A Weekend of Animal Communication
3 Brand New Days of Instruction
with International Animal Communicator, Anna Twinney

Animal Communication Weekend Class

The All New 3-Day Animal Communication Event
Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire, U.K.

12 - 14 May, 2017 - 10am - 6pm

Early Bird Pricing Extended Until 8 May

Private Animal Communication Sessions with Anna
Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire, U.K.

(By Appointment)
15 May, 2017 - 10am - 5pm

International Animal Communicator, Anna Twinney, is returning to the U.K. for the final installment of her Animal Communication workshop series! Once again she is bringing new
opportunities to go deeper into the art of animal communication.

This year we are excited to announce a new, extraordinary, 3-day animal communication class!

  • You are super intuitive!
  • You listen to your heart... your gut.
  • The people around you know you have a strong affinity for animals.
  • You can be extremely empathic to the point that it might even affect you in social situations.
  • You relate to animals extremely well and already know that you are dialed in.

But there have been times when you didn’t trust the messages you were getting: Times you weren’t sure if the connection was real.

Does this sound like anyone you know? Maybe… you?

If so then this is the time to expand what comes to you naturally!
This is the time to hone this inherent skill.
This is the time to gain the confidence you need to trust the connection.

Don’t miss 3 days that will change your animal communication and your life!

Space is very limited this year so don't delay. Register now to make sure you have your place reserved before they are all gone.


Day 1: Enhance your intuition!
Friday, 12 May, 2017 - 10am - 6pm

Learn to listen to your three brains; your head, your heart, and your gut. Through experiential learning and guidance explore your innate gifts and expand your intuition naturally. Benefit from Anna’s three decades of experience, and take leaps and bounds forward in your life, and on your career path, as you come to understand, explore, and expand inter-species communication in all aspects of life. Feel and control energy instead of merely being witness to the coincidental, sporadic energy and information experience, or even it controlling you!


Day 2: Animal Communication for Rescue Animals
Saturday, 13 May, 2017 - 10am - 6pm

Are you so empathic that your household has grown to include numerous rescue animals? Have you chosen their company over people, and often stay at home snuggling instead of socializing? Have you witnessed such pain, anguish, fear, and sorrow for the animals and been overwhelmed by their plight and don’t know how to create your own boundaries or indeed how to help them?

Perhaps you have invited an animal into your life and now wish to help them transition and settle into life as a new member of the family. Maybe it isn't a rescue animal at all but your new companion is having a difficult time adjusting to their new home or environment. Many animals, especially rescued ones, suffer from physical, mental, or emotional trauma before they come to you and you may feel helpless as you wish to explore the best way to help them. You know punishment and harsh training is not the answer but don’t know what your animal wants. You wish they could just tell you!

Well, now know they can!

Join Anna for this extended weekend class to learn from an expert who has been known to seek justice, support rescues and nonprofits, and give a voice to the voiceless for decades. As a leader in her field, supporting rescues all over the world, Anna’s vast knowledge truly sets her apart. By giving them a voice, she has helped hundreds of rescued animals determine the homes they seek, and communicate their needs, wants, and desires.

You will learn how to explore the roles that best suit them, the exercise and lifestyle choices that allow them to feel safe and comfortable. By bridging the gap rescues, prospective adopters, foster homes and permanent guardians all get a chance to hear first hand what their companion needs, creating happiness, health, and harmony, while staying clear of behavioral issues.

A 2-Day Animal Communication Event with Anna Twinney
12 & 13 May, 2017
- 10am - 6pm
Sowerby Bridge,Yorkshire, U.K.
Only £300 if you register by 8 May, 2017
, £350 after 8 May


Day 3: Animal Communication and Horsemanship: What your horses want you to know
Sunday, 14 May, 2017 - 10am - 6pm

Are you a horse enthusiast, potential guardian, groom, trainer, manager, or carer and want to know what the horses have to say? Then this third, optional day is a must for you!

Have you been intrigued by the unspoken language of your horses but you have a feeling that their language goes beyond mere body language? Be prepared to be amazed!

You may have begun your animal communication journey and have little to no exposure to horses. This is your opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain hands-on experience with one of the most communicative animals on the planet. And if you conduct all of your sessions long distance…now you have a chance to see animal communication in action and not in a meditative state!

Learn from the only horse whisperer, energy healer, and animal communicator on the forefront of taking the next generation of horsemanship global! You will be able to participate in a safe environment, with like-minded people, and know that you BELONG.

