WindhorseOne Studios Collection by Susan Williams

Artist Susan Williams
Susan's incredible art is sold all over the country and known as some of the most unique and evocative equine work out today.  In fact, one image below of Anna's beloved Excalibur hung in the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas.  So whether you want to brighten up someone's event or holiday with a memorable card or you would like to hang some amazing equine art on your own walls or on your neck, this popular art is sure to be a big hit.


Pendant Necklaces by Susan Williams

Pendant Necklace by Susan Williams

These popular necklaces aren't just beautiful pieces of jewelry but amazing works of art. Each pendant has a popular piece of art created by Susan on one side and a beautiful short phrase reminder on the other side, of what is truly possible for your life. You also have your choice of necklace to accompany your miniature piece of art. These Windhorse One Equine Pendants makes excellent gifts for your favorite horse-lover (especially if that horse-lover is YOU!) You will not find anything like these anywhere. We know, we've looked.

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Pendant Necklace

Choose from 4 exquisite options:
1) Front - Foal with wings / Back - Pegasus (Vertical)
2) Front - Excalibur Eye / Back - "Love Sets You Free" (Vertical)
3) Front - Excalibur Eye / Back - "Love Sets You Free" (Horizontal - As shown above)
4) Front - Pegasus / Back - "Soar & Dream" (Vertical)

You also have the option of necklace type either black cord, black braid or cord/ribbon combo.

(Necklace types shown above)


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ART Card Collection by Susan Williams
We are excited to announce the release of our new line of greeting cards created by innovative equine artist Susan Williams!  But these aren't your ordinary set of cards.  This collection is more like artwork-in-a-box.  Each set comes with 6 (7 in the Equine Angels collection) 5"x7" frame-ready pieces of art.  All cards are made of 100lb. paper, come with an extremely high quality cloth-linen, textured envelope, and are intentionally blank on the inside so you can use them for any occasion. 

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Spirit of the Horse - Excalibur Pack 1

Meet Excalibur, the Spanish Mustang from the the Cayuse Ranch Spanish Mustang Registry in Oshoto, Wyoming, and the official Reach Out to Horses Mustang Ambassador.  Enjoy 6 images of "X" at some of his most playful and intimate moments. 

6 cards total - $20.00

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Spirit of the Horse - Excalibur Pack 2

If you'd prefer more action, check out our second Excalibur collection.  These unique images capture "X" in more animated situations with a couple of tender moments included. 

6 cards total - $20.00

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Equine Angels - Premarin Rescue Foals

These incredible Susan Williams creations feature 7 foals with extraordinary stories.  Destined for the Canadian slaughterhouse, these P.M.U. foals were rescued by Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary and Ray of Light Farm, and were all featured on the Reach Out to Horses Success - Foals in Training 4-DVD Set.  Now you can own images of these beautiful angels and share their story with your loved ones. 

7 cards total - $24.00

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Equispiritual Horse - Touched By a Horse

These dreamlike images were all inspired by the work and equine companions of Melisa Pearce, Founder of Touched by a Horse, based in Longmont, Colorado.  This captivating collection is sure to take you on a visual journey into the world of the unseen, the world of the ethereal, the world of your own heart.

6 cards total - $20.00 ©2004-2014 Reach Out to Horses® 303-642-7341   
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