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Welcome to the Reach Out to Horses® program.  Our clinics & workshops are designed to give you the unique opportunity to learn the methodologies and concepts necessary to fully understand and work in the language of the horse.  Created by International Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Energy Healer, Anna Twinney, this hands-on approach will allow you to gain insight and understanding into the mind of the horse, learn how to leave the one way conversation behind, and build a true connection and trust-based partnership with your horse.

The Reach Out methodologies take horsemanship to an entirely new level, incorporating body language, energy work, animal communication and other healing modalities; all of which will show you how to reconnect to your horse and yourself in ways you never even imagined.  This is your chance to work with a talented, supportive and enlightened team, led by Anna herself, committed to building and enhancing the relationship between horse and human through positive understanding and genuine communication. 

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Anna and Excalibur having a momentAre You the Leader You Would Follow?

We often hear about being the "leader of your herd of two", and the importance of commanding and maintaining the respect and the trust from your horse at all times. But, as in the human world, just because you say your the boss doesn't mean it is true and it doesn't mean you will automatically garner that respect and leadership. And if you are going to take that leadership role through violence, you may have their fear, but you will never have their trust.

To be the leader takes a very specific skill set and understanding of those you are leading. And at a basic level you must know what the expectations are of your team or your herd, what they look for in a good leader and how to communicate effectively to them. Join Anna as she details what it takes to be a true leader with your horse in a partnership based on trust and respect and not dominance and fear.

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DOMINANCE vs. TRUST-BASED HORSEMANSHIP - Anna returns to Horse Conscious to discuss the difference between dominance and trust-based horsemanship. It's not always as easy to spot as you might think. And just because it has the "natural horsemanship" label, doesn't mean it is necessarily based in trust and respect for the horse. Anna will also share her thoughts on; Who do you want to be around your horse?, When "flooding" horses is appropriate, What horses have to say about the argument "horses kick and bite one another and so it's OK", and more! Respect, Leadership, and most importantly, SUCCESS in your relationship and training with your horse.

GREAT (EQUINE) EXPECTATIONS - Do you know what your horse really needs and wants from you? Join Anna and Horse Conscious' Mark Mottershead as Anna shares her secrets of creating Trust, Respect, Leadership, and most importantly, SUCCESS in your relationship and training with your horse. What does it mean to gain trust from your horse? What is the difference between intention and agenda or a passive or dominant leader? What role does telepathy and animal communication play in horsemanship and training? If these are questions you've asked yourself and are still waiting for the answer, then listen and find out!

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Anna’s mission is to inspire and educate people to explore the animal’s communication system and to experience a trust based relationship that aspires to mutual healing.  Showing humans how horses reflect our inner-self is one of Anna’s main goals.  To become the best one can be, maintaining integrity, requires us to look inside and embrace our qualities and attributes, as well as that which causes us fear or concern.

Anna is based in Golden, Colorado and is available for clinics and seminars throughout the year.  Visit her schedule to find out her current whereabouts or to inquire about how to host a clinic.

Check out our stories, articles and NEW Podcasts! from around the globe, as well as new product releases, training tips and photographs that depict special memories with people and their animal friends.  If you have a great story you would like to share with our visitors, please send it along to Anna via an email for consideration on the site.  Due to Anna’s extensive travel, she now offers phone consultations as an on-going support system for existing students.

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All information shared in Workshops, Energy Healing Workshops, and in private consultations are meant to facilitate health, balance and well-being in an animal.  All written materials, lectures, discussions, questions and answers, references to other modalities, products and practitioners are all ways in which information may be furnished in workshops and consultations.  At no time is this information meant to be a replacement for traditional medical care, veterinary treatment or a medical diagnosis for illness or injury.

Refer to a licensed medical or veterinary practitioner for medical care and to appropriate professionals for the service you are seeking. 

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