The Animal Communication Mentorship Program

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For years you have been asking Anna for a
comprehensive course
in Animal Communication.

Well here it is!

Starting this month, Anna invites you to join her for a year-long journey like none other you've ever experienced.

Welcome to the Animal Communication Mentorship Program

The Best Quality Program for Learning the
Art of Animal Communication Has Finally Arrived!

Anna's talents, experience and expertise are sought after by people all over the world. She has conducted sessions and classes for people on almost every continent. Even with a full-time
career as a Natural Horsewoman, Animal Communication keeps her just as busy.


Because her unique approach, accuracy and ability make her one of the best in the world at what she does. It's not just being able to speak with an Animal that makes you the best. That is where your expertise begins. One must learn how to hear the animals, how to connect with all the species and to accurately relay the messages between animal and human. But there are countless other practices, skill sets, knowledge and abilities that you must master if you truly wish to become a master communicator.

Questions like, "How to"...

  • "Interview" an animal so you can keep the conversation going when the animal doesn't want to speak?
  • Convey delicate or upsetting information?
  • Change inappropriate behavior when the animal companion doesn't want to stop?
  • Help the humans and animals discover their Soul Contract and reason for being together?
  • Support the animals through health challenges?
  • Work with both animal and human during the time of passing or transition, to help facilitiate a smooth, peaceful transition with closure and love?
  • Communicate with the Animals after they've crossed over?
  • Deal with the doubts that come when the session doesn't go well?
  • Verify the information you receive so you know you aren't "making things up" but you are really connected?
  • Make sure you are connected to the right animal?

Can you skillfully navigate through these challenges? This is just a handfull of what Anna will be covering.

Over the course of a year she will teach you how to become an effective, verifiable, communicator. She will share her almost 2 decades of experience and start you on your path to a new world of connection and communication in this language of love.

This mentorship is for all levels!

Whether you just want to learn how to connect and communicate with the animals for your own personal pleasure or you want to step out into the world as a professional Animal Communicator, this program is for you!

Anna wanted to make sure that everyone could take advantage of this unique program so she created a 3 tier program. If connecting with the animals is your passion then you don't want to wait another moment.

There are 3 paths available. Find out which one is right for you!

And if you haven't already, check out the presentation for all the details of what's included.
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Three Options to Fit You Where You Are:
Tier 1 – Home Study Companion Kit
Tier 2 – Animal Communication Mentorship Program
Tier 3 – SOLD OUT - Advanced Animal Communication Mentorship

Tier 1 - The Home Study Companion Kit

This tier is designed for the beginner. It is for that person who would like to try it out, or improve their existing skills on their time, and on their terms. You can take your time and learn at your pace. Cover the topics you want to cover, skip the ones you don't. If you learn best on your own then this tier is for you.

Here's What You Get!

  • All 5 Previous Animal Communication Webinar Series - $1,235.00
    - Over 75 Hours of Learning, All with Anna - The Series include:

      * The Original Animal Communication Tele-Class
      * Just a Belief Away
      * A Healing Journey 
      * Awakening Your Inner Voice
      * A Limitless Language 
  • Medizations Starter Kit - $19.95
    AC DVD Set – The Journey Within - $67.00
  • Anna's first Animal Communication eBook - $9
  • Home Study Companion Workbook – Not Sold Separately! - $67
  • 1 Live Q&A Webinar with Anna - $150

    TOTAL VALUE - $1,547
    YOUR COST ONLY - $297

The Home Study Companion Kit - $297

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Tier 2 - The Animal Communication Mentorship Program

Here's where thing's really pick up. This tier is for the person who is serious about animal communication. You don't necessarily have to become a professional communicator, but you definitely want to master the art of communication for yourself and/or others. This year long program will guide you, step by step, to becoming the best, most accurate communicator you can be!

Here's What you Get!

  • Everything in Tier 1 - $1,547.00
  • Animal Communication Mentorship Workbook – NOT FOR SALE! - $89.97
  • Reiki: Energy Healing for Horses 2-DVD Set - $67.00
  • 1 Pendulum of Your Choice - $35.00
  • FREE SHIPPING for DVD & Pendulum ANYWHERE! – Up to $25.00
  • 2 Live Q&A Webinars with Anna - $300.00
  • 12 Livestream Video Lesson Modules (Replays will be available) - $3,600.00 

TOTAL VALUE - $5,664
Your Cost - Only $997*

Check Out the Events Calendar to See the Dates for the First 8 Modules

* Does not include travel or accommodations.

