Aid and Alleviate - An Animal Communication Webinar Series


If You Can't Come to Anna. Anna Will Come to You!

Anna is offering not just one but TWO heavily discounted
Animal Communication webinar series.

AID & ALLEVIATE - MAY 22 - 24, 2020

During these strange and uncertain times, we are all feeling the worry, concern and the stress of what is happening and what is to come. Often it is times like these we look to our animals for love, comfort and support. But this is also the time when our animals need us as much as we need them!

My name is Anna Twinney. I am an international Animal Communicator, Horse Whisperer, Holy-Fire Reiki Master, teacher, and mentor. I’ve been teaching animal communication in person, and in webinar format, for almost 2 decades and I've offered private animal communication consultations for even longer.

The first time I made a connection with an animal, I knew my life would never be the same again. Life suddenly became an even greater adventure, with deep truths uncovered, and wisdom shared from nature and the animal kingdom.

In many ways, as I was helping an animal and her companion resolve their issues, I was receiving my own healing and education on how things really are. The animals have been my guides in a journey of constant healing and self-discovery.

There is so much that animal communication can do for us all, and there are also many facets to this "art of love" that you might not even know exsist. So I created 2 info-packed, content-rich webinar series for you.

Each one is a 3-episode journey through what I think are some very important, often misunderstood and overlooked elements of inter-species communication.

Because of our current quarantine status (yes, I'm at home too) the entire experience is online and recorded. So if you can't join us live, you have unlimited access to replays of every episode... for LIFE!

I also wanted to make them as affordable as I could so as you'll see below they will fit any budget.

"I just wanted to say how wonderful the AC Webinar has been, all the lessons, all the exercises. You are sharing so much information and giving such a much more complete picture and dimension of so many things that I am growing just listening!" - Connie, Simi Valley, CA


Series One: AID & ALLEVIATE: An Animal Communication Webinar Series

This second series contains potentially life-saving information for you and your companion. You will learn how animal communication can be a powerful aid to supporting your animals through trauma, whether it be physical, emotional, behavioral or even Spiritual.

I will be live during the weekend of May 22 - 24 from 10am - 1pm (perfect time for our friends in Europe and other places around the world)

AID & ALLEVIATE: An Animal Communication Webinar Series

May 22: Has the Coronavirus Affected Your Animals - These are very stressful times and we may not even recognize that the energy and stress of the moment are deeply impacting our companions. But it isn't only now during the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar applies to any traumatic situation, whether it be globally or locally, or even in our own homes. Find out how trauma affects your animals, how to identify the trouble your companion is having, and how animal communication can help.

May 23: Uncharacteristic Behavior Explained
- Uncharacteristic behavior is one of the first signs that something isn't right. And while some just shake their heads and say, "Animals do strange things", animal communicators know there is a reason for everything. Animals don't exhibit random behavior for no reason. Find out why your animals do what they do and how you can help them find themselves once again through inter-species communication.

May 24: Animal Pain Aid, Rehab & Recovery
- We finish our 9-hour series with Animal Communication and Pain, Rehab and Recovery. When the concerns are obvious and physical we may think we have all the answers just by looking at our companions. But don't be so sure. Physical ailments can usually have deeper causes, issues, or impacts than we can't see. I will show you how animal communication has literally saved lives for many animal companions and how you can work with your animals in a deeper way to ensure healing on all levels.

And what is the cost of this series? It is more advanced so it probably costs more, yes? Nope. It is open to all levels of experience and it is the same price. Only $97 for all 9 hours. Again, they are all online so you can enjoy them from your home. And you will have access to replays of the entire series for life. Only $97.

"I want to thank you so much for creating this class and offering it to your clients. I am enjoying it so much. Even though it's the next best thing to being with you in person, it almost feels like I am in the room with you. Keep up the great work and again, thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do!" - Mary, CT

If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey of self discovery through animal communication, all you need to do is click the button below to register. 

As a special bonus, I want you to experience the gift of animal communication. So I am going to pick one person each webinar and do a live communication with the animal of their choice. This is your chance to watch me conduct a session live and it might even be for you!

So how much is it? Well I could give you the whole sales pitch about how much time you are getting on these webinars. I could compare the price to my normal teaching or consulation fees that start at about $500 for a similar time. But if it's ok with you, I'm just going to cut to the chase. These are different times and we need support, not sales pitches. So...

Suffice to say this is the least expensive I have ever offered any live courses and I doubt you will see it this low again. Again different times. The Original price is $225. I was going to offer them for $147 for all 3. That's pretty inexpensive for 9 hours. But I actually decided I wanted to make it even more affordable so everyone could experience this life-changing information.

So if you register before April 15th, you will be able to join me for only $97 USD. That's about $11/hour.

