Are You the Leader You Would Follow?
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Thursday, May 2 - 6pm-8pm mst

We often hear about being the "leader of your herd of two", and the importance of commanding and maintaining the respect and the trust from your horse at all times. But, as in the human world, just because you say your the boss doesn't mean it is true and it certainly doesn't mean you will automatically garner that respect and leadership. And if you are going to take that leadership role through violence, you may have their fear, but you will never have their trust.

To be the leader takes a very specific skill set and understanding of those you are leading. And at a basic level you must know what the expectations are of your team or your herd, what they look for in a good leader and how to communicate effectively to them.

Do you really know how to be the leader with your horse?

Do you truly know what your horse needs and looks for in a leader and what happens when they do not feel confident in your leadership?

And here's a crucial questions to ask yourself...
If you were in your horse's hooves, would you follow your leadership?

Well, this is your chance to get those questions answered and more. Join Anna on Thursday, May 2 and discover just what your horse needs from you and how you can truly establish yourself as the leader of your trust-based partnership.

For over 15 years, Anna has studied the world, the language, the needs and the behavior of the horse, both wild and domestic, and in almost every environment. As an Equine Behaviorist and Natural Horsemanship Clinician she has helped thousands of people all over the world to gain that leadership without violence, without force, but through trust and communication.

Is it time to take your partnership to the next level? If it is, then you can't afford to miss this tele-class. And you have not excuse because the cost is definitely in your price range.


That's right, to join us costs you nothing but a couple hours of your time.

Is it worth a couple hours of your time to finally learn what your horse is looking for in a leader? Is it worth a couple hours of your time to learn how to overcome your horse's frustrating or even dangerous behavior?

You Tell Me...

Simply Click on the button below, join us on Thursday, May 2 at 6pm mst and learn the art of leadership with your horse.

See you there.

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