The Animal Communication - A Limitless Language Webinar Series


Reach Out to Horses Presents...

A Special 2-night Webinar Event

Answering 2 of the most Important questions I've been asked.

August 30th & September 6th - 6 - 7:30 pm (Mountain Time - U.S.)



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You might be able to tell by my calendar of events, this is the busiest time of the year for me as I travel around the U.S., and beyond, teaching the Arts of Animal Communication and Trust-Based Horsemanship ROTH style.

While on the road I get dozens of questions every month via email, Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, Text Message, and every other digital method you can think of. I love getting those questions so keep them coming (except texts, I'm just not a fan of texting), but, as you can imagine, it can be difficult for me to answer them. Sometimes it takes me weeks before I can respond.

No matter where I go, I often get asked the same questions. Two of them in particular caught my attention and I thought they would be great webinar topics. Because they are so important and valuable, rather than wait until the end of the year for my annual webinar series, I thought I would take a moment and create a very affordable, mini-webinar series.


Evening #1, August 30th, 6-7:30pm - Animal Communication

Animal Communication For Skeptics

One of the toughest things to deal with as an Animal Communicator is the dreaded Skeptic!
An open, yet skeptical, mind can be a valuable asset to have as you make your way through this world of marketing, hype, and... let's just call them "less than genuine" people.

But for an animal communicator, a close-minded skeptic can be frustrating, upsetting, and even intimidating. At times they can ruin the energy and the flow of the session, making you less effective. Just the word alone can bring up feelings of anxiety for any animal communicator, psychic, or medium alike.

So how do you deal with and convert the skeptic?

Join me for our first webinar and find out.

I have conducted thousands of sessions for people of all walks of life, almost every continent (it's harder than you think to find someone interested in animal communication in Antarctica), and not everyone is enthusiastically open to the possibilites of Animal Communication.

In our first evening, I will show you how to overcome and benefit from a session with a skeptic. Although I never try to "convince people what I does is real", there are things you can do to help the closed heart open up and the closed mind reconsider its position.

For an hour and a half, I will reveal my secrets to working with the skeptic and ensuring that you are getting and giving accurate information and feedback. After all, nothing convinces a skeptic like irrefutable evidence.

Join me on August 30th and learn how to solve one of the most difficult and ubiquitous issues the Animal Communicator has to face. And if you happen to be a skeptic, you should definitely join me. What you hear might just shock you!


Evening #2, September 6th, 6-7:30pm

Are You As Good As Buck?

One of the questions I get a lot at my horsemanship events is, "I really like what you are doing. Working on communication, partnership, and giving a voice to the horse are all good things, but does your gentle approach really work? Is it as good as a harder, more dominance-based approach from someone like Buck Brannaman, Pat Parelli, or Clinton Anderson.

People see the ROTH approach and sometimes feel it is too slow or wouldn't work in this situation, or that emergency, or with a really aggressive horse or... the list goes on and on.

Is a gentle, communication, trust-based methodology just as comprehensive, fast, and effective?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY!!! Even more so!

The long answer is... well... you will just have to join me on Tuesday night, September 6th, to hear that.

It can look impressive to see someone put a saddle on a horse and ride them in a round pen in 20 minutes. Or watch an untouched horse be broken in a weekend competition. There can be some valuable lessons about training in a demonstrations like those. But there is a lot you are not seeing in that 20 minutes and a lot that isn't being covered in these popular competitions.

The truth is a gentle, supportive, communication-based approach to horsemanship can save you tons of time and lots of headaches. But you must first understand exactly what that means and how to apply it.

If you think gentle means not hitting your horse, if you think supportive means applying a step-by-step training program to every horse, equally, or if you think "communication-based" means body language and teaching physical cues, then you definitely need to hear what I'm going to say in this webinar.

It's easy to train a horse quickly and then blame the horse for any holes that are left or unwanted behavior that lingers. It's also easy to not know what you don't know and continue on in blissful ignorance while your horse suffers.

This may seem like harsh critique, but I've seen it too many times; seen too many people who have been injured or worse; and seen too many horses who have suffered needlessly for their human's lack of knowledge and understanding.

But to truly understand your horse, train him as an individual, and treat him as a real partner is an artform. One that will create a solid, effective foundation, save you lots of time, and build a relationship that will be there at home, in competition, or on the trail.

Find out how to create that magical partnership with you horse on September 6th.


So How Much Does This Event Cost?

This information is going to be invaluable to you. The amount of content, value, and direct applicability is worth hundreds of dollars! But I want as many people as possible to hear what I am going to share over the course of these 2 nights. So I am going to make this super affordable for everyone. And when I say, super affordable, I mean "SUPER AFFORDABLE"! Scroll down to the "Add to Cart" button to find out just how affordable this will be!

I Won't Be Able to Join You Live. Will these Webinars Be Available Afterwards?

Absolutely! Both sessions will be recorded and you will receive an email with all the information you need to enjoy the replays.

How Can I Join You? Do I Need a Computer to Be a Part of this Series?

You will be able to join us by phone, computer or Skype. Details to connect will be sent to you before the August 30th webinar begins.

As I said, what I'm going to share will be invaluable for you and all your animal companions and I don't want you to miss it. That is why I am setting the price for these 2 webinars at only $19.97, and if you use the special coupon code that you received in the email you were sent...

The cost is only $4.97 for BOTH nights!

What!?! That's right. That is a little more than $1.50 an hour for this 2-night event!

I promised you I want everyone to be able to afford this series because I feel the information is too valuable for you to miss.

Contact Vin at if you don't have the secret coupon code.

"I want to thank you so much for creating this class and offering it to your clients. I am enjoying it so much. Even though it's the next best thing to being with you in person, it almost feels like I am in the room with you. Keep up the great work and again, thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do!" - Mary, CT

And if that doesn't make you sign up immediately, then what I'm about to say next surely will.

During the second night, I am going to tell you how you can get 30% off any of the DVD's and CD's in our Shopping Corral. No tricks, no "buy 5 get the 6th free" deals, no strings - 30% off. Period!*

So please do not delay. The coupon code expires on August 28th. After that, the price goes back to $19.97. Still super affordable but why pay $19.97 when you can pay $4.97! Click the Add to Cart button below, enter your coupon code in the box when you check out, and I will see you August 30th.

Happy Trails,


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