And don't forget, you'll be able to participate from your home, through our Zoom portal. And you will have access to the replays for life. Only $97 for lifetime access. And remember, these aren't hour-long summit interviews in which you get a few tidbits of helpful information. These are 9 hours of crucial content to make sure you have what you need to be an effective communicator.

Don't miss out on this (I hate to say it, sounds cheezy but it is true) "Once in a lifetime opportunity."

I doubt we will ever see times like these again, ever (at least I hope we won't) and I normally don't have the time to offer programs like these because, to be frank, my teaching and traveling schedule just doesn't allow me to do it.

So click on the link below and take advantage of this very rare, if not completely exclusive chance to learn the art of animal communication for pennies on the dollar.



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Series Two: AWAKEN & ACTIVATE: An Animal Communication Replay Webinar Series

This series covers the foundation of animal communication.

April 15: Activate Your Animal Communication - First we will look at how you activate your animal communication. This is great for the beginner just starting out. I will get you connecting, feeling the connection, and knowing you are really connected. (That last one is crucial and harder than you think) But if you have been practicing Animal Communication don't think this episode has no value for you. I guarantee you that there are some pieces you are missing, or there are elements and practices that will make your connection even stronger and more reliable. Remember people and animals are depending on you to be an accurate communicator. This is the most important aspect of communication. Do you know for sure you are connecting? Let me show you how.

April 22: Hearing Your Herd, Pack or Clowder - Next to connecting with lost animals, connecting with your own animals is one of the hardest things to do in the world of animal communication. Why? Because separating your mind and what you already know vs. what you are receving from your companion is very tricky. So how do you know? How do you ensure that you are getting the information from them and not from YOU? That's what we will cover in these 3 hours.

April 29: Traveling the Rainbow Bridge - The journey across the rainbow bridge can be envigorating, inspiring, and heart-wrenching, all at the same time. Connecting to our companions on the other side will be some of the most important work we may ever do as a communicator. You will learn how to make that trip and ensure you are getting the validation you need. I will also share some of the secrets that I have learned over my time that have helped me connect quickly, effectively and confidently.

That's 9 hours of bedrock information that will strengthen your foundation or create it if you are just starting out.


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If you really want to delve in and explore both series we have a special discount for you!

For this special early-bird period, if you want to join me for the entire 6-webinar, 18-hour journey, I would like to give you an even deeper discount. It is my way of saying thank you and trusting me as your guide through the world of animal communication.

If you register below for both series together you will get all 18 total life-changing, paradigm shifting, skill developing hours for only $47 more! That is only $24 USD an episode you get both series, all 6 episodes.

And, just in case you’re worried you may miss a session or two, EVERY session will be available afterwards so you can watch the replay or download the audio files of all sessions for LIFE!

Join me if you want to blaze new trails on your journey in animal communication.

Take action NOW, before all the seats are gone!

Happy trails,

P.S.-Remember, there are limited seats in this webinar, so make sure you sign up NOW!


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About Anna Twinney
Anna’s love for all of our planetary companions has shaped her life from the very beginning. Even at an early age she felt a close connection to all animals, never knowing where this affinity would take her later in her life’s journey.

For almost 2 decades Anna has been sought out by people from all walks of life including the medical and veterinarian communities, as well as celebrity horsemen and women. Through her classes and private sessions, she has helped thousands of animals and humans, on every continent (excluding Antarctica), and her ability to relate specific, verifiable, and extremely useful information has helped to create an unblemished reputation.

Before she embarked down the path of Animal Communication, Anna was a Police Officer with the British Constabulary. The philosophy within the British justice system is that violence should not be met with violence and as such clear communication is key. Anna trained extensively as an expert in her field holding many positions from the support of victims to the understanding of the criminal mind. The art of reading people’s movements, behavior patterns, and understanding their agendas, coupled with listening to their perspectives and in between the lines, gave her a unique understanding and capability that carried over into her Animal Communication. Through this expertise Anna created a highly compassionate, direct and effective style of conversation and interview that allows her to truly give a voice to all the animals and communicate their messages to their human companions.

Anna’s professional career began first as a natural horsewoman with the legendary Monty Roberts in 1997, eventually becoming the first Head Instructor of the International Monty Roberts Learning Center in California. Shortly after, Anna graduated from the Gurney Institute HeartTalk program, studying under internationally recognized communicator and teacher Carol Gurney. These experiences started her on her journey and eventually helped her to find her own voice in the worlds of horsemanship and animal communication.

Anna is a regular contributor to a variety of national and international magazines, publications and websites including Equine Wellness, Holistic Horse and Natural Horse, just to name a few.

Additionally, her work has been featured on U.S. and international television, radio and internet programs, including Chinese State TV, REI TV, Martha Stewart's Living, the BBC fly on the wall documentary Living in the Sun and the French TV Program, Echappées Belles.
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