Host Your Own Clinic

Anna conducts over 50 workshops throughout the country and overseas annually and these workshops are sponsored by clients or those interested in the subject of holistic horsemanship & animal communication.

It is easy to host a Reach Out to Horses® Clinic in your home area!  Hosting such an event is most rewarding in many ways.  To help you understand what is involved here is a list of considerations:

  1. The program you want to present.  Fees vary according to the seminar and are subject to change. There are profit sharing alternatives and other opportunities for the host.

  2. The number of days needed for the presentation.

  3. The month, dates and the normal weather conditions for that season.  Depending on the local climate, a covered arena may be required.

  4. Research what other activities are taking place at that time which may pull some of your client base away from your event.

  5. The location of the presentation.

  6. The media you plan to use (newspapers, paid and free press releases, magazines, radio, personal interviews and paid, flyers, mailers, internet and emails,) to harold the presentation.

  7. Any insurance requirements by the facility.

  8. The equipment that is required. The program you choose to present will direct you as to certain items, such as tables and chairs for an indoor/outdoor classroom, video presentation, round pen work etc.

  9. Stabling and tie areas.

  10. Traffic patterns of spectators and horses.

  11. The seating capacity of your location.

  12. The admissions fee for participation in the presentation, such as people bringing their horses, participation with out their horse, monitoring only, use of video cameras and private sessions.

  13. Bathroom facilities.

  14. Parking.

  15. Food/ beverages.

  16. Sponsors who may help bear some of the expense.

  17. Printed program, listing sponsors and the agenda.

  18. Volunteers.

There is a 50% non-refundable booking fee required to hold dates you choose. 
This fee must be paid 90 days prior to your event.

Benefits to Sponsor

As the host of a workshop, you receive FREE tuition for any program you sponsor and much more…

* FREE training/evaluation/communication for demo horse(s)
* Profit share opportunities!
* Being a sponsor allows you to build relationships with others whose interests are compatible
* Stay at home and enjoy the comforts of your own facilities
* Learn the methods with your own horses
* Bring a new and innovative approach to your area
* Create your own tailor made program
* Enjoy a private clinic
* Develop a client base & launch your business
* Fund-raise!

One of the most important differences in Anna’s method of teaching is that she creates the program to suit the need of each individual – horse & human.  She also limits the classes to a maximum of 8 hands-on participants.  She feels that it is vital for people to receive one-on-one attention to assure that every individual’s needs are met with success.

Request a Host Package

We hope that this information helps and inspires you to want to host a clinic in your home area.  Please refer to our section on testimonials to view responses to Anna’s clinics throughout the years! ©2004-2014 Reach Out to Horses® 303-642-7341   
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