By signing up for the full 3 days you will broaden your ability and experience with intelligent, emotional, genuine planetary partners who have been with humans for eons.

The Full 3-Day Animal Communication Event with Anna Twinney
12 - 14 May, 2017
- 10am - 6pm
Sowerby Bridge,Yorkshire, U.K.
Only £400 if you register by 8 May, 2017
, £450 after 8 May

Each day builds upon the others to expand your consciousness and your abilities. You will communicate over the 2, or 3, days both with live animals and through long distance communication. You will develop your very own language of love through pictures, movies, senses, an inner knowing, sounds, voices, words, sentences, colors, feelings and emotions.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to become an elite communicator and make a real difference in the lives of both animals and their human companions.

Reawaken your gifts and experience true communication with Anna as your guide.

Space is limited so don't delay. Reserve your place today.


Animal Communication - A Day of Private Communication Sessions with Anna
Monday, 15 May, 2017 - 10am - 5pm
- By Appointment Only

Would you like Anna to speak with your Animal? Well now is your chance!

Animal Communication Weekend ClassJoin Anna and your Animal Companion
for your very own in-person, live animal communication session.

Anna has worked with individuals and animal companions from all across the globe, helping them to communicate and better understand each other.

With Anna you will enjoy an interactive conversation with your animal friends, learning their perspectives on situations, behaviors, and life knowledge.

You will have the opportunity to uncover your animal's thoughts, feelings and attitudes, and greatly enhance your relationship.

Best of all, if you have behavioral challenges, physical concerns or more, Anna will help you to get to the bottom of them to come to an understanding, resolution, or solution.

She has also decided to discount these sessions so you are getting the best of everything. You get Anna, live and in-person, and at a discount. What more could you ask for?!?

If you've worked with Anna before, whether it be in a classroom or in a session, you know you don't want to pass on this opportunity to be with her live as she speaks with your animal; going deep into a conversation and getting information and answers that only your animal would know. If you've never worked with Anna then you have to experience it to believe it!

Space is extremely limited. There are only a handful of sessions available. If you are interested, don't delay. Book your session now as they will surely be snatched up very quickly.

Animal Communication - A Day of Private Communication Sessions with Anna
Monday, 15 May, 2017 - 10am - 5pm

Contact Amanda Oates-Patterson for more information and to reserve your session / 0781 531 8866

By Appointment Only. Anna has very limited time and sessions available. You must set up an appointment with Anna. Spontaneous sessions will not be available.

Who is Anna Twinney
Anna and AriaAnna’s love for all of our planetary companions has shaped her life from the very beginning. Even at an early age she felt a close connection to all animals, never knowing where this affinity would take her later in her life’s journey.

For almost 2 decades Anna has been sought out by people from all walks of life including the medical and veterinarian communities, as well as celebrity horsemen and women. Through her classes and private sessions, she has helped thousands of animals and humans, on every continent (excluding Antarctica), and her ability to relate specific, verifiable, and extremely useful information has helped to create an unblemished reputation.

Before she embarked down the path of Animal Communication, Anna was a Police Officer with the British Constabulary. The philosophy within the British justice system is that violence should not be met with violence and as such clear communication is key. Anna trained extensively as an expert in her field holding many positions from the support of victims to the understanding of the criminal mind. The art of reading people’s movements, behavior patterns, and understanding their agendas, coupled with listening to their perspectives and in between the lines, gave her a unique understanding and capability that carried over into her Animal Communication. Through this expertise Anna created a highly compassionate, direct and effective style of conversation and interview that allows her to truly give a voice to all the animals and communicate their messages to their human companions.

Anna’s professional career began first as a natural horsewoman with the legendary Monty Roberts in 1997, eventually becoming the first Head Instructor of the International Monty Roberts Learning Center in California. Shortly after, Anna graduated from the Gurney Institute HeartTalk program, studying under internationally recognized communicator and teacher Carol Gurney. These experiences started her on her journey and eventually helped her to find her own voice in the worlds of horsemanship and animal communication.

Anna is a regular contributor to a variety of national and international magazines, publications and websites including Equine Wellness, Holistic Horse and Natural Horse, just to name a few.

Additionally, her work has been featured on U.S. and international television, radio and internet programs, including Chinese State TV, REI TV, Martha Stewart's Living, the BBC fly on the wall documentary Living in the Sun and the French TV Program, Echappées Belles.

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