Horse Whispering 101: Connection, Communication, Confidence, and Care!

Horse Whispering 101 is the very beginning of our training experience at ROTH geared towards the beginning or returning horse enthusiast, competitor, hobbiest, or professional.

"From a foundation of communication, training, care, and partnership become a far deeper and more fulfilling experience for both horse and human." - Anna Twinney

If the horses are calling to you, but you aren't quite ready to jump into the exclusive ROTH Foundation training, then Horse Whispering 101 is for you!

Let ROTH teach you not only the care and handling needed for a happy and healthy horse, but also the most important factor, the language. All of the ROTH methodologies are founded in a comprehensive understanding of the language of Equus.

To be clear, the Language of Equus isn't a training style or method that you teach to the horses. It is the language they use to communicate naturally. It is their language, and it is far more comprehensive than most ever realize. By working with, and in the language of, Equus, in every aspect of your horsemanship, you give your horse a voice and create a true personalized partnership - a relationship built on trust, connection and communication... not dominance.

Who will benefit from Horse Whispering 101?

You will if you are:
* An equine enthusiast!
* Entering the the world of horsemanship for the first time
* Seeking to create confident horses and become a confident handler
* An energy healer or equine body worker
* An equine life, dream, or business coach
* Coming back to a life of horses
* Looking to overcome fears, concerns and bad experiences with horses and instructors
* Moving from traditional methods into horse whispering!
* Wanting to begin your journey on the Reach Out to Horses path

During this 6-day adventure you will learn:

  • Horses as our teachers; how mindset and energy affects your horse
  • How to read, understand, approach, and greet your horse
  • Breathing and grounding techniques
  • To use your eyes effectively to convey even the subtlest of communication to your horse
  • Natural horsemanship equipment and tack from the beginning; what is appropriate to use, when and why, and what isn’t
  • Permission based haltering, picking up feet, and mindful grooming
  • Confident and respectful handling, leading, and bathing
  • Safety; how to avoid injury to you and your horse
  • Herd Dynamics and how to safely be with loose horses
  • Equine Communication - Physical, Mental and Energetic
  • The Exclusive ROTH In-hand T.L.C. Methodology
  • Taking care of your horse naturally - Physical, Emotional, Mental well-being and Social interaction
  • How to interact with your horse in-hand and at liberty
  • Natural herd and barn management
  • How to recognize crucial health issues and what to do about them
  • Fun activities to do with your horse (it's not just about the riding)
  • How to find the right horse for you and personalize your program!
  • *** And lots more!***

Our dedicated, professional and highly qualiifed ROTH Certified Instructors will teach you horse care, horsemanship and the horse's language all at the same time. Discover how to honor your horse, give them a voice, follow your intuition and be the companion they truly need and the leader you are capable of being.

No matter if you are entering the world of horses for work, pleasure or competition, Horse Whispering 101 will cover everything you need!

If you are still wondering if this experience is the perfect program for you, ask yourself...

  • Have you been away from the horses for a long while and you want to reconnect with your passion for our equine companions?
  • Are you second guessing the way you have been taught and trained in the basics of interacting with horses and you know there is a better way?
  • Have you always loved horses but have no experience and don't know where to begin?
  • Are you are a parent wishing to support your child and connect through horses?
  • Are you seeking to gain confidence since an accident, injury or a bad experience with either a horse or instructor?
  • Are you thinking about working with horses in a healing, coaching or therapy capacity but don't know how or need more support to truly support your equine partner?
  • Intuitively do you have an innate knowing that there is more to “horsemanship” that what you see out there today, and are interested in learning the secret and subtle language of the horses?

Whether your dream is to find your perfect equine partner for adventures in the saddle or to launch your own business with horses, Horse Whispering 101 will set you on the path of success and give you the foundation you need to create genuine partnerships with the horses. You will learn to connect with a new depth of understanding and communication.

Absolutely no experience with horses is required. All are welcome!

Discover the next generation of horsemanship with Reach Out to Horses.

Date:  May 22 - 27, 2023
Location: Whispering Feather Farm, Mill Spring, NC
This Class is Taught by one of our Amazing Certified ROTH Instructors.
Anna Twinney is not the primary teacher of this course.
Investment: $1,497 till April 1st, $1,649 after April 1st

Contact Vin at for more information about this event.
Travel, accommodations & food NOT included.