The Animal Communication Mentorship Program - $997

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Can't make the full payment now? No worries. Use the Payment Plan below!

AC Mentorship Program - Installment Plan
3 Monthly Payments of Only $347

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 Tier 3 - Advanced Animal Communication Mentorship

March 18 - 23, 2017
December 9 - 14, 2017
No refunds will be given if you can not attend any or all of the dates above, so make sure you can make it before you register!

Location: Reach Out Ranch, Elizabeth, CO

Welcome to the Ultimate Program!
This is the Deluxe, Executive, Become an Animal Communicator Package!

This tier is "no kidding around!" We only have a 1 spot left, which is good because this tier is only for those who want to jump into the deep end, spend 12 days live with Anna and learn this language of love. If you want to become an animal communicator. If you want to help those around you, help in rescues and sanctuaries, open your own animal communication practice, then this is the tier for you!

Here's What You Get!

  • Everything in Tier 1 - $1,547.00
  • Everything in Tier 2 - $4,117.00
  • 1 Private Coaching Session - $150.00
  • 2 - 6-day Live, In Person Mentorship Class - $3,600.00
       Only 10 spots available – Never offered before

Topics covered during the 12 days of Live Mentorship!

  • Conducting Live and Long-Distance Sessions
  • Physical and Health Issues
  • Behavioral Challenges
  • Death and Dying
  • Soul Contracts
  • Dealing with the Humans
  • The Business of an Animal Communicator
  • And Lots More…

TOTAL VALUE - $9,414
Your Cost - Only $3,397

Advanced Animal Communication Mentorship

Can't make the full payment? No worries. Use the Payment Plan below!


Anna and the Boys






Anna has never offered this opportunity before and she may never offer it again. If you have been wondering and hoping that Anna would create a course like this, you need to sign up for this program now!


Who is Anna Twinney
Anna and AriaAnna’s love for all of our planetary companions has shaped her life from the very beginning. Even at an early age she felt a close connection to all animals, never knowing where this affinity would take her later in her life’s journey.

For almost 2 decades Anna has been sought out by people from all walks of life including the medical and veterinarian communities, as well as celebrity horsemen and women. Through her classes and private sessions, she has helped thousands of animals and humans, on every continent (excluding Antarctica), and her ability to relate specific, verifiable, and extremely useful information has helped to create an unblemished reputation.

Before she embarked down the path of Animal Communication, Anna was a Police Officer with the British Constabulary. The philosophy within the British justice system is that violence should not be met with violence and as such clear communication is key. Anna trained extensively as an expert in her field holding many positions from the support of victims to the understanding of the criminal mind. The art of reading people’s movements, behavior patterns, and understanding their agendas, coupled with listening to their perspectives and in between the lines, gave her a unique understanding and capability that carried over into her Animal Communication. Through this expertise Anna created a highly compassionate, direct and effective style of conversation and interview that allows her to truly give a voice to all the animals and communicate their messages to their human companions.

Anna’s professional career began first as a natural horsewoman with the legendary Monty Roberts in 1997, eventually becoming the first Head Instructor of the International Monty Roberts Learning Center in California. Shortly after, Anna graduated from the Gurney Institute HeartTalk program, studying under internationally recognized communicator and teacher Carol Gurney. These experiences started her on her journey and eventually helped her to find her own voice in the worlds of horsemanship and animal communication.

Anna is a regular contributor to a variety of national and international magazines, publications and websites including Equine Wellness, Holistic Horse and Natural Horse, just to name a few.

Additionally, her work has been featured on U.S. and international television, radio and internet programs, including Chinese State TV, REI TV, Martha Stewart's Living, the BBC fly on the wall documentary Living in the Sun and the French TV Program, Echappées Belles.


The Mentorship Program Begins January 24, 2017. All Materials Will Be Delivered When the Program Begins!
If you have any questions please contact us at ©2004-2017 Reach Out to Horses® 303-642-7341   
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