent auction winnings in-hand, and the best part...

Your participation will not only be fun and informative but you will help us rescue a number of foals from certain, and I mean certain, death! For more information about the nurse foals and our rescue this year, scroll-down below this invitation.

Where else can you eat, learn, shop and save lives all at the same time!?!

Space is Limited for This Unique Event, So Reserve Your Seat Now!

Do you have an item or service you can donate for the Foals?
If you can't join us for the evening or if you would like to help even further, we are currently taking donations for the silent auction.
Contact Christine at if you would like to donate to the silent auction.

Fun, Food and Foals
Date: Thursday, April 11th, 2013
Time: 6:30 - 9:30pm
Location: The Garden Restaurant, 3435 Albion St., Denver, CO 80207

Cost: Only $50/ticket - includes food and 1 drink ticket
(a portion of your ticket is tax-deductible)
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Join Us and have the best time you've ever had saving the lives of foals!


FOALS Need Rescuing Here In the U.S. THIS SPRING!


Reach Out to Horses was developed with the mission of bringing harmony to horses and humans.  In the pursuit of that goal, we have been instrumental in the rescue of hundreds of horses and well over a hundred thousand dollars to the horses and the rescues that we have worked with. 

And although we are very proud of the work we and our partners have done, we do not plan on stopping, or even slowing down, any time soon.  And 2013 is certainly no exception!

In the past we have focused much of our attention on the P.M.U. industry, saving mares from the abuse of this barbaric practice and the foals, considered an expendable by-product, from certain death.  And although we will certainly continue to help in any way we can to put an end to the cruelty that is the P.M.U. industry, this time around, we shed light on a new horrifying practice.

This time we set our sites on the practice of Nurse Mares and Foals.

Nurse mares have been around for hundreds of years.  They were used if a foal was rejected, or if the mother died while giving birth.  This industry started out to be a good thing … since then, however, it has morphed into something much darker and morally unethical… to say the least.

Nurse mares are bred so that they will come into milk.  The milk that is produced, however, is used to nourish the foal of another mare - a foal that, commercially, is worth much more money.  Her own foal then becomes what the industry terms as a “bi-product” and as such, is destined for the feedlot.  To this end, farms have been established in key locations, throughout the United States, in order to supply "high end" breeders with nurse mares, in a quest to support their expensive foals.

Nurse mare farmers keep lactating mares on their premises before, during and after the foaling season.  When a mare's services are needed for a client, the farmer separates the nurse mare from her natural foal, then ships out the mare. 

The natural foal is left orphaned…

An expensive mare is bred to a very expensive stud.  Eleven months later she has her foal.  Seven to ten days after she gives birth she comes into heat again.  To remain profitable, she must be bred again, immediately, so that she can have another foal in eleven months, thereby producing the most mature foal for the following year.

(Note: The Jockey Club requires that thoroughbred mares be bred only by live cover, not artificially inseminated, and the mare must travel to the stallion.)

The mare’s seven to ten day-old foal cannot travel back to the stud/stallion's farm with the broodmare, as travel is considered to be very risky for the newborn, valuable, foal.  Additionally, insurance costs are prohibitive for the foal to travel with its mother.  So, instead of putting this foal on a milk replacer product, they rent a mare from a nurse mare farm.

In order for the nurse mare to come into milk, it must have given birth to a foal.  The mare is bred and she gives birth to her foal.  Once a request is received  from the “expensive foal's“ farm, the mother is taken away from her own foal and shipped off to be a surrogate mother, to that expensive foal.

What happens to the nurse mare’s foal?

Some of them are clubbed over the head and killed immediately. Some are just left to starve to death.  These foals are referred to as "by- products" of the nurse mare industry.  Tragically, these foals - should they even survive - will never know the comfort of their mothers again… they will never get the chance to learn “how to be a horse” from her…

No foal should be raised without it’s mother.

The Nurse Mare Program DOES exist, however, and likely, will continue to exist. We try to create the best situation possible, for the foal’s, by helping them to survive - every way we possibly can.

Reach Out to Horses and a team of equine professionals have come together to save the lives of these mares in foal as well as the foals torn from their mothers, in this industry unfamiliar to most. 

A combined effort is currently underway to rescue horses and foals in immediate need of assistance.  Significant progress has already been made through self-funded efforts of a few selfless individuals…

Now your help is needed as we embark on phase two of the rescue.

Foaling season, for this industry, is now upon us. Many resources are needed in order to insure that we can get the foals to safety, and provide the critical, labor intensive care necessary to their very survival…

How you can become involved:


To Donate to our difficult but noble cause,
simply click on the "add to cart" button below.

Once in the shopping cart you will be able
to donate the amount of your choice.

Did you know?
It is illegal to send a foal under 6 months of age to horse slaughter.  However, foals from one day to six months old, are being skinned and sold for high-end leather.  Others who aren’t rescued are sent to slaughterhouses.  These foals have no chance at life from the start.  Their meat is considered a delicacy in some countries.  Horrifically, some countries actually believe that if a foal is skinned while it is still alive the meat will be more tender.

Some nurse mare farms will occasionally give the foals away, but most sell them discreetly for profit.  Most nurse mare foals are usually available in January and February. This is when the "season", so to speak, starts and foaling begins.  Generally, the season runs from January to mid-June.

Adopting a foal is literally a life or death decision for one of these innocent nurse mare babies.  Adopters are directly responsible for saving a foal from a tragic, brutal death.  Sadly, not all of them can be rescued.  Rescuers in most cases, must purchase these foals and pay anywhere from $100 to $400 per foal.  They also incur all costs of housing, feeding, vet care and training, until the foals can be adopted out to their forever homes.  Any and all support is welcome from those willing to help!

Going forward…
         Work closely with the farm owner in order to reduce the number of the herd … only made possible through qualified placement and adequate funding, as it becomes available to us.

          Provide necessary medical treatment and proper nutrition to all that are in our care.

STEP THREE        
        Training and development for all mares and foals so that they are better suited to adoption.  The ROTH Foal Gentling Week long Clinic is being scheduled, with Anna along with her team of trainer students.  

STEP FOUR           
        Provide continued support and all the love and in the world to all of these wonderful creatures and their new owners!

Thus far, we have been  100% “self-funded” …  in the immediate future, the cost of veterinary care, feed, space and training will make it impossible for us to move forward,  without additional support and funding... please help!!!

This is your opportunity to literally save a life.  To save a foal from a certain and cruel death. 

Click on the Add to Cart button below and give what you can and together we can rescue these beautiful, tender beings who deserve a chance to live.



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