Reach Out to Horses® Clinic (3-5 days)

This clinic forms the foundation for all others as you will be introduced to the silent language of the horse. Through demonstrations, lectures, exercises and “hands-on”, which can be tailored to your requirements, you will experience how all contact with your horse, your intentions and body language form a communication system.  You will be provided with means for recognizing and interpreting the language so that you can

Gentling a 5-month old weanling filly at Bitterroot Ranch to be able to move pastures with her friends. Photo by Kimberley Vanderheyden.

build upon your knowledge at home. Understanding the way the horse perceives the world and how it learns will enable you to work with their mind and not their body mass. Witness the starting of a young horse to its first saddle, bridle and (where applicable) rider and the following days of training through non-violent methods. As you see the harmony unfold before you, notice the young horse develop personality and build confidence. Through continuity of body language and ground-driving exercises we will show you the natural progression to take this same language and

2-week old filly negotiates the obstacle course by herself as her mother keeps a close watch in Geilo, Norway.  No pressure, no force, no requests, no restraints – just a playground for exploration.
Photo by Anna Twinney

its principles onto horseback for everyday pleasure and problem solving. Learn how to trust your intuitive guidance as you open your heart and your mind to the wisdom of horses.

This experience can often be life changing and deals with your personal path to success through methods and techniques which have been developed into simple understandable steps that teach the potential horse owner right through to Olympic dressage and show-jumping champions.

Re-starting a troubled Iceland filly under saddle in Norway, courtesy of Robert Raine
Anna teaching a student the meaning of “feel” through pressure & release Massaging ears for therapeutic and medical purposes Preparing the filly for trailer loading to gain confidence in “things” behind her
Anna teaching a student the meaning
of “feel” through pressure & release
Massaging ears for therapeutic and medical purposes Preparing the filly for trailer loading to gain confidence in “things” behind her
Photos courtesy of Emma Noren, Sweden



Simple Solutions
Simple Solutions: Reach out to Problem Solving

June 19th - 25, 2023
A Painted View Ranch, Westcliffe, CO

Each clinic explores the personal desires and requirements of both horse and handler in order to build a 50/50 partnership which is achieved by "listening" to one another. Confidence is creating harmony through an open mind in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the way the horse perceives the world.

You will discover some of the most common reasons for your horses’ remedial behavior.

Creative thinking used to reward motivation & good manners for this majestic Fresian Stallion during a clinic in New York

Through demonstration, discussion, human-to-human exercises and hands-on work with your horse you will be given the opportunity to create a tool box of methods and concepts to successfully solve behavioral problems. Learn methods based on trust and designed to have your horse want to work with you rather than feel forced too.

Some of the problem solving issues we address involve

  • Gentling the untouched horse
  • Haltering
  • Teaching to tie
  • Leading
  • Catching
  • Loading
  • Crossing Water & Other obstacles
  • Head shy
  • Standing to mount
  • Preparation for the farrier & vet
  • De-sensitization
  • Pulling back
A gentle approach to encourage forward motion in Texas
Assisting a young colt to overcome his fear of restriction and tendency to kick all in preparation for the farrier This filly experienced kicked out when she heard a branch snapping an inadvertently broke her persons arm.  Here you see her being exposed to unexpected loud noises. This mare has a huge phobia of wormers, within 5 minutes she accepts the syringe filled with apple sauce
Assisting a young colt to overcome his fear of restriction and tendency to kick all in preparation for the farrier This filly kicked out when she heard a branch snapping and inadvertently broke her persons arm.  Here you see her being exposed to unexpected loud noises. This mare has a huge phobia of wormers, within 5 minutes she accepts the syringe filled with apple sauce

We highly recommend students attend the ROTH Foundation Course prior to attending this clinic.

Date: June 19th - 25, 2023
Location: A Painted View Ranch, Westcliffe, CO
Investment: $1,597 till February 14th and then $1,925 after


This clinic is recommended for professional horse people, or those having completed
the Reach Out to Horses® clinic.

Thinking out of the box” to help this filly become a racing prospect



Holistic Horse Day

Experience the Next Generation of Horsemanship & Horse Care!

Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, Anna will introduce you to the very same techniques that she has used, all around the world, to build genuine trust-based partnerships with thousands of horses.

How are these methodologies different? Why do we call them the next generation of horsemanship? Simple.

The ROTH Methodology is not a training program. The foundations of ROTH, as designed by Equine Behaviorist, Anna Twinney, are communication; the true language of all horses.

The program you will discover comes from the horses. Anna won't show you a training method that you can teach to your horse. She will reveal the communication that your horse can teach to you, and how you can use that language to not only train your horse for any discipline, but also to create a relationship with your horse.

By giving your horse a real voice, understanding them and being with them as individuals, you will uncover, not a horse, but an individual and a partner.

If you think that the horse's language is merely body langauge and physical cues, then be prepared to have your life changed and your mind blown. The language that horses speak amongst themselves, every day, is subtle and comprehensive. They are having a conversation all the time that you are most likely not even aware of. And like any language, the horses won't speak to you, they can't speak to you, if you don't understand what they are saying.

Anna has spent her entire career as horsewoman, almost 2 decades, learning, studying, understanding and perfecting the language and the methodologies that you too can use with your own horses.

Here's what you will explore in this full day event:

Part I - “De-Mystify the Round Pen": Round pen work isn't "chasing a horse around a pen"! When used correctly, the round pen can be extremely effective in communicating, training and learning about your horse. You will experience a language that goes beyond body gestures, and create a lexicon that can be used in and out of the Round Pen.

  • Create the ultimate foundation with your horse
  • Learn the importance of herd dynamics & behavior
  • Develop a 2-way communication system
  • Understand how horses perceive your actions
  • Discover what is actually happening in the Round Pen
  • Determine when the Round Pen is NOT the right tool
  • and more!!!

Part II - "Muscle Testing": Explore this easy to learn and use tool to identify what your horse needs to be happy, healthy, and whole.

  • Explore the body, mind, spirit connection
  • Get direct feedback from your body - the body does not lie!
  • Test your horse for any supplement, feed or deficiency
  • Learn how to address energy blocks
  • Discover how your thoughts, limitations & beliefs affect your life
  • and more!!!

Part III - "Animal Communication": Are you ready to take your communication beyond body langauge and training cues? Then it is time to discover the world of Interspecies Communication and explore a whole new relationship with your horse.

  • Experience your ability to connect with another being
  • Learn the reasons behind behavioral issues & how to solve them
  • Hear an evidence and validation based perspective
  • Understand your animals perspective on situations
  • Discover what you are actually telling (or not telling) your horse
  • and more!!!


Holistic Horse Day
Holistic Horse Day - Muscle Testing

Holistic Horse Day - Animal Communication

Holistic Horse Day - Animal Communication

The Holistic Horse Day will change the way you see your horse, your horsemanship, and the world!

Take Your Partnership with Your Horse to a Whole New Level!

Each day runs from 10am - 5pm
Check the list below for a Holistic Horse Day near you!

Schedule of Holistic Horse Day Events

July 22, 2021 - Sangre de Cristo Summer Spectacular,
A Painted View Ranch, Westcliffe, CO U.S.A.

Visit to register.

May 30, 2021 -10am - 6pm
Whispering Feather Farm, Mill Spring, NC, U.S.A.

Please Visit the Events Calendar to get more information and register for the Holistic Horse Day event in your area. Click here to go to the events calendar.


Private Clinics

Private Clinics

Racing staff arranged to have a private “Starting the young horse” clinic with Crawford Hall and Anna Twinney during the Fall of 2002 to learn natural horsemanship methods and techniques to enhance their racing program. By witnessing proven results their minds were open to learn new methods, which are highly effective, safe and very efficient for training great numbers of horses or just one. This offer is now available to any organization that would like to discuss their specific needs with the Reach Out team. Learn techniques which allow you to start a horse under saddle safely in 30 minutes! The same concepts and methodology can be used for mature horses to re-establish a more cooperative relationship between horse and rider. This is a hands-on clinic and you will be learning the technique in all aspects of the process. You will begin to learn your body language and its affect on the horse as its energy relaxes into the partnership that is being formed.

Whether you have a dressage, show-jumping, polo, long distance riding, racing or western background – this clinic will help you understand your horse’s needs in order to achieve a successful partnership. Why not create a staff training weekend or a club outing, incorporating new ideas and handling horses in a non-violent manner. Take a weekend out of your busy schedule and allow everyone to come together and learn new methods.

Excalibur reaching out for the 1st time
in any RP environment
Private Clinics
First saddle acceptance, sensation of
bridling & long-lining experience
Private Clinics

Rob Raine assists as I prepare to ride
X for the first time

Assisting a young colt to overcome his fear of restriction and tendency to kick all in preparation for the farrier This filly experienced kicked out when she heard a branch snapping an inadvertently broke her persons arm.  Here you see her being exposed to unexpected loud noises. This mare has a huge phobia of wormers, within 5 minutes she accepts the syringe filled with apple sauce
My first ride on Excalibur with the saddle & side-pull (the only form direction X has experienced) Excalibur after his first experience, relaxed, rolling & hesitant to get back up from his rest Meet a very content & happy horse



Loading Clinic

Loading Clinic

Rather than leaving it to the last minute and putting the ramp up quickly to ensure your horse stays on the trailer, create an environment to encourage your horse to want to load!

This is your chance to work alongside Anna with your horse. During a weekend clinic you will learn all about: Preparing yourself mentally, creating the correct and safe environment and the safe use of equipment. You will know how to teach your horse to come off pressure and why it is important to keep your adrenaline and that of your horse down. We will touch upon alternative methods to relax your horse, while discussing why food does not work as a reward. Strategies and helpful hints leading up to loading will be explored as the weekend progresses.

Eye contract prevents forward motion for, our largest charge at 18+ hands, into the 2-horse trailer in Sealand, DK
Loading Clinic

Softness all around.

Loading Clinic

Everybody’s content!

Loading Clinic Loading Clinic Loading Clinic

Expect the unexpected. Watch the soft, open hand to prevent Ransom from further harm.

Ransom praised for standing close to the new trailer, no further questions.

Ransom decides its time to leave the scene….without prior warning he rears & spins.
Loading Clinic   Loading Clinic
Moments later he is able to eat nearby foliage in the vicinity of the trailer   Relaxation and an ability to digest information was suggested, he was able to oblige.  We finished on that note.

Photos by Terri McCleary and courtesy of Colorado Horse Rescue



Ground-driving Weekend

Ground-driving Weekend

Ground driving is a useful tool for all horse owners to master. It can be helpful when preparing young horses for their first time rider, by teaching them speed and direction and incorporating leg aids. Witness how your horse learns to accept the lines and educate himself – as he becomes light and responsive to the walk, trot canter or lope. Watch how the inner balance develops without him leaning or pulling on an outside source. It is also a wonderful tool to exercise your horse and teach him rhythm and balance while developing muscles for maximum collection. You will learn how to incorporate your body language to gain impulsion and communicate necessary signals. You will also explore how your body can be effective when free-schooling your horses while creating a 2-way communication system. There will be exercises to help you develop your timing skills and we will discuss problem solving issues that could be encountered.

Guiding a student through the long-lining process
Ground-driving Weekend
Braxton improving ground-driving techniques with his Arabian mare
Ground-driving Weekend Ground-driving Weekend Ground-driving Weekend
Ground-driving Weekend Ground-driving Weekend Ground-driving Weekend



One-on-one Instruction

Gain personal insight into this unique and impeccable method through private instruction from former MRILC Head Instructor Anna Twinney.  Learn how to communicate with your horse from an instructor, who has coached over 5,000 international students.  Her coaching session is tailored to meet your needs and includes personal advice on horse psychology, natural behavior and how to develop and improve your relationship with your horse based on mutual trust, respect and communication. 

Anna offers telephone consultations!
Exclusive offer for Reach Out to Horses® students

  • An easy, convenient and effective way to stay in touch and continue your education
  • An affordable way to gain coaching in gentle horsemanship.
  • Anna has clients from all around the world who call for one-hour sessions to assist them to understand their horses’ needs and solve potential issues.


Topher & I accompany Savannah Belle & Sharon out for their first ride together

Riding the waves with a 3 year old at Pismo Beach in California
Ground-driving Weekend Ground-driving Weekend Ground-driving Weekend

Sarah Vanecek continues to educate Emmerson (2 yrs old) as he grows into himself, by creative body & mind stimulation.

What's next?

What's next?Check Anna’s current time-table & whereabouts on the Events Calendar

Purchase a consultation. Please e-mail to arrange the next available appointment.

To purchase a consultation online click on the icon below.



Cost: $125.00 per one-hour session.

If you have not made arrangements with Anna already, be sure to note the preferred dates and times for your consultation(s). Anna will then contact you to confirm. 

Please view Anna’s schedule to determine her current whereabouts!

Please be sure the phone number and email address on your order are correct!

Full fee is charged for sessions cancelled without 48 hour notice.
Returned check fee $20.00.





Reach Out to the Untouched Horse
Reach Out to the Untouched Horse

August 14th - 20th, 2023
Wild Horse Rescue, Shingletown, CA

Imagine being pulled out of your home, away from your family and friends and taken to an unknown place where you are introduced to foreigners who do not speak your language. This is exactly what these symbols of freedom so often experience.

By understanding and attuning to these magnificent creatures, and seeing the world through their eyes, you will begin to master their language. You will learn how to socialize them, create trust & value in a relationship and identify their motivation & learning styles. This class is ideal for those who have recently fostered or adopted untouched horses and can be arranged in your area.

Immerse yourself in a 7-day workshop. This is a unique opportunity to observe wild horses in their natural habitat. You will begin to understand non-verbal communication with the natural world, be introduced to herd dynamics and develop a bond through building a trust-based relationship. You will not use chutes, ropes, or any other restraints to force the horse's compliance. Instead you will work, one-on-one with the wild ones, gaining their trust, learning their language, and building a relationship and true partnership that you have always dreamed of but never knew possible.

The young horses being socialized in this clinic have come to the class through various rescue situations. They have shown a natural desire to relate to humans. To make their futures less traumatic for veterinary care, foster homes etc, these young horses will be your teachers.

Prerequisites: This is not a beginner class and previous horse experience (preferably with Anna) is strongly advised. Contact Reach Out to Horses for more information -

Date: August 14th - 20th, 2023
Location: Wild Horse Rescue, Shingletown, CA

Investment: $1597 Early Bird Special, before February 14th, $1,925 after
Travel, accommodations & food NOT included.

Audit the entire week in California for only $300!

Contact Vin at for more information about auditing this event.

Watch all our videos of previous years' life-changing experience!

Franco returned to freedom and offering his friendship – photo by Steve Paige
Observing a majestic Brumby Stallion on the Victoria Plains, Oz
Reach Out to the Untouched horse Reach Out to the Untouched horse Reach Out to the Untouched horse
Reach Out to the Untouched horse Reach Out to the Untouched horse Reach Out to the Untouched horse
Photos taken Cody, WY of the Mccullough Peaks Wild Horses




The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney

A Week of Foal Gentling with Anna
July 29th - August 4th, 2023
Safe Acres Sanctuary, Redmond, OR

"I had the extraordinary opportunity to work with Anna. This class challenged me to apply everything I had learned in the foundation class and introduced me to the unique world of young, untouched horses. With Anna's coaching and demonstrations, I was able to help a PMU foal find value in human interaction, develop confidence in himself, and set him up for success.” - Jan Detrich, CO

Let us show you how to create a bond that can't be broken.

Over the course of 7 days Anna will introduce you to her unique and comprehensive foal gentling methodologies. Through gentle, compassionate, and supportive communication, you will discover how to quickly and effectively introduce foals to the world of humans, training, and even their own language. These techniques are also very effective for untouched and spooky horses, and to help solve the most frustrating behavioral issues with all your horses.

You will learn (and put to use) the same uniquely designed and tested program Anna herself has developed and used to start hundreds foals!

Gentling foals can be some of the most important and rewarding work you will ever do. In this case, your efforts are even more critical. The foals we work with in this event are untrained and rescued. So in addition to getting world-class, groundbreaking training, you are helping these innocent, rescued souls. You are giving them a loving, heart-filled introduction to the human-horse connection, and gaining a solid foundation that will help them in their lives. You are also helping them to gain a greater possibility of being adopted, and a second-chance at a life they deserve to live.

Under Anna's tutelage you will work, hands-on with the foals, and learn how to teach them:

  • First Touch
  • Hand grooming and grooming
  • Haltering
  • TLC - Safety and Ground work
  • Baby Steps & Leading
  • Picking up feet & Farrier prep
  • Medical support
  • Desensitizing & Blanketing
  • Bathing
  • Navigating obstacle course
  • Loading
  • and more...

In short, you will learn everything you need to know to gentle and care for any foal, whether he is born in your care, or rescued from an unfortunate situation. These methods are gentle and supportive, helping the foal to learn and acclimate to this new world. We never use fear or dominance. By introducing these elements of basic handling to your foal at the age of weaning, you will be preparing them for the best start possible.

“How comfortable the foals became from the first day to the third. It appeared the horses had little stress, became more confident and comfortable around the students.” - Tracee Dmytryk, OR

You will have the chance to understand, first-hand, the power of compassionate leadership and positive reinforcement, while creating the clarity in boundaries and balance.

And, of course, maybe the best part is that you get to spend hours of unforgettable, precious time with these young horses!

We want our foals to feel safe, and their experiences with humans to be positive, memorable ones. These first important lessons stay with them for the rest of their lives, and so the training must be done right. Acknowledging the "whisper" is crucial; recognizing the "try" is an art.

Spend 7 fun-filled, info-packed days learning the art of compassionate, effective gentling, and work with a group of rescued foals. Help start these young lives on the path towards a gentle, trust-based partnership with humans, and enjoy a life-changing experience you will never forget!

"These gentle techniques used by Anna were an amazing interpretation of gentle horsemanship. The more reactive horses where being touched in a short period of time. Each foal was given a high level of care and Anna provided what was best for each horse and the herd.”
- Angie Shelby, OR

Your foal has a memory for life. Make their first memories good ones.

Space is limited and participation is on a first come first serve basis so sign up today!

Prerequisites: Contact Reach Out to Horses for more information at

Date: July 29th - August 4th, 2023

Location: Safe Acres Sanctuary, Redmond, OR, U.S.A
Investment: $1597 Early Bird Special, before February 14th, $1,925 after
(Travel, accommodations & food NOT included)

Join us as an Auditor for only $300 for the entire week!

For more information contact Anna at

For more information about the location contact:
Vicki at

Watch our Touching YouTube Videos

of previous life-changing experiences!


The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna TwinneyAlso enjoy the 4-part DVD set, Success: Foals in Training. This invaluable resource covers the entire system taught in the Comprehensive Week of Foal Gentling Event. Not only can you use
these methods with foals but they are a great foundation for untouched horses as well.

Learn more about this info-packed DVD Set!


The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney



The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney



The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney



The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney



The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney



The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney



The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney


Guest Lectures/Demonstrations

Anna offers a guest lecture service to organizations, colleges and universities looking for new areas of study. She can share her experiences on all aspects of horse psychology and training, from gentling to starting a young horse under saddle through to training horses for competition. Horse behavioral lectures including herd dynamics, in particular, make a stimulating addition to a syllabus in which students can learn more about methods of natural horsemanship.  Comparing learning styles of horses and how this parallels humans, together with exploring horses as our mirrors becomes eye opening. 

 Anna will demonstrate how to create a long lasting trust based partnership between human and horse.  She will begin to help you understand how to read your horse and what a 50/50 partnership entails.   You will be given insight into starting the young horse in a timely fashion, while learning to listen to his needs.   During problem solving demonstrations we will peel away the layers that are causing concerns for both your horse and you to discover the underlying issues, while reinstating confidence and understanding for both parties.  With a simple, effective and understandable approach you will gain knowledge that can be taken from the round pen to your home environment.

Time for lectures, discussions & viewing video sessions
Photo by Rand Gamble – Corporate Demo Young horse taken in from the Arizona range to be introduced to her first saddle, bridle & rider
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